Where To Have A Small Wedding Near Me: Best 5

If you’re unsure where to have a small wedding near me, you can consider five places. This list comprises venues from all over the US where you can have an intimate or small wedding.

You will also get a planning guide for a small wedding and how to afford an intimate setup. And for an even smaller wedding, we recommend reading our separate guide on how to plan a micro wedding

where to have a small wedding near me


5 Best Places Where To Have A Small Wedding Near Me


City Vineyard at Pier 26 

If you’re in New York and want a smaller wedding, one of the best spots to check is the City Vineyard at Pier 26. It is located at 233 West Street, New York, New York, and they can work with you on the table setups, staff, and catering of their event space for your wedding.  

If you don’t want to book another venue for your other smaller wedding events, you can use their space for your rehearsal dinner and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Small weddings usually have small pre-wedding celebrations, and an intimate setup is possible in this location. 

You can make the skyline views your wedding backdrop for gorgeous wedding photos. And if you have inquiries, you can quickly get a response using their contact page. 


Pleasant Garden 

Do you want to take your guests to Florida but also prefer a small wedding? Then, consider the Pleasant Garden for your intimate wedding venue. 

If you’re near Miami, this is also a convenient wedding location because they partner with different wedding vendors. So you don’t need to worry about your big day’s wedding coordinator, music, catering, florist, photographer, and makeup artists. 

What makes the Pleasant Garden ideal for small weddings is because of the serene nature it offers. And if you’re having a destination wedding, it’s also relatively close to nearby city amenities. 


Seven Gables Inn in St. Louis, Missouri

If the nearest location to you is Missouri, why not have your tiny wedding in Seven Gables Inn? According to them, this place offers an escape from the hectic modern life. 

After all, couples having a small wedding typically prefer an intimate celebration for a calmer and lowkey setting. But besides the overall feel of this venue, this hotel is perfect if you’re having out-of-town guests,

You can reserve a block of rooms for them and book the entire inn for the event itself. And best of all, expect discounted rates for wedding blocks, and you can even receive the Gables King Suite for your honeymoon suite. 


Redwood Ridge Estate

Those who want their intimate or smaller wedding in California must check the Redwood Ridge State. Why is it ideal for a smaller wedding? 

You can take advantage of the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains and treat your guests to a private wine tasting party. As for the costs of Steve Wozniak’s family estate, it’s available for $12,500 for weddings and receptions, while the wine tasting party is $20 per person. 

An intimate wedding would be great for wine lovers because you can mingle with the guests while enjoying different wines. You also don’t need to worry about your budget since you’ll only get a small number of guests. 


Emerald Forest

If you’re near or in Washington, try the Emerald Forest in Redmond. This is a fantastic venue for a small wedding because you can take your guests in a tranquil forest setup. 

According to them, they offer packages for a maximum of 25 people. Small weddings and elopements range from $2,700 to $4,725 for a rental period of 4 to 7 hours. 

You and your guests can enjoy their unique climb-in theater. The on-site attendant, bridal suite, groomsman suite, 10-table gazebo, and zip line supplies are also included in the package. 


How Do You Do A Simple Small Wedding?

If you want to have a small wedding or an intimate celebration, here are the tips to remember to avoid going over the intended guest size and small wedding budget:

  • Talk with your partner regarding the guests you want to have, and keep the list between 25 to 50 guests
  • Have a small wedding party
  • Do the wedding in the morning or afternoon; shorten the ceremony and reception duration
  • Consider an intimate wedding at the courthouse, then invite the guests to the reception only
  • Do your reception at a restaurant, garden, or backyard
  • Elope at your destination wedding

Are you worried that your big family would protest your tiny wedding? Here’s how to have a small wedding with a big family.  


How Can I Afford A Small Wedding?

  • Elope or have a reception-only wedding
  • Consider a civil wedding
  • Do the ceremony or reception in your backyard
  • Have a dry wedding
  • Have a cocktail-style reception
  • Opt for a semi-formal or casual wedding


What Is A Small Wedding Size?

Small weddings have 50 guests or lower. If you want to save on costs and expenses, consider limiting your guest size to 25.



And that’s it! To recap where to have a small wedding near me, try City Vineyard, Pleasant Garden, Seven Gables Inn, Redwood Ridge Estate, and the Emerald Forest.

Check their wedding packages for your convenience and plan your small wedding accordingly. Intimate venues like the ones on this list are ideal for tiny and micro weddings because of the romantic but private setup. 

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