Who Do You Invite To A Baby Shower

If you’re hosting and unsure who do you invite to a baby shower, there are types of guests that the mom-to-be will surely appreciate having. We will also discuss if men attend this event and how many people are typically invited to baby showers. 

It’s always helpful to know who should be on the guest list and not just invite anyone that comes to mind. For comparison, here’s who not to invite to your baby shower


Here Are Exactly Who Do You Invite To A Baby Shower


  • Mom-to-be’s closest family

The guests you invite to the baby shower should include the mom-to-be’s closest family. They can also be the relatives of the parents-to-be if it’s a co-ed baby shower where both parents attend the event. 

Think of the parents-to-be’s parents, siblings, or any other family member they’re close with, such as their cousin, aunt, or grandparent. You can always run the relatives with the mom-to-be, as every family dynamic is different. 

There might be an immediate family member with whom they’re not close and wouldn’t mind not being at the baby shower. Furthermore, you don’t need to invite extended relatives that the parents-to-be barely talk to just to receive gifts. 


  • Mom-to-be’s parents-in-law

Besides the closest relatives of the mom-to-be, you’ll also send an invitation to her mother-in-law. It’s only fitting to invite her, even if she lives far away, as a respectful gesture. 

For co-ed baby showers, you can also invite the father-in-law. You can always ask both the baby’s parents about their relationship with their parents. 

Some people might have strained relationships with their parents, so having them at the event would be awkward. The baby’s parents might invite their grandparents or another guardian they’re fond of while growing up instead. 


  • Mom-to-be’s closest friends

Besides family, the mom-to-be also expects her closest friends on the giuests. It can be her best friend from school, work, or her circle of friends from childhood. 

Again, run the guest list by her if she wants to omit or include someone. If you’re throwing her the baby shower, you can even ask for help hosting the event with your other common friends. 

Another way to avoid forgetting anyone is to consider the parents-to-be’s wedding party if they got married before having a baby. Maybe they also want someone from the bridesmaids and groomsmen to attend their baby shower. 


Do men go to baby showers?

Co-ed baby showers are common nowadays, where the baby’s dad also attends the party. He can also have other male guests than the traditional all-women baby shower. 

Furthermore, some couples are friends with other parents. If you’re inviting a relative or friend, it might also be implied that they can bring their husband or boyfriend. 

Anyone that the parents-to-be are close with and would enjoy attending the baby shower should be invited. But of course, your budget might limit you with the number of guests to have. 


What Is The Average Number Of Guests At A Baby Shower?

A baby shower can have 15 guests or twice the number, depending on who you want to involve. Co-ed baby showers with male guests may even have a longer list of up to 40 guests. 

The factors to consider would be the budget, venue size, and who the parents-to-be would want at the party. You should give them the guest list so they know who to expect at the event. 

You also want your invitation to include the RSVP so you’ll know who can attend the shower. But for more tips in deciding the party size, you can refer to how many people to invite to the baby shower


Does The Father Go To The Baby Shower?

It’s up to the father if he wants to attend the baby shower. But nowadays, it’s more common to have co-ed baby showers as both parents are very involved with their baby. 

Modern-day dads no longer separate themselves from being caregivers. Gone are the days when talks about raising the baby and being involved in parenthood were only something women were interested in. 


Should I Invite Out-Of-Town Relatives To The Baby Shower?

It’s etiquette to still send a baby shower invitation to out-of-town relatives, especially if they’re close to the baby’s parents. Even though they might be unable to attend, they will appreciate being invited and remembered to the event. 

However, it’s another talk regarding out-of-town family members who are not close and barely interact with the baby’s parents throughout their lives. You don’t want to be perceived that you invited them for gifts. 


Should You Invite Neighbors To The Baby Shower?

The baby’s parents might be close to their neighbors, so they should also be invited to the baby shower. But to be sure, you can always ask the parents-to-be if they want their neighbors as guests. 


How Do You Decide Who To Invite To Your Baby Shower Party?

  • Are they close with the baby’s parents?
  • Will they play a role in the baby’s life later on? (e.g., godparents)
  • Do you have a place for them in the guest list based on the party size?



And that’s it! To recap who do you invite to a baby shower, they should be the closest family, friends, and in-laws of the baby’s parents. 

Furthermore, clarify if they have a co-ed shower, so you’ll know if you’ll also invite male relatives and friends. We hope this was helpful; let us know below who else you think you be given an invitation.

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