Where To Buy Zero Gravity Chair: 5 Best Stores To Look For

Zero gravity chairs are perfect for distributing body weight to stimulate relaxation. However, do you know where to buy zero gravity chair? This article will give you our five trusted brands when it comes to this type of chair.

Summer is drawing near. What better way to enjoy the heat and sun than lounging on a zero gravity chair? This recliner has many benefits, such as improved posture, decreases stress, and relieves back pain.

where to buy zero gravity chair

Experience a whole new world of comfort as we present you everything you need to know about zero gravity chairs and where you can buy them!


What Is A Zero Gravity Chair?

Do you know that NASA first developed zero gravity chairs? The design helped the astronauts to attain a neutral position where the legs are above the heart. NASA puts its astronauts in this posture to ease the stress in their bodies as they are catapulted into space.

There are a lot of types of zero gravity chairs available in many markets. First, the indoor ones that provide a basic neutral position for the body. On the other hand, the outdoor zero gravity recliners are usually small and ideal for going camping or swimming.

Lastly, zero gravity massage chairs enhance the benefits of the NPB by infusing it with massages.


Where To Buy The Best Zero Gravity Recliner?


1. Lafuma Futura 

In Lafuma Futura, you would not think twice about how soft it is. All thanks to its 3-layer padding, it is the perfect outdoor zero gravity chair!

Although it’s more expensive than anything else on this list, you would not be disappointed with the quality of Lafuma Futura. Their cushion is made out of Batyline, a fabric known for its durability against the sun and fading. It’s also quick to dry but not waterproof.


2. Amazon Basics

If you’re looking for a more accessible and affordable gravity chair, look no further with Amazon Basics. You can buy this online and choose among the different types and colors. In addition, most of their products support a padded headrest and molded armrest that give comfort to the user.

Chairs from this brand are lightweight. This makes them easier to store and ideal for outdoor adventures.


3. Caravan Sports Infinity

This zero gravity chair offers a strong steel frame for a long-lasting and less shaky sitting experience. It also has a smooth recline function that allows the user to lock the position of the chair to how they want.

In addition, the chair can be able to handle weights of up to 300 Lbs. The texture of the seat and its component is durable, for it is made with durable Textilene fabric.


4. GoPlus

Another affordable option on our list is gravity chairs from the China-based company, GoPlus. Even though the design is pretty simple, it certainly does its job very well. The frame is made from alloy and steel, which works great in preventing rust.

These gravity chairs can hold up to 300Lbs. Although GoPlus made it portable, some consumers suggest more handles to know the best way to carry it comfortably.


5. Phi Villa

What’s great about Phi Villa gravity chairs is that they are a bit bigger than any other brands. They also offer a locking mechanism for their chairs, enabling the user to adjust the position to their liking. Have we also mentioned that they have detachable trays and a headrest pillow?

Phi Villa also offers extra-long chairs that can accommodate some taller folk out there that have trouble finding gravity chairs for their size.


How Do Zero Gravity Chairs Affect The Body?

A zero gravity chair is an item that promotes neutral body positioning or the position that our body assumes in microgravity. It puts your body at a state of weightlessness, where it is at an approximately 120-degree angle. You may get uncomfortable when using it at first, but it gets better once you get used to it.

One benefit of gravity chairs is that they are good for our respiratory system. Since the position lets your head be slightly above your stomach, it helps keep your airways open. Zero gravity chairs can also prevent breathing issues such as sleep apnea or snoring.

Another advantage of having this type of chair is that it makes seating more healthy for your spine. Although using an ordinary chair is not necessarily “unhealthy,” it just puts a strain on your back. You can relieve back pains with gravity chairs.



Now that you know where to buy zero gravity chair, it’s time for you to pick one that best suits you! Remember that you should always consider on which purpose you intend to use this chair. If you want a portable one, make sure to buy a smaller gravity chair as they are easy to store.

You should also check the warranty that the brand offers to test the reliability of their product. Summer can be an expensive season. So, stay close to your budget without adjusting the quality!

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