Who Is The Guarantor For Insurance? 3 Important Requirements To Be A Guarantor

It’s good that you ask: who is the guarantor for insurance? When applying for insurance, a guarantor is needed. This person agreed to make the payments if the policyholder cannot pay for the premium. It is the guarantor’s responsibility to pay in case of a default.

Insurance companies adopted such a method, especially for students or married women who availed a premium policy, as there are times that they cannot guarantee that their client could pay the insurance company. Thus, a guarantor is included. Read further to know more.

who is the guarantor for insurance


The Insurance Guarantor

Who is the guarantor for insurance? When we say a guarantor for insurance, a third-party endorsed the contract’s agreement. Therefore, the party or person guarantees that whatever promises made by the first party will be fulfilled. But if, for some reason, the first party fails to fulfill the promises, the guarantor should shoulder the liabilities.

The insurance guarantors usually appear on the contract. This is usually indicated on the policy’s declaration page, so you should check this page to know the guarantor of a particular insurance policy. The first indicated insured name is the guarantor.


Requirements To Be A Guarantor

Not everyone can be a guarantor. A few requirements are needed to be fulfilled to be a guarantor. It includes the following qualifications:

  • The person must be at least 21 years of age;
  • Having a good credit history; and
  • Have a separate account from the borrower.


Guarantor Responsibility

The guarantor is working as a security for the insurance of another person. Generally, this person guarantees the full payment of the insurance or repayment of a loan against an insurance policy if the policy owner does not pay for them.

If you serve as the guarantor of insurance, you will need to sign an agreement alongside the policy owner. It is good to be a guarantor of someone but remember the requirements and risks involved.

Usually, people with a poor credit history or those without assets to use as loan security would need a guarantor. They would need a guarantor to make a loan or even to apply for an insurance policy. Learn what a guarantor is and what they do if you do not understand.


Choosing A Guarantor

Perhaps, your credit rating is low. Then, you will need to look for a guarantor to help you obtain a loan or policy plan. But this is not a simple task. You will need to fulfill a few requirements, and not all would want to become a guarantor since it comes with risk and responsibility.

In finding a guarantor, choose someone with a high credit score. This should be someone close to you, such as your friend, godparent, sibling, or parent.

The requirement for who can be the insurance guarantor varies across different insurance providers. For example, some do not allow guarantors financially connected to the policy owner, so the partners or spouses are ruled out.



In this section, we will be answering the most frequently asked question regarding insurance guarantors.


#1. Is the credit record of the guarantors checked or not?

Yes, the lender will have to check the guarantor’s credit score to understand the financial circumstances fully. Through this, the lender can assess whether or not the guarantor can pay if the borrower cannot.


#2. What are the risks involved in being a guarantor?

Being a guarantor comes with some risks. The guarantor is liable to make the repayments if the borrower fails. As such, you must not agree to become the guarantor if you are not willing to cover any repayments due. Furthermore, this can affect your credit rating in the sense that being a guarantor means that you will be taking full responsibility for a loan even if you are not the one who receives the funds.


#3. Is it possible that an insurance guarantor is removed?

No, you cannot remove a guarantor of insurance from an insurance contract.

After all the parties have signed the loan agreement, it is impossible to remove or change the guarantor. But in case the borrower has paid for the insurance early, then the insurance company can remove the insurance guarantor from the contract. Meaning to say the easiest way in removing the guarantor is to close the loan account.


#4. How many loans can a person guarantee?

When it comes to guaranteeing a loan, there is no limit. This is so if the person has passed the relevant credit checks and affordability. So If you want, you may become the guarantor of several insurances. But this poses a higher financial risk. It may also adversely affect your credit rating.


#5. What are the things to consider when looking for guarantor loans?

If you are searching for a guarantor loan, you need to consider a few factors. This includes loan term length, loan amount, approval times, terms offered, interest rates, as well as the lender’s reputation. And that’s pretty much it. If you wish to be a guarantor, go back to the top section and learn all requirements and what it takes to be a guarantor.


It’s A Wrap!

It is good to know who is the guarantor for insurance, whether you are the insured, the insurance provider, or the guarantor itself. This is crucial since the guarantor will be responsible for the repayments in case of a default.

So if you are requested to become the guarantor, you need to think twice.

Regardless, a guarantor is usually availed for medical insurance, so to make sure that you can pay off your insurance in time and not rely on a guarantor, learn to take care of your body by eating healthy and exercise daily. Learn what you should do at the gym on your first day.

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