Who Buys The Wedding Bands: Tradition And Etiquette

The answer to who buys the wedding bands is not specific. You can choose to be traditional, but we’ll also talk about modernity. 

This article has everything you need to know about the tradition and etiquette of wedding rings. So before you stress out, give this a quick read to be ready on the wedding day. 

who buys the wedding bands

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Everything To Know About Who Buys The Wedding Bands



Traditionally speaking, each person will buy the wedding band for the other person. This means that the groom will pay for the bride’s wedding band, and the bride will buy the groom’s wedding band. 

It can also be where the groom’s family will pay for the bride’s wedding band, and the bride’s family will pay for the groom’s wedding band. However, this isn’t a rule that every wedding must follow, especially since not all weddings involve a bride and a groom. 



Nowadays, the couple can decide on who will pay for the wedding bands. They can follow the traditional route of paying for their other half’s band, or they could split the cost of the wedding rings. 

As a couple, you can also discuss how you’ll divide the total cost of your contributions for the wedding band purchase. After all, most couples who are about to wed tend to discuss all related things to their finances. 


Do You Buy Wedding Bands Together?

There is no specific rule regarding buying the wedding bands individually as a couple. However, it’s more common for couples to go to the jeweler together and pick their rings these days. 

The advantage of buying wedding bands together is you and your future spouse can discuss your personal preferences regarding the rings and even the budget you want to spend for the bands. But for some couples, the other person might pick the wedding band according to the engagement ring since it’s common nowadays to see a wedding set including the engagement ring and wedding band. 


Do You Buy The Wedding Band With The Engagement Ring?

Most people prefer to buy the engagement right together with the wedding band. The purpose is to ensure that the two rings will complement each other. 

Buying these rings is even more accessible these days because some jewelers have bridal sets that already pair the wedding band and engagement ring. However, please note that buying these rings still depends on the wearer’s personal preference. 

You can get different styles for the engagement ring and wedding band. Additionally, some people prefer just to wear a single ring anyway, and they don’t require an engagement ring that’s been a part of wedding traditions for years.


When You Get Engaged Who Buys The Rings?

The groom traditionally buys the engagement ring. However, you don’t have to follow this rule, mainly when financial expenses are always discussed in the relationship. 

Ultimately, you know your partner the most, and it’s always better to discuss these matters. Discussion regarding the engagement is also an excellent way to gain insight into the economic views of each other. 


Who Buys The Man’s Wedding Band?

The groom’s wedding band is traditionally bought by the bride’s family or the bride herself. However, the couple can always split the costs for the wedding bands or discuss their arrangement since the man and woman’s bands are often at different prices. 

Some couples also opt to get wedding sets, where the groom and bride’s bands are bought together. This applies to the discussion of who buys the bride’s wedding ring. 


Does The Bride Pay For The Groom’s Ring?

If you want to abide by the tradition, the bride pays for the groom’s ring with or without help from her family. The bride is also often responsible for her bridesmaids’ gifts. 

However, these are again part of the wedding costs, and as time goes on, more and more couples believe in sharing the expenses for their wedding. Maintain healthy communication between you and your future spouse to ensure that both ends are taken care of. 


How Much Should You Spend On A Wedding Band?

The amount you must spend on a wedding band depends on various factors. But because you want to ensure that the bands will look nice and last long, expect that you must allocate at least a thousand dollars. 

Nevertheless, you can always go higher or lower than this price point. Remember that there are other expenses for the wedding as well, so it’s best to plan your budget as a couple, including the amount you’ll allocate for the wedding bands.


When Should You Buy Wedding Bands?

You can buy the weddings bands as early as four months before the wedding. This should give you enough time to compare various rings while still planning for the rest of the wedding. 

Furthermore, you might prefer a customized wedding band. If this is the case, you must buy the bands quite early, so the jeweler has enough time to prepare them. 



And that’s it! This article discussed who buys the wedding bands and found out the traditional and non-traditional ways. 

Traditionally, the other person will buy the wedding band of their partner. However, most couples nowadays tend to purchase their bands together and split the expenses. 

Overall, the couple can follow wedding traditions or not. 


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