Where To Place Heater In Aquarium? 2 Best Options!

Where to place heater in aquarium? That seems to be perplexing you, but we have gotten the answer. You might be surprised at the easiness of the solution. Moreover, the article will also give a clue regarding other questions related to aquarium and heater. 

The heater has become a crucial part of aquarium-like filters, lights, and ornaments. This is because most fish being sold in the market are tropical. They need the heated water to swim without showing laziness or inactiveness. Coldwater produces white spots on their body, or they may also die. Well, my friends, there is so much more to know about this topic, so you better read further!

Where to place heater in aquarium


How To Place A Heater?

You must also know how to position the heater inside the tank. Firstly, remove the heater from its box and check for cracks on the glass tube. You are ready to place it n it if it looks fine. Just attach the sucking cups with the help of mounting brackets, and voila! The cups firmly attach to the glass wall, and the heater will start working just after you plug it in. You must make sure to make a drip loop and save the cord and plug from getting wet. It is better if the heater is connected to a multi-way socket. It may be helpful to read about best aquarium heater tested.


Where To Place Heater In Your Aquarium?

The answer to where to place heater in aquarium is at a location where the water continuously circulates. The safest area to place a heater is next to a filter or at the bottom of the fish tank.


#1. Near the filter

You can have most of the heater as the water will get inside the filter and come to the heater significantly. Then it will distribute in the whole tank after heating up. 


#2. Tank bottom

The bottom part is usually cool because the water rises towards the top after heating up. A heater at the base keeps the water hot enough to let the fish feel comfortable.


Aquarium Placement Affects The Heater Performance

You can use a low-wattage heater to heat a large tank than its capacity. However, you have to place the aquarium in a room with temperatures up to 73° Fahrenheit or 32° Celsius. A personal experience has taught me that a 50-watt heater designed for a 10-gallon tank heated a 40-gallon aquarium by raising the water temperature to 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit. But when that aquarium was placed in a room with a temperature of 50° Fahrenheit or 10° Celsius. 


What Is The Best Spot In Your House For Aquarium Heater?

Your aquarium hater loves a spot that is sunny or heated up by a central heating system. Because it has to put fewer efforts in this case due to warm environment, on the other hand, the heater does not like a location like a cold basement or a room with an air conditioner. The glass of the tank stays cold and loses heat, making the heater take the stress and work harder. 


Heater Placement Has A Great Impact On Aquascape

The heater placement sometimes affects the view of an aquarium in the wrong way. You have to hide the heater after placement to enjoy a pleasant-looking view.


Black screen

The simple way to hide the heater is the installation of a black screen at the back glass inside the fish tank. Then you can find and buy the other equipment of the same black color. All the black things will create a unit making the heater less noticeable. 


Background plants

The plants with the high-growing rate at best hide the heater. You must consult the aquarium expert to find out tall plants that can cover the unpleasant sight of the heater. 



We have gotten many options regarding the decoration of the aquascape. Different color stones add up a good cover for the heater. 



You can easily place the submersible heater inside the sump to see the fish through aquarium glass.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Here are the answers to common questions:


What location is worst for heater installation? 

Any position that lets the heater touch the tank glass, substrates like gravel, or any other decorative element means that the heater will crack soon. 


Should you place two heaters? 

Most of the peers will suggest you the placement of two heaters on each corner of the aquarium. Believe us; this is a bit of honest advice. Because a second heater provides a solid backup in case one of the heaters fails. 


What is the best heater for easy placement?

A submersible heater is the easiest to install as you can place it anywhere in the tank. It can be positioned at any angle, whether it is diagonal, vertical, or horizontal. So better, get one and enjoy the freedom of installation according to your choice.


What is the best location for a thermometer?

The hot water flows from the heater to the thermometer, and it will note the accurate reading; however, if the thermometer will get the hot water coming right away from the heater.


It’s A Wrap!

Did you get the answer to where to place heater in aquarium? We hope that you will come back to find out more. It will be interesting to know what kind of heaters are there and what is my fish tank heater for. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to tell if aquarium heater is broken and how to warm up a fish tank without heater.

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