Where To Buy Wedding Lingerie: 5 Best Places

There are five best places to try if you’re unsure where to buy wedding lingerie. We’ll compare these stores to help you find the best bridal lingerie. 

You’ll also know tips for buying wedding lingerie and how to feel confident. But more than knowing where to shop bridal lingerie, you might also be interested in where to buy undergarments for the wedding dress

where to buy wedding lingerie


Where To Buy Wedding Lingerie For Your Wedding Night 



If you already own an Amazon account, you can also use it to buy your wedding lingerie for the wedding night and even your bridal underwear to wear under your wedding dress. Amazon offers relatively affordable bridal lingerie ranging from $3 to $25.

Plus-size brides can consider the plus-size babydoll lingerie from Jaqqra for under $5. There is also gorgeous wedding lingerie from RSLove that costs $25.99 for brides who want matching sets. 

You’ll get a teddy bodysuit with a robe in white lace for a sultry bridal look on your wedding night. But of course, compare the reviews to know what to expect when ordering lingerie on Amazon. 



Another place where you can order bridal lingerie is Nordstrom. As of this writing, their website offers underwear you can wear with your wedding dress and lingerie of different styles for your wedding night. 

Brides who don’t want something too daring can consider Nordstrom’s showstopper chemise from Flora Nikrooz. It shows the right amount of skin and can also be comfortable as sleepwear after the wedding. 

Nordstrom also has teddies, lingerie sets, and lace bras for you to choose from. Again, the prices are reasonable at $20 to $80 and up, depending on the type of wedding lingerie. 



A fantastic shop for buying sexy lingerie for weddings and other occasions is Lovehoney. They have everything from chemises, babydolls, bra sets, basques, corsets, and costumes. 

Plus-size brides can also get their wedding lingerie with Lovehoney’s plus-size collection. And if you want to have a fun and romantic night, you can buy toys and sexual essentials from this shop. 

Back to the lingerie, you can use their fitting guide to find the flattering items for your body type. The prices range from $9 to upwards of $40, so maintaining a budget should also be accessible. 



Yandy is a fantastic place to buy bridal lingerie. They even have a specific bridal lingerie collection ranging from sets, sleepwear, bodysuits, garter belts, body stockings, babydolls, bustiers, bras, teddies, and chemises. 

There is themed bridal lingerie you can wear with words like wifey if you want to commemorate your wedding night. You can also enjoy different sizes and colors to find the perfect lingerie for your wedding night. 


Fleur du Mal

Another brand where you can shop wedding lingerie is Fleur du Mal. Grooms thinking of where to buy wedding lingerie can consider Fleur de Mal’s collection of bridal lingerie gifts. 

The price range is slightly higher than other stores, but you can always visit their boutiques to shop for bridal lingerie in person and check the quality yourself. Fleur du Mal is a luxury brand, so getting extra confident and romantic at your wedding might be worth the splurge. 


How To Choose The Perfect Bridal Lingerie

Besides knowing where to buy wedding undergarments and lingerie, you should also know how to purchase bridal lingerie. You must consider your budget but still find the perfect piece or set to feel sexy and confident on your wedding night. 


Know what flatters your body type

There are different kinds of wedding lingerie, ranging from bra sets, corsets, teddies, bodysuits, and chemises. Consider visiting stores or checking celebrities with the same body type as you to know what lingerie flatters your body best. 

You can opt for lingerie that cinches the waist, emphasizes the bust, or in a length that shows your best asset. But, of course, confidence is what ultimately makes you sexy. 


Don’t be afraid of choosing other colors

The classic bridal lingerie is something white with lace details. But, of course, you can do this virginal route if it’ll entice you and your partner more on your wedding night. 

However, you might feel more seductive and bold in dark colors like red and black. Also, flattering colors for different skin tones, like pastels and jewel tones, might make you look sexier. 


You can never go wrong with peek-a-boos

Lace is always a sexy feature on wedding lingerie or even other kinds of lingerie. You can select designs that feature this material in the right places to showcase your best assets. 

See-through panels of mesh and cutouts can also make your silhouette more enticing. But of course, picking the right size of lingerie matters to get the most out of its design. 


Should You Wear Lingerie On Your Wedding Night?

There are no rules if you must buy bridal lingerie and wear it on your wedding night. However, some couples might prefer to rest on their wedding night and have a more romantic date the next day. 

Regardless, you can treat yourself and your partner to gorgeous lingerie to wear whenever. But, of course, you can also bring comfortable sleepwear just in case. 

Here’s what to wear on your wedding night for a deeper discussion. 



And that’s it! You just learned where to buy wedding lingerie: Amazon, Nordstrom, Lovehoney, Yandy, and Fleur du Mal. 

And when buying wedding lingerie, don’t forget to research first what would complement you best. Then, leave us a question below if you have any. 

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