Where To Buy Wedding Wrapping Paper: Best 5 Places

If you don’t know where to buy wedding wrapping paper yet, consider five places. They offer various designs for wedding gift wrappers, and the prices are also competitive to help you stick to your budget. 

We will also help you with choosing a wedding gift wrap by discussing the price to expect and what paper is the best choice. And if you have no idea yet, here’s a tutorial on how to wrap a wedding present

where to buy wedding wrapping paper


Exactly Where To Buy Wedding Wrapping Paper



Amazon is a convenient place to shop for bridal items and other wedding needs. And if you already have an account in them, you can select from their wrapping papers you can use for your wedding gift. 

If you think a printed gift wrap suits the wedding theme, you can get the Amazon’s Choice wrapper from Wrapaholic on Amazon. It comes in different prints, and they cost under $20 as of this writing. 

A solid white wrapping paper is also a classy choice for wedding wraps, so why not find one on Amazon? A white matte gift wrap that suits a wedding is only $12.50 on Amazon. 



You can also order your wrapping paper in Walmart if you prefer this store. The options as of this writing are available for 3+ day shipping for your convenience.

For example, try the 16-foot metallic wrapping paper for $18.99 if the wedding theme has tones of silver. They’ve also printed wrapping papers with the words “Mr. and Mrs” to make them more bridal.

What’s fantastic with the options on Walmart is the prints are classy-looking. In addition, gold and silver themes suit most wedding schemes nowadays. 



Etsy is a fun place to find unique wedding gift wrap papers that are ideal for quirky weddings. There are even options to get custom wedding wrapping papers.

For example, PerfectleeImperfect on Etsy gives the buyer the option to choose the font and background for the text of their choice. The reviews are positive, and it will make your gift to the couple more personal.

You might even score a discount from Etsy from time to time. As of this writing, some papers are even available for free shipping. 


Bed Bath And Beyond

Usually, guests buy their wedding gift from Bed Bath And Beyond since they offer items that are usually requested on wedding registries. However, if you also bought from this shop, it’s more convenient to buy gift wrap from them. 

As of this writing, you can even avail a discount if you purchase any single item if you sign up as a new subscriber. For example, some packs with three paper rolls are selling from $31.29 to $24.99.

The patterns are nice and elegant, suitable for all formalities of weddings. Even affordable tissue sheets for packing your gift are available in Bed Bath And Beyond.



If you want to order quality paper for your bridal gift, then consider buying the gift wrap in Hallmark. As of this writing, you can find a store near you for free pickup.

The options vary in styles and designs, so it should be easy to pick the wedding gift wrap that suits your needs. For example, a foil wedding paper with words “now and forever” only costs $6.99.

Reversible wrapping papers are also excellent because you don’t need to worry about wrapping odd-shaped items where the back of the wrap might show. In Hallmark, three rolls of reversible wraps only cost $16.99.


Which Wrapping Paper Is Best?

Consider these tips when buying wrapping paper for your wedding gift. Choosing one from multiple shops is not supposed to be complicated.

  • Consider the wedding theme and color palette
  • Ask the color or type of paper that other guests sed for their wedding gift wrap
  • Select a wrapping paper that suits your budget, but with the quality and design you’re confident for the wedding gift
  • If buying many wraps, then opt for three-piece packs, so you have different designs to choose from


What Type Of Paper Is Used For Gift Wrapping?

Before you purchase the wedding gift wrap from a shop, please familiarize yourself with the best materials:


Classic wrapping paper

The classic wrapping paper comes in different thicknesses, colors, and prints. It is not as lightweight to ensure it won’t rip easily, and the printed side often has a shrink film for dust and scratch protection. 


Kraft paper

A more eco-friendly option for your wedding wrapping paper is Kraft paper. It is made from wood pulp, so it’s biodegradable and perfect, especially for rustic weddings or eco-conscious couples. 


Tissue paper

Tissue paper is used for wedding gift wrapping, especially if you’ll layer the materials. Also, since it’s lighter, it can easily mold around awkward-shaped gifts. . 

Is your wedding present oversized? Know how to wrap a large wedding present at home!


What Can I Use Instead Of Wrapping Paper?

  • Gift bags
  • Fabrics
  • Baskets
  • Boxes
  • Grocery bags
  • Newspaper or magazine papers
  • Tins or jars



And that’s it! You just learned where to buy wedding wrapping paper: Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Bed Bath And Beyond, and Hallmark.

We hope you find the design and material you want for your wedding gift without exceeding your budget. Feel free to browse our blog for other guides for wedding needs.

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