Where To Buy Wedding Dresses In Los Angeles

If you’re unsure where to buy wedding dresses in Los Angeles, why not try these five shops? Finding the perfect wedding dress for the bride living in LA can be overwhelming, especially with the vast selection of designers and shops. 

Furthermore, shopping in Los Angeles for wedding attire can be pricey, so we’ve included places where you can buy off-the-rack bridal gowns. Feel free also to browse our blog if you want to find specific types of bridal gowns. 

where to buy wedding dresses in los angeles

For example, here’s where to buy black wedding dresses for the unconventional bride. 


Where To Buy Wedding Dresses In Los Angeles: Best 5



If you’re close to Santa Monica Boulevard, you can shop for your bridal needs in BHLDN. BHLDN is among the most popular stores in Los Angeles and all over the US. 

You can book an appointment directly on their website if you want to visit their LA store. You can try different designs with prices ranging from $995 to $2,850.


Grace Loves Lace

Do you know that you can buy Australian wedding dresses in LA? Consider Grace Loves Lace and visit their showroom in Los Angeles to try five luxurious gowns. 

Grace Loves Lace offers different kinds of bridal gowns, like ready-to-wear and made-to-order designs. As of this writing, the price for the dresses starts at $2,100, so if your budget is under, you might want to check another bridal shop. 


Lovely Bride

A Los Angeles bridal shop you can check to try wedding gowns from various designers is Lovely Bride. Because they’re showcasing different designers, it’s the perfect boutique for brides who want indie designs. 

The dresses in Lovely Bride range from $2,500 to $6,500, so be aware of your budget. Alternatively, Lovely Bride also makes sample sales where dresses that initially cost over $3,000 can get a discount and become as low as $1,300. 


Glamour Closet

Besides their San Francisco store, you can also buy bridal gowns at Glamour Closet’s LA branch. They are a full-service bridal salon, and all their wedding gowns are sold off the rack. 

This means you can get 25 to 75% off the retail price on the floor, runway, and showroom dress samples from bridal designers and retailers. Think of it as shopping at a bridal boutique that’s on sample sale. 


Kinsley James Couture Bridal

If you want to get your Los Angeles bridal dress from a couture bridal salon, check out Kinsley James Couture Bridal. They are located in West Hollywood, and if your schedule allows, why not attend their trunk show?

Some notable wedding dress designers you’ll love from this store are Gala, Galia Lahav, Angel Rivera, Paolo Sebastian, and Verdin, to name a few. In addition, brides who want to bring many guests can book a private appointment for $250 to have the store to themselves for two hours. 


How Much Does The Average Wedding Dress Cost In California?

The average cost of a wedding dress in California is around $1,780, slightly higher than in other states like Montana at $1,176. However, as discussed above, LA’s bridal shops usually offer dresses in the $1,000 to $2,000 range. 

Affordable prices with bridal gowns are still possible, especially if you opt for independent designers or sample sales. For example, a dress that may cost $3,000 can go to half this price during the sale. 

The average wedding dress cost across the US ranges from under $300 to around $1,600, and most brides are willing to spend $1,600. But since the wedding budget varies per couple, you should be mindful of the amount you’ll pay for your bridal attire. 

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Off The Rack Wedding Dresses Los Angeles

Bridal gowns are usually more affordable off the rack since they are premade. And if you’re in LA, here are the best stores to shop for off-the-rack wedding gowns and dresses:


LUV Bridal

You can visit LUV Bridal’s showroom in Los Angeles to check their off-the-rack samples. They offer various sizes and colors to ensure that every bride will find what they want in the off-the-rack section. 



Cocomelody’s Los Angeles store offers off-the-rack dresses to help the bride shop for the perfect wedding dress on a budget. They even sometimes make a clearance sale with 30 to 50% off.


Glamour Closet

Glamour Closet is a unique wedding dress shop since they offer designer wedding gowns for a price of a sample wedding dress. You can get as much as 75% off retail. 



FLEURISH LA located on Corinth Ave., offers an extensive selection of off-the-rack dresses. However, as with other off-the-rack dresses, the bridal size is limited to 8 to 14. 

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Was this list helpful? To recap where to buy wedding dresses in Los Angeles, try: BHLDN, Grace Loves Lace, Lovely Bride, Glamour Closet, and Kinsley James Couture Bridal.

There are also various LA bridal shops where you can purchase off-the-rack gowns if you’re on a budget. Overall, Los Angeles brides should not have a shortage of options when finding a place to buy their wedding dress.

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