Where To Order Wedding Koozies

Those unsure where to order wedding koozies can consider five places. Take note of the best stores to order wedding koozies as they are both functional and personal elements you can include in your wedding. 

We’ve also included a buying guide to help you know the budget and amount to get. And speaking of potential wedding custom favors, you might be interested to know where to buy mini wine bottles for wedding favors

where to order wedding koozies


Here’s Where To Order Wedding Koozies



Etsy is a popular place for custom wedding favors, so it’s no surprise that getting your wedding koozies from them is possible. Various designs and prices help you find the perfect wedding koozie. 

One of the most popular custom koozies you can get on Etsy is from MyWeddingStore. For $44.10 as of this writing, you can personalize the text, ink color, and koozie color. 



If you already own an Amazon account, why not consider ordering your koozies from the platform? Do note that the wedding koozie products available on Amazon are usually plain or have existing wedding prints and texts.  

If you want to customize your wedding koozie, opt for plain ones and print them yourself. For $29.99, you can get 50 blank foam koozies that you can customize. 



Since designing and printing wedding koozies can be tasking, opt for custom koozies from stores specializing in these wedding favors. An example of where you can buy custom koozie is MyKoozie, a company located in Florida. 

They are the official store of licensed Koozie can coolers so that you can ensure the authenticity and quality of materials. And for their customization process, they do UV printing and heat press for the best quality. 


One Stop Bride Shop

One Stop Bride Shop is an excellent place for custom wedding favor orders. You can consider ordering wedding koozie favors from them because you can choose from various styles, seasons, or even destinations.

If you also need wedding coolers, you can order koozies with the cans in the One Stop Bride Shop. You can even submit your own artwork for the ultimate personalized koozies for the wedding. 


Koozee Crazee

Another printing shop where you can order koozies that you can customize is Koozee Crazee. Like One Stop Bride Shop, you can get your custom koozie with cans or coolers in Koozee Crazee.  

You can select between pre-printed or order custom koozies from this shop. And if your order is over $150, you can avail free shipping. 


What Are Koozies Used For?

Is it worth it to buy custom koozies for the wedding? Koozies are among the best favors to get for the wedding because they are memorable and functional. 


Memorable favors

You can print your names and wedding details in koozies, and they can keep the quality of your drinks. This is because they provide insulation, so carbonated wedding drinks like soda and alcoholic fizzy drinks will stay bubbly for longer. 


Keep drinks at optimal temperature and flavor

If you’re serving your guests a special brew, you want it to maintain the best temperature to showcase its flavor. Koozies will help them retain the right temperature while also being stylish for the wedding. 


Absorb condensation on drink containers

And finally, wedding koozies will prevent condensation buildup. Koozies are made of absorbent material so that the can will remain dry.  

If you don’t know what drinks to get for your wedding koozies, here are what drinks to serve at a wedding


How Many Koozies To Order For Wedding?

The number of koozie orders for the wedding will be the same as when planning the wedding favors you should get. It’s not equal to the number of guests, but one koozie per household. 

For example, if you invited a couple, count one custom koozie for them. You should also anticipate the number of guests attending to avoid having excess orders. 


How Much Does It Cost To Make Custom Koozies?

It will be tricky to estimate the expenses if you make custom wedding koozies yourself instead of getting orders from wedding favor shops. For example, Amazon sells 50 blank koozies for under $30. 

Then, you’ll need to allocate a budget for screen printing at home. Ordering custom koozies might be more time and cost-efficient as some offer free shipping. 


What Do You Put Koozies In At A Wedding?

Your wedding koozies can be part of the displays at the reception. They can also be what you include on your welcome bags for the guests at your destination wedding. 

Some couples even have their koozies in bags since they’re wedding favors. Or, if you want, use the koozies on your drinks like canned soda, cocktails, beer bottles, or wine bottles.


How Do You Print Koozies?

You can customize koozies at home with the screen printing press, screen printing ink, heat press, graphic squeegee, and vinyl. You can use many DIY tutorials online to try this project at home.



Was this list helpful? You just learned where to order wedding koozies: Etsy, Amazon, MyKoozie, One Stop Bride Shop, and Koozee Crazee.

Personalizing blank koozies at home is possible if you have the right tools. Therefore, compare the expenses and effort between ordering and making wedding koozies to make the right decision. 

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