Where To Find A Rollaway Bed? 5 Interesting Ideas To Know!

Where to find a rollaway bed?

Nowadays, it is a trend to search for something and buy online.

I’ll give a few suggestions on a rollaway bed best to buy.

In today’s time, practicality plays a significant role when it comes to furniture.

Furniture that could take up more space is so last season.

So to make up and follow what’s “IN,” a rollaway bed is a great way to spice things up.

You may be having friends or relatives coming over to your house and will be staying overnight.

You don’t want to take up more space in your house since it’s already cramped.

A rollaway bed is an excellent solution for that problem.

Whether you have an idea or not of what a rollaway bed is?

Have no fear since we’ll talk about rollaway beds, what to look for when buying, and some suggestions.


Rollaway Beds

Rollaway beds are a type of bed with a sturdy frame capable of folding for easy storage.

They are designed to take a small amount of space and make them easier to pull out when needed.

These beds are also designed to accommodate sudden sleepovers and overnights when friends and relatives visit over.

You could also bring these beds when you’re on a trip or if you choose to go camping over the mountains.

A rollaway bed is pretty convenient to use when you need a space to sleep in comfortably.


Buying Guide: Ideas To Find A Rollaway Bed

If you are going to buy a rollaway bed, here are a few factors and things to consider before choosing one.


Factor #1. Size

Yes, size matters.

While most rollaway beds are twin sizes, there are also full sizes available in the market.

Queen and King sizes are not available in the market since these bed sizes are more prominent, so two twin sizes can be used to make a giant bed.


Factor #2. Frame

The frames of these beds are usually made of metal.

Well, most of them do.

However, these are designed that way to be folded in half while providing durability.


Factor #3. Weight capacity

When it comes to sleeping space, you must also look into the weight capacity that the bed could carry.

The weight capacity varies with models which do not support two sleepers using it at the same time.

It is vital to check to be sure.


Factor #4. Mattress type

There are several types of mattresses available in the market that could be befitting to your every need.

The mattresses are made from various materials, from memory foams, latex to hybrid mattresses.


Factor #5. Warranty

When it comes to security and ease of use of the mattresses, find a rollaway bed with an extended warranty date range.

There is a year to a lifetime warranty on some mattresses.


Bed Suggestions

Amazon is one of the great places on where to find a rollaway bed.

However, if you are having trouble finding one that will suit your needs, here are some suggestions.


Bed #1. Zinus memory foam

The Zinus Memory Foam is best when it comes to giving the sleeper a convenient and comfortable sleep.

You may use this for a friend staying in for a weekend or a night or two.

It is also best when it comes to sleek design.

It is very convenient to store since it has solid steel frames and roller wheels for easy storage and moving.

The mattress is made up of memory foam and is designed to look like a box spring.

If design matters to you, you should pick this.


Bed #2. Zinus weekender

Another one from amazon is the Zinus Weekender.

This rollaway bed is best for our budget-friendly shoppers who are in a tight pocket.

It has what you need, steel frames with wheels, a fiber padding mattress, springs to support the base, and a clamshell folding feature.

Why is it the best budget bed?

Compared to other rollaway beds, it has significant savings when it comes to its features.

It may be less expensive, but it can provide the comforts of what a costly rollaway could give.


Bed #3. I bed

If you are looking for a folding bed that couldn’t take up much space, the Corner Housware’s IBed will suit your space needs.

Unlike the other rollaway beds, the IBed has a steel frame with skid legs. In addition, the mattress has one layer of memory foam, which is supported by springs.

Why is it the best space-saving rollaway bed?

The bed is designed to fit a 17″ height to an 8 inches tall space.

It could also be moved freely since it only weighs a mere 30 pounds.


Bed #4. LUCID

LUCID is a bed manufacturer brand known for giving customer satisfaction to its peak when it comes to comfort.

Their rollaway beds give much comfort and convenience when stored away.

What makes this rollaway bed great is its features.

The mattress has two layers of certified foam that will give sleepers a good night’s rest.

These foams are proven to be safe and durable that will make your gust comfortably accommodated.



Knowing where to find a rollaway bed will make things easier for you to look for the right mattress for you.

Not only will things be more convenient if you have this bed.

But you will also have a great night to rest for your guests that are coming over.

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