Which Space Heater Is Most Energy Efficient? 6 Best Choices!

Which space heater is most energy efficient? There is a list to include in your choice like the Dr. Infrared Heater DR968, Lasko Designer 6435, Mr. Heater Buddy, Honeywell HCE200W, DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel, and Vornado AVH2. These can be your best friend for adding supplemental warmth at home.

For sure, energy-efficient space heaters can help you save a bit of money on the power bill. They are not exactly a replacement for central heating, but they still reduce the time spent running a furnace.

Which space heater is most energy efficient

But be ready since the space heater comes with an energy cost. Something as an energy-efficient space heater can maximize your money and saving potential. So, take a closer look at the energy-efficient space heaters below to save money and keep yourself warm.


Which Space Heaters Are Most Energy Efficient?

Below are the lists of energy-efficient space heaters to have as your choice:


#1. Mr. Heater Buddy

This propane-powered space heater comes with a moderate hefty tag which you will appreciate, as this is portable with a convenient and lightweight handle and a durable exterior to withstand any element. It has exciting features that make it functional both indoors and outdoors. The device can deactivate, avoiding safety risks when it tips over or begins running on low fuel, as this limits you to 350 feet in coverage that covers the small spaces. But then, this is not the heater type that warms the entire room. However, propane is more costly as compared to the electric type.


#2. Dr. Infrared heater DR968

This unit utilizes infrared heat, thereby maximizing the warmth and efficiency inside a home. The clothes and the skin absorb the infrared heat. Indeed, it is very different from heat that brings warmth to the air. You expect to get a vast, one-thousand square foot range in the unit, as this is somehow enough when covering any room at home. It operates quietly, not disturbing the environment, plus it’s adjustable from 50 to 86 degrees. More importantly, it features an automatic feature on a shutoff. The machine deactivates after reaching 12 hours, not wasting energy or facing overheating.


#3. Honeywell HCE200W

This space heater option is budget-friendly and very tiny as an option, as this is remarkable as a compact unit with 2-adjustable heat settings, alongside safety features. It shuts off immediately after the UberHeat overheats or tips over. Nevertheless, it heats only for several feet, making it useful on a nightstand or a desk. It would help if you sat next to it, enjoying its benefits. The issue is that it gets boiling quickly because of the proximity level, requiring you to fiddle with its controls more often.


#4. DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica

This sleek, compact, portable unit can easily be installed on the wall. It has a nicer feature for cosmetic and safety reasons. No bulky heater is ever needed to mess up the room’s flow, and you won’t worry about pets or children who contact the hot surface. It features a safety shutoff that shuts off immediately when the device begins to overheat, avoiding significant issues. Still, this device is not as silent as the claims attributed to DeLonghi. But, you will hear the machine when it is running. It tends to overheat more often than the safety switch would mean nothing serious can occur because of it. The heater will regularly shut off, which affects the purpose why you must have it. I guess it’s helpful to read about why is my portable heater not coming on.


#5. Vornado AVH2

This small fan-driven space heater features an impressive concept while its design can be automatically adjusted to the room’s temperature. It has its 2-different settings while it promises an excellent touch; however, it comes with very nice features.


#6. Lasko Designer 6435

The Lasko Designer 6435 also answers which space heater is most energy efficient, as this is suitable for your money as it is proven efficient and affordable. It also features a design justifying the designer series. This heater looks ideal in your home with its 3-heat settings, including remote control. Thus, you’re allowed to make adjustments right across the room as required, but there are issues you need to be extra careful about as this device is quite sensitive when it comes to humidity. This Lasko space heater is impressive at its very reasonable price.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn which space heater is most energy efficient. There are many options left that will ease your endeavor of the most suitable one. It’s high time to decide after looking at the six impressive products on the market or settle with only a single option. Save money and get warmth with your top picks. There will always be one suitable to your liking, which is also energy-efficient. In the end, it will always be your call.

You can now apply your knowledge in the buying process of finding something you will be impressed with and happy with the most. So, share this helpful article as the finest and most energy-efficient heating solution to consider for getting the warmth needed. Read related articles; know where to place the space heater and how to surge protect a space heater. Thank you for reading, and stay put!

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