Where To Find The Model Number On Whirlpool Dryer? Easy To Follow Guide!

Are you wondering about where to find the model number on Whirlpool dryers? First, open the dryer door; you will see a door pocket,  a panel with a dip into which the door inserts. A rim surrounds the entrance inside the depression. You may find your Whirlpool dryer serial number and model number on this rim.

Even the most observant homeowners who did purchase their present dryer will struggle to recall the model and serial number. However, you may require these details sometimes.

where to find the model number on Whirlpool dryer

You’ll have to know the specifications of your dryer if it requires maintenance, is going to be sold, needs to be inspected, or requires to be reinstalled. Whirlpool is a well-known brand, and most dryers are built using their processes. We can assist you in finding the serial number for your Whirlpool dryer. This post will explain how to get the serial number and what you can do with it.


What Is The Serial Number?

Serial and model numbers are found on every Whirlpool dryer. Combining these two digits can lead any electronics directory to the specific dryer model you possess. This gives manufacturers’ details and may have been used as a search term to ask technicians and search engines queries. The serial number of your Whirlpool dryer might include both the serial numbers and model or simply the second one. Make sure you’ve got both on hand.


Where To Find the Model Number On Your Whirlpool Dryer?

So, where to find the model number on Whirlpool dryer? Whirlpool dryers have made locating this important dryer information much more straightforward by keeping it in a convenient and secure area. It’s on the inside of the door of your dryer but not within the dryer itself.

For finding the model number, you should open the Whirlpool dryer door. You can see a door pocket or a panel with a depression into which the door fits. A rim surrounds the aperture of the depression inside. You may find your Whirlpool dryer’s serial and model numbers on this rim.

A rectangular silver plaque or white sticker contains the serial number. You’re looking for the two digits in the upper right corner of the plaque or sticker. Your model number is shown by the first number labeled “MODEL NO,” “MOD.” “MODEL,” or “MODEL NUMBER,” 

The “SER” number is the second number. “SERIAL NO” is an abbreviation for “Serial Number “SERIAL NUMBER” Your serial number is abbreviated as “SERIAL” or “S/N.” Further details may be included on this plaque or sticker as well. This instructional label is affixed to offer the machine owner and future appliance technicians safety, emergency, and maintenance information. Here’s what you should know on how to find your model serial number.


What To Do With Dryer Model Number?

Most users never glance at a dryer serial number in their entire life. But there will come a day when you will require that number. You require it. Many tasks should only be performed if you understand your dryer’s serial and model number. Once you’ve figured out how to locate your model number, you may perform a variety of things with it.


 #1. Check out the guide and manual

Looking for the handbook is perhaps the most worthwhile thing for a dryer serial number. People don’t have the instruction book for our domestic appliances, even though we bought them ourselves. Finally, the internet has come to the resue. Equipment manuals are archived online so that you can effortlessly search for the most up-to-date information on your machine. You may check up on the proper dryer using the serial number of your dryer.


#2. Know the dryer hidden features

Looking through your dryer handbook or looking for strategies for finding your dryer model number might reveal much as you anticipated. Many devices have hidden functions that their owners are unaware of. Resetting the appliance, shutting down the buzzer, and readjusting the temperature are all frequent supplementary functions that can only be accessible if you understand how. With your Whirlpool dryer’s model number and manual information, you can figure out the hidden compartments, tabs, or button combinations.


#3. Repairs on schedule with fast consultants

Knowing your dryer’s model number is also helpful when it comes time to contact for repairs. A visit or discussion with a specialist can assist greatly if the dryer is producing strange noises, not heating, or otherwise refuses to work. 

Typically, experts need to look more closely at your equipment to figure out what’s wrong and plan how to fix it. However, the further details you can provide, the more prepared a professional will be when they come. Knowing the serial number might be pretty valuable if you want no-contact service and quick in-home repairs.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope you all will learn where to find the model number on Whirlpool dryer from this article. We hope that reading this article is just fun for you and you digest it just in one go. Furthermore, above, we have discussed where the models or serial number is located on the dryer and the uses of the model number. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end. Dot forget to share it with your friends if you like this article. You may also want to read about how much is Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer and how to unlock whirlpool duet washer

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