Who Gets Flowers At A Wedding: Traditions And More

If you’re unsure about who gets flowers at a wedding, we will discuss the traditions regarding the wedding bouquet, corsages, or boutonnieres. We will also discuss the etiquette for all the flowers being worn and used in the wedding. 

Speaking of which, you might be curious about who wears corsages at a wedding. Consider reading that as well because the answer is not just limited to the mothers of the bride and groom. 

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Who Traditionally Gets Flowers At A Wedding?


Bridal party

It’s common knowledge for the bridal party to get the flowers at a wedding. In particular, the bride and her bridesmaids traditionally carry a bouquet. 

The bride’s bouquet is, of course, noticeably different from the ones that her bridesmaids carry. It’s also possible for the bride to be the only one having a bouquet, and the bridal party will sport the flowers on their hair as a crown or accessory. 



The moms, stepmoms, and grandmothers of the bride and groom are expected to have flowers in the form of corsages. They can have the corsage on the wrist or attached to their clothing, similar to the boutonniere of certain male gests. 

Giving the corsages to the mothers of the bride and groom are even sometimes included in the photos. And to ensure that these flower arrangements will look good with these special people in the couple’s life, it’s best to mention the clothing they’ll wear to your florist. 


Dads and groomsmen

If moms wear corsages traditionally, dads also get flowers at a wedding. The fathers or grandfathers of the bride and groom will have the flowers on the lapel of their suit. 

This floral decoration is called the boutonniere, and the florist will make it to compliment the bride’s bouquet. And much like how bridesmaids can wear corsages, the groomsmen can also be included by the couple to the people that will wear a boutonniere. 



The children included in the event can also be given flowers. They have the flower girl holding a basket of flowers or wearing a flower crown. 

The ring bearer can also wear a boutonniere or include flowers as part of their outfit. Overall, the couple will decide who gets flowers at a wedding but be mindful of your guests to avoid accidentally making someone feel left out.

Flowers such as flower crowns, bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres do not only enhance the outfit of the guest. By wearing gorgeous arrangements, it can make them feel more special and appreciated on your special day. 


Do The Mothers Need Corsages At A Wedding?

Traditionally, mothers get the corsages at the wedding. However, modernity has couples breaking some wedding customs here and there, which means nowadays, it’s unnecessary to provide a corsage to the mothers of the bride and groom. 

But as a gesture, you can always ask the mothers if they would want a corsage. Some parents may prefer a brooch to wear at the wedding instead. 


Do Grandmothers Get Flowers At Weddings?

Grandmothers get flowers at weddings in the form of corsages, similar to mothers. But then again, not all weddings nowadays follow all the traditions. 

For couples who cherish their grandparents, they provide something that makes them more distinguishable from the other guests. You can give them flowers in any form as appreciation, considering it’s not always possible for the grandparents to attend their grandchildren’s wedding. 


Does The Mother Of The Bride Hold Flowers?

The bride can decide if she wants her mother to hold a bouquet. It’s more traditional for mothers to wear a corsage at the wedding, but it’s also common for moms to hold a nosegay bouquet. 

This type of bouquet is smaller than the bridal party, so you can still distinguish it from the other flowers at the wedding. You can also ask the florist for pomanders because this arrangement is easier to carry, 

Besides floral arrangements, some moms of brides hold a single flower at the wedding. This is the same main type of flower in the bride’s bouquet. 


Who Buys A Bridal Bouquet?

It’s more common for the groom’s family to buy the bridal bouquet. The groom’s family is also typically responsible for the other bouquets and flowers at the wedding, like the corsages and boutonnieres.  

The hosts can always discuss who buys what as modern weddings nowadays value the practice of equality. 


When Should I Order Flowers For My Wedding?

You can order the flowers for your wedding a month before the special date. However, it’s much better to contact your florist as early as five to six months before the wedding. 

This way, you can ensure that they’d be available, including the flowers you may want for your arrangements. Remember that some flowers are highly demanded, so you can avoid disappointment with their unavailability by placing your order early. 

After the wedding, don’t let your flowers go to waste. Read what to do with a dried wedding bouquet



And that’s it! We just found out who gets flowers at a wedding and discovered that most are close family members and friends. 

The bridal party and moms can get bouquets, but other close female guests can also get corsages. Fathers and groomsmen can also get boutonnieres, and the ring bearer and flower girl can also get flowers. 

We hope you learned a lot; leave us a question if you still have any.  


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