Where To Take Water Damaged Photos For Repairs? Best Guide

Do you have piles of wet pictures that you want to restore because of water damage? If you are looking for where to take water damaged photos for repairs, you can take a moment to let this article help you with some tips and facts about your problem. 


where to take water damaged photos for repairs

Restoration Of Water Damaged Photos

For some people, the idea of restoring water-damaged photographs can be overwhelming and tiring, but turning your concerns to professionals can save you from that overwhelming feeling. Photo restoration experts’ proper knowledge and training, can bring back your photos into their most original form. 


Factors that can affect the restoration of your photo


1. The extent of the damage to the photo

Photos with more complex damage will take extra time for the experts to repair. Water-damaged photos will also cost a little higher.


2. Research cost

If your photo has damages, such as ripped or faded, the photo restoration professional may do some extensive historical research to restore the image. Also, if there are missing parts on the photo, they have to explore what that part is to create a realistic remake of the picture. 


3. Scanning of the pictures

Some old photo restoration services require a scanned copy of your photos, and they want a high-resolution scan of the images. Other services offer photo scanning assistance, but it will be costly.


4. Final print size

Lastly, pictures with larger prints also cost more to work on for photo editors. If the file is a 6×8 foot banner that will be larger than a 20×24 inch family portrait, more pixels and surfaces to repair requires more time. 


Can water damaged photos be restored?

Yes! One of the great options is to seek a photo restoration professional who can restore ripped, stained, or otherwise damaged photos and can digitally enhance it as well.

You can put them on a frame or hang them up after the restoration process.


How much does it cost to restore a photo?

Photo restoration prices start at $99 for restoration-only service, while full-service restoration price starts at $160, and it varies depending on the project. Usually, the average photo restoration is $260, but an extreme repair can be higher than $500.


How long does it take to restore a photo?

Generally, after receiving, the photo restoration process will start, then the delivery; thus, it takes fifteen to twenty business days. 

Other photo restoration services accept rush projects, but you have to assume an additional payment or rush fee. 


How To Save Water Damaged Photos (Tips)

You can save your water-damaged photos by following the tips below. Take your time and be patient.

  • Carefully remove the photos from the water-logged album
  • Lift and separate any that are stuck together, be careful not to touch or rub the water emulsions on the surface
  • Avoid using force to separate stuck photos because it will lead to irreparable damage
  • Put the photos in a sink or bucket with clean and cold water
  • Gently rinse the front and back sides of the photo, do not rub
  • If you do not have time to separate individual paper stacks, dry them in stacks no more than one-fourth high
  • In drying the photos, prepare a blotting paper or other highly absorbent materials to lay each photo
  • Avoid using newspapers, tissue, or paper towel
  • Do not dry your photos under direct sunlight or expose them to winds because heat and wind can cause your pictures to fade and curl
  • It is advisable to dry water-damaged photos indoors to prevent the growth of molds
  • For slides and sturdy photos, you can do the clothesline method
  • If using a clothesline method, hang only sturdy items only on the line
  • Hanging drenched papers might result in more damage to the item
  • Consider using a fan or dehumidifier, avoid directly pointing fans at wet materials (48-72 hours)
  • If the photos are dry enough, gently remove the mold using a smooth sponge
  • If preserving old photographs, consider placing wax paper on top of the item and weighting down just the edges with glass
  • You can do some DIY or self-help kinds of stuff to restore your water-damaged photos, but you can also consult a photo restoration services who are professionals in handling water-damaged photographic materials

(TIP: Here’s a helpful guide on how to smooth water damaged paper.)


How to prevent future water damage to your photos?

  1. Make sure you have another copy or duplicate of your photos
  2. Aside from soft copies, store some physical copies in a safe place
  3. Seek advice from professionals 

If you want to know how does paper get water damaged, check this out and you will see. Save your photos right away!



Now that the search is over for “where to take water damaged photos for repairs” you do not have to worry about the good memories you keep in photographs will be gone. You can be sure that your pictures are in good hands through the help of image restoration centers that have the best and most skilled photo editors.

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