Where To Buy Wedding Ties: Best Buying Guide

Those who don’t know where to buy wedding ties can try these five fantastic stores. The ties you can shop are perfect for all types of weddings, whether you’re the groom or you’re a wedding guest.

We’ll also help you pick a tie and discuss the expected cost. And if you’re unsure regarding how to wear wedding ties, consider reading this tutorial on how to tie a tie for a wedding

where to buy wedding ties


Top 5 Places Where To Buy Wedding Ties



One of the best places to order your wedding ties is in Macy’s. What’s fantastic when browsing their catalog is you can modify your search based on the price, color, pattern, brand, and size you want for your tie. 

If you’re on a budget or buying your groomsmen their ties, then you can check Macy’s Sales and Discount ties. As of this writing, some products are as affordable as $11.93 from their previous price of $59.50.

Macy’s has three standard shipping options so that you can select the most convenient timing for your wedding needs. You can also buy online and pick the tie in-store, as well as try it in their fitting room to see if it’s at par with your imagined wedding style. 


Saks Fifth Avenue

Purchasing a wedding tie is relatively easy because you can check different style inspirations online according to the tux or suit they’re wearing. But as a groom, you want your wedding tie to be unique for this big day. 

Consider trying the designer ties from Saks Fifth Avenue if you want something sophisticated and classy for your wedding attire. But, of course, the prices of these ties are higher as they range from $128 to $210. 

However, you’re getting a designer and quality tie that will make your groom attire look more polished. You can also purchase in installments such as their Ralph Lauren Purple Label silk tie that costs $195, available in four interest-free payments of $48.75


Men’s Wearhouse

Another fantastic place to purchase your wedding tie, whether you’re a groom or a wedding guest, is at Men’s Wearhouse. They offer an array of ties to try, including skinny ties, silk ties, and even bow ties, where some items are available for store pick-ups.  

An advantage of buying from Men’s Wearhouse is some ties are offered in promos. You can buy one and get 50% off on another tie or try a suit package where you’ll have a suit, dress shirt, and tie for a reasonable price. 

If you don’t have your entire wedding look yet, then consider these deals to save on shopping time and costs. And for those without a budget, consider the buy now pay later option with Affirm. 


Brooks Brothers

Do you want to shop for a tie that is made in the US? Then try the options offered by Brooks Brothers. If you’ll be giving your wedding party their ties as gifts, this store is also perfect for saving on costs. 

For example, you can buy a tie worth under $84 where two or more ties will be 25% off. So you’ll get a quality wedding tie or bow tie without breaking the bank. 

You can also shop wedding ties of exciting colors and patterns if you’re having a themed wedding. And if you’re particular with the style of your ties, they come in traditional 3¼” – 4″ and slim types measuring 2¼” – 2 ⅝”. 



Planning weddings can be stressful, so save yourself the time of browsing different ties to ensure that what you’ll get suits the formal wedding. Instead, consider Bonobos for purchasing your formal tie at a reasonable price.

You don’t need to spend over $100 to buy wedding ties as they offer quality formal ties for only $89 as of this writing. A Bonobos premium necktie comes in different colors; some patterns sometimes go on sale.

Free shipping and returns are available in the US for your convenience. And if you don’t have a pocket square yet, then you can find premium but affordable ones in the same shop.  


How Much Should I Pay For Wedding Ties?

There are no rules about the prices when buying wedding ties. But on average, male guests spend $20 for their ties, but you can always indulge in designer pieces, especially if it’s your wedding day. 


Do you buy ties for groomsmen?

Grooms are not obligated to buy wedding ties for their groomsmen. However, the ties can also be your gifts to them during groomsmen proposal


What Tie Should I Wear To My Wedding?

You can never go wrong with the classic necktie, especially for a formal or semi-formal wedding. You can also decide between a solid color or patterned tie, whichever complements your suit and wedding theme best. 

Alternatively, why not wear a bow tie with your tuxedo, especially for a black-tie wedding? Consider the colors your bride is wearing to complement her look at the altar. 



And that’s it! You just learned where to buy wedding ties: Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Men’s Wearhouse, Brooks Brother, and Bonobos. 

Buy the wedding tie that suits your budget and wedding attire style. It doesn’t matter if it’s a designer tie or an affordable one as long as you look classy and feel confident about the wedding. 

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