Where To Get Ready Morning Of Wedding: 3 Best Tips

Brides who don’t know where to get ready morning of wedding can consider three tips to choose the place for the morning wedding preparations. You’ll be surprised that it’s not only the location of the wedding ceremony that dictates where you must get ready. 

We will also talk about the etiquette and expectations when getting ready before the wedding to further help you prepare. And for comfort and aesthetics, here is what to wear getting ready for a wedding

where to get ready morning of wedding


How To Choose Where To Get Ready Morning Of Wedding


Consider the venue and time of the wedding 

  • When selecting the place to get ready on the wedding morning, make sure that its location is close to where you’ll have the wedding ceremony
  • The distance between the place where to get ready on the morning of the wedding and your wedding ceremony should not be significant that you risk running late if anything happens like traffic or a random bridal issue
  • You should also factor in the time of the wedding ceremony because it will help you calculate how long your travel time should be from where you’re getting ready to the wedding venue
  • Depending on where you’ll have your wedding ceremony, you can consider getting a bridal suite
  • Some wedding venues offer a specific place for the bride and bridal party to prepare on the morning of the wedding, so they’ll already be at the place where the ceremony will happen


Select a place for getting ready with the bridal party

  • If your wedding venue doesn’t provide a bridal suite, then you must pick a big hotel room for your wedding morning preparations
  • The space should be of good size because remember that the bride traditionally gets ready with her bridesmaids
  • The room should be spacious enough for everyone to comfortable move, lounge around, and have everything they’ll wear and use at the wedding to avoid having some items lost
  • You also want the room to be comfortable since you don’t want to sweat while having your hair and makeup done
  • Consider a space where everyone can prepare, hang, and then put on their wedding attire without any hassle


Choose a place where you can get gorgeous wedding day photos

  • The final consideration when choosing the wedding ready space is aesthetics
  • More than using a room that can comfortably accommodate the bride, bridal party, makeup artists, hairstylists, and wedding items, remember that there is also a photoshoot
  • Wedding photography typically includes moments when the bride is getting ready on the morning of the wedding
  • You’ll have your photos taken with your bridal party or when you’re having your makeup done
  • The space should also look good on camera unless you want to have a separate location for your wedding getting ready photos


Where Does The Bride Get Ready On Her Wedding Day?


Wedding venue bridal suite

The place where the bride gets ready on the morning of her wedding day is called the bridal suite. A wedding venue may offer this room with their wedding package to eliminate the hassle of traveling from one site to another. 

There is also a groom suite so the groom and his groomsmen can conveniently get ready in the exact location of the bride. This way, the two can easily send their letters to each other and then have their first look photo shoot, which is some of the wedding morning duties. 

But besides the bridal suite, the bride and groom with their wedding party can also get ready on the following:



Hotels are spacious and visually appealing for wedding getting-ready photoshoots. This is also your only option if you’re having a destination wedding. 



Some salons offer a bridal package where they’ll also accommodate you while preparing for the wedding. You can also have cute photos if you choose this place. 


Private residence 

If you’re having a simple wedding, you have enough room, or your home is close to the wedding venue, there’s no need to rent another place. Instead, do your wedding preparations in the comfort of your home and save on costs.


How Long Before Your Wedding Should You Get Ready?

Consider giving yourselves five hours before the wedding to get ready. This may seem very long, but remember that you need time to mingle, have yourselves get glammed up, do photoshoots, and put on wedding attire. 

You also want time to travel between where you’re getting ready to the wedding ceremony venue. You can read how long does wedding hair and makeup take to manage your schedule on the morning of the wedding effectively. 


What Should I Do Morning Of Wedding?

  • Prepare your entire wedding attire ready for wearing
  • Eat breakfast and have snacks if needed while preparing 
  • Set a time to meditate 
  • Consider a quick relaxing skincare routine
  • Give the groom his letter and gift
  • Talk with your mom, sisters, and friends to calm your nerves
  • Plan your time for wedding hair and makeup 
  • Do photoshoots with the bridal party and groom
  • Have fun



Was this guide helpful? You just learned where to get ready morning of wedding, which is the bridal suite.

However, you must consider three factors when picking the place: somewhere close to the wedding venue, something spacious for everyone, and somewhere that will look good in photos. If a suite is unavailable, you can also get ready at home, hotel, or salon. 

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