Where To Purchase Amerisleep Mattress: Buying Guide

Those who need to know where to purchase Amerisleep mattress can check the retailers in this article. While Amerisleep sells mainly online, it’s helpful to know where their showrooms are. You will also get familiarized with the best Amerisleep models. 

Did you know that Amerisleep is also among the best stores to buy a mattress? Consider giving that article a quick read so that you can compare Amerisleep with other popular stores. 

where to purchase amerisleep mattress


Can You Buy Amerisleep In Stores?

The best place to purchase an Amerisleep mattress is on their official Amerisleep website. According to Amerisleep, they also have various mattress stores across the US. However, there is no list of official partners and retailers if you’re curious about other stores to get an Amerisleep mattress. 

It’s always helpful to check any mattress brand’s website to know if they recognize retailers for their products. Otherwise, you might not get a genuine mattress or your warranty might not even be acknowledged. With Amerisleep, either visit their online shop or check the Amerisleep stores closest to your location. 


Where can I try an Amerisleep mattress?

There are 12 Amerisleep stores all over the US, and you can find their exact retail locations on the brand’s website. You can choose from Oregon, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona if you want to test and see Amerisleep mattresses in person. However, Amerisleep doesn’t have other showrooms, and they don’t recognize other furniture stores if you are wondering if you can try different locations. 

Nonetheless, do not worry if you are not close to any of the 12 Amerisleep retail stores. Their website is intuitive and easy to use, and you have 100 nights to test the bed. The company even offers free shipping with all Amerisleep mattresses. 

Speaking of online mattress shipping, here are the best places to buy a bed online, or if you want a specific model, we’ve reviewed the best online mattresses


How Long Does It Take To Get An Amerisleep Mattress?

Amerisleep typically ships their mattresses within 5 to 7 days, but it’s also possible to experience next-day shipping. Note that variables such as sales and higher demands can also affect your waiting period for receiving your order. But once the mattress is shipped, you only need to wait for 1 to 5 more business days until its arrival.


Does Amerisleep Come In Boxes?

Amerisleep mattresses are shipped via FedEx in a box. The brand compressed their beds, and FedEx will drop them where they usually leave your other parcels. Here is what to do once your bed-in-a-box from Amerisleep arrives:

  1. Move the box to your bedroom and then take it out
  2. Place the rolled-up mattress onto your bed and open the plastic covering
  3. Allow the Amerisleep mattress to expand to complete the plastic removal 
  4. Wait for the mattress to finish expanding after 24 hours

Where is the Amerisleep mattress made?

Amerisleep mattresses are US-made, and they come from California. The company delivers free shipping within the continental US, but Amerisleep doesn’t do direct shipping outside the lower 48 states. If you happen to be from another location, you will select a freight forwarder with your shipping costs. 

How to return an Amerisleep mattress?

You have 100 nights to return the mattress, but Amerisleep requires at least 30 nights to test their product before accepting a return. Then, you will need to provide a $99 processing fee, and the store will issue a refund. You can also cancel your order as long as it hasn’t been shipped. 

How long is the warranty on an Amerisleep mattress?

All Amerisleep mattresses come with a 20-year warranty. They will repair or replace your bed for free within the first ten years, and for the remaining ten, you’re eligible for a replacement mattress at a 50% discount. Just make sure that you purchased the Amerisleep mattress from an original distributor or retailer. 

What Is The Best Amerisleep Mattress?

The best Amerisleep will vary for every user, so it would be much better to know the questions to ask when buying a mattress. You can use them to create criteria for selecting among Amerisleep’s memory foam beds and hybrid mattresses. Both types come in different firmness options, so use your sleeping position to find the ideal mattress firmness

Amerisleep memory foam beds

The AS1 mattress is best for back and stomach sleepers, while the AS5 bed is ideal for side sleepers. If you want a model that would fit most body types and sleeping positions, try the AS3 model. 

Amerisleep hybrid beds

The AS2 hybrid model is a medium-firm mattress, but if you want a medium bed, try the AS3 hybrid. Lightweight sleepers who also want more cushioning can try the AS5 hybrid because it is soft. 

How much does an Amerisleep mattress cost?

Amerisleep foam mattresses range from $600 to $2,600, while Amerisleep hybrid beds are from $1,000 to $3,200. The store accepts all major credit and debit cards, but you can also pay via direct bank transfer. And for those on a budget, try their 0% APR financing. 


Did this article answer your Amerisleep questions? To recap where to purchase Amerisleep mattress, try their online store or visit their showrooms in Oregon, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona. Unfortunately, the brand is unavailable in other retailers, but ordering online if you’re not close to an official Amerisleep store should still be hassle-free. 

Please visit their official website to know more. 


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