Where To Get Wedding Invitations Printed Near Me

If you’re unsure where to get wedding invitations printed near me, try three printing companies for your wedding invitations. We’ll also discuss the cost of printing wedding invitations to help you set the budget for it. 

But if you prefer to do it yourself, you can also read our separate tutorial. Here’s how to print wedding invitations at home

where to get wedding invitations printed near me


Best Places Where To Get Wedding Invitations Printed Near Me



One of the best places to get custom prints for your wedding invitation is Staples. You can choose between creating your own wedding invites or uploading your invitations. 

If you prefer to customize your own wedding invitations, Staples will print them on heavy cardstocks that are either 5 by 7 inches or 4 by 7.75 inches in flat or folded styles with envelopes included.

The same services are offered if you upload your personalized wedding invitations. The prints will be on Staple’s card stocks, and the size, foil, and delivery option will dictate the price of your invitation order.



A fairly popular company to order and design custom invitations for weddings is VistaPrint. They offer an array of designs and styles, but you can also opt for customizable prints via their Graphic Design Services.

What’s fantastic if you print your custom wedding invites with VistaPrint is you can select their fastest shipping option for convenience. The production time and delivery only take three to four business days. 

You can also print your other kinds of wedding stationery in VistaPrint. This way, everything is uniform, and they can arrive on a convenient schedule for the wedding. 


Gold Image Printing

Gold Image Printing is an online printing service to consider for your wedding invitation. Compared to other printing services, the company offers rush jobs for couples who might’ve forgotten to plan their printing schedule for their invites. 

You can get Gold Image Printing’s next-day printing or same-day printing services. And if you also lack time to design your invitation suite, you can do it with them. 

Do you need to print custom wedding invitations? Gold Image Printing offers an array of options at reasonable prices as well. 


How Much Does It Cost To Print Wedding Invitations?

Expect to pay $2 to $20 per wedding invitation for the printing costs. Remember that some printing methods are pricier than others.

Furthermore, the cost to print the wedding invitations will depend on how many you need, the type of invitation, the design, if you’re ordering rush, and if you’re printing at home or outside. Let us compare the three printing invitations above to give you an idea:


Custom prints from printing companies

At Staples, 25 pieces of standard invitations delivered between 5 to 7 business days with two-sided prints will cost you $34.99. They’ll be printed on premium matte paper with customizable envelopes.

For a simple custom invitation at VistaPrint, 10 pieces can cost you $20.99, but they sometimes offer discounts. As of this writing, most options are around $14.69. 

And with Gold Image Printing, standard customizable wedding invitations cost $1.16. You can also get velvet prints for $4.32 each if you prefer something unique. 


Is It Worth It To Print Your Own Wedding Invitations?

You might save more on printing wedding invitations at home if you have the printer and time. However, some people might find customizing too much of a hassle, especially since some wedding invites will require modifications on your printer.


Compatibility with the invitation card and home printer

For example, you need to measure the card you’ll use for the invite, and the card itself should be compatible with the printer you have at home. Then, you need to make a custom printing template to ensure that the card information will be printed perfectly. 


Adjustments and time to print

Finally, you will adjust the plastic guides on the printer to avoid issues with printing the wedding invitations. If you’re printing many cards and manually printing on both sides, it will take you some time to finish. 

And if you also want to design your wedding invitations at home, here’s how to make wedding invitations on Microsoft Word


How Much Does It Cost To Make 100 Wedding Invitations?

Making 100 wedding invitations, especially with the costs to custom and print them, can cost you anywhere from $600 to $6,000. The price will depend on the number of invitations, type of paper, printing, and other expenses like the entire suite and postage for the invites. 

But to help you manage your wedding budget, your stationery and invitation should take 2% of your total budget. Going over it might not be reasonable as there are other expenses to prioritize, like the venue and catering.


Can You Handwrite Your Wedding Invitations

You can handwrite wedding invitations, especially for a micro or intimate wedding. Otherwise, it’ll be tricky to manage time and be consistent in the print quality if you’re doing over 20 invitations with just yourself. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned where to get wedding invitations printed near me: Staples, VistaPrint, and Gold Image Printing.

You can also print the invites yourself if you have a home printer. However, please ensure your invitation paper and printer are compatible to ensure quality and consistent prints.

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