Where To Put Space Heater? 8 Best Considerations!

Where to put space heater? You can put it in the ground floor room, in the living room where everyone relaxes after a tiring day’s work, away from the wall and flammable materials, and many more.

Nevertheless, the ideal place depends on the purchased unit type, as the space heaters come in five varieties that vary in the areas to situate them.

Where to put space heater

There are factors to consider where to precisely place them, like the apartment type, the kids, and the office or apartment part you want to be heated. However, it is generally about balancing the factors and personal preferences that my friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


Considerations Where You Can Put Space Heater

Avoid being confused about where you will put the space heater, so follow the tips below:


#1. Ground floor room

The ground floor room is where you will put the space heater when living in a multi-story apartment, as this is an excellent idea if you have no great heater to put in rooms, but want floors to be heated. The simple logic here is when the hot air or heat rises, the upper rooms become hotter than lower floor rooms. So, place the heater on a lower floor to maintain the warmth of the entire house and keep it positioned in the room through an upper floor where that floor is heated.


#2. Places with a lot of people

It would help if you placed the space heater in the living room since people gather here the most, as this is the place where everyone relaxes after a tough and tiring day in a room. Kids also watch movies or play video games here; that is when the space heater serves them more gladly as they stay here.


#3. Space size

Heat the entire room, but it is never a practicable idea to heat a small room, while the space heater is after keeping the warmth in a room, but it works best when choosing a tiny space in a home. Position them next to your sitting position in a living room, or in the area surrounding the desk or reading chair, and decide where to put the space heater best to serve the entire room. Select the location next to where you put it and choose a place that efficiently traps the heat, like the doors.


#4.  Places away from water and moisture

Dampness, moisture, and water can cause damage to certain electrical parts. The space heater is damaged upon placing it next to a damp environment or water source. At the same time, the laundry rooms and bathrooms are two areas where you do not want to put the heater, so select a heater to these places to withstand the moisture and dampness and avoid the kitchen sink.


#5. Away from the flammable materials

All space heaters and their designs should be away from flammable materials, while gas stoves and curtains can come across your mind.


#6. Away from the traffic

Space heaters can get hot as they blast in full power, whereas pets and kids can get burnt as they get brushed in the unit. In general, permit a three-foot safety limit from any traffic form, so position the device in a discreet section and away from the entryways.


#7. Away from the wall

Decide first what space requires the heat, but place it away from the wall and leave a distance of a foot or two. However, space heaters are installed at the hallway wall while vents are found in the front of the units.


#8. Heat sources

 Never place your space heater inside a room with a fireplace, as it only makes things redundant, and it is not wise to put the heater with other sources of heat. The kitchen is one good example of heat-producing heat toasters, stoves, and other objects.


Putting Space Heater Basing On The Heater Type

Below are the heater types and places where you should ideally put them.


#1. Convection heater

This is a preferred choice as you heat large spaces that are low maintenance and easy to clean, as there’s no need for you to refill it while it is suitable for the bedroom. Other areas where you put them include the living room and basement room.


#2. Ceramic heater

This promises different options and versatility that adapt to various locations and situations, as the smaller one is suitable for offices and bigger ones are for bigger spaces like bedrooms or living rooms. The ceramic heater is helpful when used in kids’ rooms. It may also be a good idea to read about what is the purpose of ceramic heater.


#3. Mica panel heater

This is a hybrid unit but is like a convection heater and a little infrared heater, with most models mounted on the walls, it is very light, suitable for bathrooms, offices, and adult bedrooms.


#4. Infrared heater

The infrared heater warms space with infrared rays that employ a direct heating form. Then, it gains more market share for being very silent and energy-efficient; it heats twice an area, the same as a ceramic heater. Where to put space heater or infrared heater includes the living room, kiddies’ room, bedroom offices, and many more.


It’s A Wrap!

You already learn where to put space heater away from the wall, flammable materials, and heat sources. You also know where to ideally put a convection heater, ceramic heater, mica panel, and infrared heater; in any space, so share the good news. You may also want to read about what is the space heater for a large room and how to fix space heater .

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