Which Order Do You Wear Engagement Wedding And Eternity Rings

The answer to which order do you wear engagement wedding and eternity rings depends on your preference. You can have the rings on one finger or separate fingers. 

We recommend reading how to wear an anniversary band with the wedding set for additional tips regarding wearing rings. Understandably, it can be confusing to arrange rings in your hand when you have many. 

which order do you wear engagement wedding and eternity rings


How To Wear Engagement Wedding And Eternity Rings: What Goes First?

It can be tricky to know the correct order of wearing multiple rings, especially after you have the engagement ring, wedding ring, and eternity ring. So to help you decide how to wear these rings, consider two placements. 

You can wear the rings on the left ring finger or separate them on both hands. If the bands are narrow and lightweight, it should be comfortable to have them in one finger, but thicker and heavier rings will be better worn in separate fingers. 


Stacked in the left ring finger

If you decided to wear the engagement, wedding, and eternity rings on one finger, select your ring finger or the finger next to the pinky finger on your left hand. The left ring finger is the choice for wearing these rings because of the Vena Amoris, which is believed to be the vein of love as it runs directly to the heart. 

So what order will you wear the engagement ring, wedding ring, and eternity ring on your left ring finger? You start with the wedding ring as tradition dictates it should be closest to the heart, then stack it with your engagement ring, and finally, the eternity ring at the top. 

There is not much explanation with this order besides having the ring signifying marriage and commitment to be the first one to wear. The eternity ring might also be worn last in the stack because it’s given after the engagement and wedding. 


Separate hands

If your engagement, wedding, and eternity rings are quite heavy and wouldn’t be practical to wear on one finger, you can separate them in the fingers of both hands. Then, assess the combinations of the rings and if they’ll be comfortable with your lifestyle. 

For example, you can put your wedding ring first on your left ring finger then top it with the engagement ring on the same finger. Then, wear the eternity ring on the other hand’s ring finger. The eternity ring is separated as it’s worn on the right ring finger, while the left ring finger will have the wedding ring followed by the engagement ring. 

Please note that there are no rules when wearing these rings on one hand or both hands. However, perhaps the only position you must follow always has the wedding ring on the left ring finger first. 


Where Do You Put Your Eternity Ring?

There are no set rules regarding where you put on your eternity ring. However, it’s common to wear it on the left ring finger over the engagement ring on top of the wedding ring. 

The order of how they’re worn starts with the wedding ring to embody the tradition of having it closest to the heart, followed by the engagement ring. It also makes sense for the eternity ring to be worn last on the stack as it’s typically given as an anniversary gift. 

Speaking of which, do you know what anniversary do you upgrade your wedding ring? Read to know the expectations with the rings after the wedding. 

Another option to consider when wearing eternity rings is to have it on the right ring finger instead of the left ring finger. The wedding and engagement ring might already feel too thick and heavy on the left ring finger, so some women opt to put the eternity ring on their other ring finger instead. 


Can I Use An Eternity Ring As A Wedding Ring?

You can use an eternity ring as a wedding ring, especially if you are a fan of diamonds. The difference between the two is the wedding ring is mostly a plain metal band compared to the eternity ring, which traditionally features diamonds throughout its circumference or half of the band. 

Therefore, it’s not commonly picked as a wedding ring, although nothing prohibits you from using an eternity ring as a wedding ring. If you want a piece of unique bridal jewelry that symbolizes eternal love and commitment, then an eternity ring can be your wedding ring.


Can you wear an eternity ring if not married?

You can wear an eternity ring even if you’re not married, although it’s more common to buy it after marriage as an anniversary or special gift. However, it’s possible to buy and wear an eternity ring even if you’re not married yet. 

Nowadays, young generations often get eternity rings to symbolize their promise to their partner or even as a celebratory ring after their milestones as a couple. Keep in mind that the engagement ring is often prioritized, especially when wanting to get married. 



And that’s it! To recap which order do you wear engagement wedding and eternity rings, you start with the wedding ring, then the engagement ring, and finally the eternity ring stacked on your left ring finger. 

It’s also acceptable to wear the eternity ring on the right ring finger when the two rings on the left ring finger already feel heavy. We hope this helps you know how to wear different rings; let us know how you wear yours below. 

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