Where To Try Saatva Mattress: Complete Buying Guide

If you want to know where to try Saatva mattress, you won’t find a retailer or store where you can besides the one in NYC. Instead, Saatva sells their beds online, and you can take advantage of their 180 nights at home trial period. If you’re still confused with Saatva’s policies, we’ll discuss them in more detail as you go. 

But before you proceed below, here are some questions to ask when buying a mattress. It’s always helpful to know what to expect and check to get the most of your bed. 

where to try saatva mattress


Where To Try Saatva Mattress And Where To Buy It

Saatva has a self-guided viewing room at 969 Third Ave. in New York City, where you can try their mattresses and bedding products. However, Saatva is not available in other showrooms and furniture stores where buyers can test the bed and feel its overall construction. You’ll buy the mattress directly from Saatva online without trying it first if you can’t visit their Saatva Manhattan Flagship Store

Understandably, you’ll feel hesitant to purchase a bed without testing it first. However, Saatva can give you some reassurance with their mattress’ quality with their 180-day home trial and return policy. According to the brand, you can expect the best comfort of their bed at around 100 days.  


Why should you get a Saatva mattress without trying it first?

There is a risk of buying a mattress online without seeing and touching it firsthand in the showroom. But according to Saatva, this testing in real life is not that reliable since it’s too short for a reliable assessment. It’s also highly likely that the bed on display has lost its actual structure because many people have tested it. 

Another reason Saatva promotes buying mattresses online is that no salesperson is focused on selling you the product without actually considering your requests and needs. In addition, you’re the only one who’ll research about the online bed, so there is no bias in getting it immediately. And finally, you’ll be getting the mattress cheaper than those in stores because the online retailer won’t consider fees for the space rental, sales staff salaries, and inventory expenses that will reflect on the bed’s price tag. 


Are Saatva Mattresses Any Good?

Saatva mattresses are good, especially if you’re comparing online retailers. The brand even has a mattress quiz on their website, so that you can get a recommendation about the best model for you. Furthermore, Saatva Classic comes with a 15-year non-prorated warranty, showing the company’s confidence with their mattress. 

For example, the Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress is one of the best queen size beds you can buy in the US, especially if you want a natural, organic, and hypoallergenic mattress. There is also the Saatva Classic, which is their flagship innerspring mattress. It comes with a pressure-relieving pillow top, responsive dual-coil design, patented spinal zone technology, and breathable organic cotton cover. 


How do you return Saatva mattress

If you’re unsatisfied with your Saatva mattress, you only need to call them and schedule a pick-up. You’ll get a refund for the purchase price, but you have to pay $99 for labor and transport. Saatva will then donate the returned mattress to veterans’ shelters or employees from their delivery centers. 


How do you exchange Saatva mattress

Exchanging a Saatva mattress is similar to the process of returning one. And once the new bed arrives, it will have its own 180-night trial. To avoid the hassle because your mattress won’t fit correctly, Saatva has 24/7 assistance you can call. 


Where Do Saatva Mattresses Ship From?

All Saatva mattresses are made in the US, and they deliver from one of their factories within 9 to 21 days, depending on your location, because their beds are made to order. Saatva’s delivery partners will also notify you to help you choose a delivery date. Cancellations don’t have fees as long as you can call before your scheduled delivery. 

Saatva also uses a White Glove Delivery service instead of a bed in a box. They will set up the bed for you and will even remove your mattress and foundation for free. However, please check the list of items that delivery partners will remove to be sure. 


Are Saatva Mattresses Delivered In A Box?

Saatva mattresses are not delivered in a box because they will set it up for you. If your bed happens not to fit up your stairs, Saatva will exchange it for a different size or issue a refund. You must check your walkway to know if your new mattress will move through it comfortably. 

Are you interested in bed in a box? Here is how to open a Casper mattress that uses such a feature. The mattress is compressed and rolled into a small box for easier maneuverability. 


What Company Owns Saatva?

The founder and CEO of Saatva is Ron Rudzin. He and his co-founders adopted an online business model where buyers won’t have to go through the hassle of shopping in stores. 



And that’s it! We just discovered where to try Saatva mattress, and that they have a Manhattan Flagship Store. However, you will rely on the sleep trial period if you can’t visit that showroom. Nonetheless, there are many benefits of ordering a mattress online, especially with a reputable company like Saatva. 

We hope this buying guide helps you answer your questions. Let us know in the comments if you have more. 


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