Where To Buy Vintage Wedding Rings: 5 Best Stores

If you’re unsure where to buy vintage wedding rings, try five places to get the best antique or vintage engagement rings and rings you can use for your marriage ceremony. Some couples are interested in vintage wedding rings because of their character and uniqueness.

You will also learn below if vintage engagement rings have value. And for those who have not yet found their rings, you can read when to buy wedding bands to ensure that everything will be ready for the ceremony. 

where to buy vintage wedding rings


5 Best Places Where To Buy Vintage Wedding Rings


Erica Weiner

You can buy antique engagement rings at Erica Weiner, a shop founded by an art history major and anthropology major back in the late 1990s. The shop offers a vast array of antique jewelry, including rings like the late Victorian cluster ring that retails for $1,200. 

You are also not limited to vintage engagement rings because Erica Weiner offers a selection of classic wedding bands that were handmade using old-world techniques. These are perfect if you want something new but with the charm of a vintage piece. 


Estate Diamond Jewelry

Another store where you can purchase antique and vintage rings is Estate Diamond Jewelry, which even has a showroom in New York if you want to see the rings before buying. The vintage wedding rings offered by Estate Diamond Jewelry were handpicked by themselves according to the standard they set for diamond ring quality and craftsmanship. 

Their collection includes rings from the Victorian, Georgian, Retro, and even Edwardian and Art Deco. 


Lang Antiques 

If you want to wow your fiance with a vintage engagement ring, consider browsing Lang Antiques. According to them, they have the most diverse vintage and antique engagement ring collection in San Francisco.

Among the vintage wedding bands, you can buy from the store is the 20th-century French natural light green old mine-cut diamond ring with a Celtic cross. And for couples who want rings inspired by vintage bands, Lang Antiques also offers vintage-inspired engagement rings with timeless designs. 



Etsy is a popular place to buy most wedding needs. However, did you know that some of their sellers also have vintage wedding bands? 

Of course, you need to check the quality of the antique wedding ring. The wedding rings are usually handmade and inspired by antique vintage styles


Trumpet & Horn

Trumpet and Horn is a place where you can buy antique engagement rings and rings that are vintage-inspired. You can quickly check the authentic vintage or antique jewelry by clicking on each photo on their website. 

For example, Logan Square is an authentic Art Deco platinum engagement ring that retails for $16,850. APR financing is also available for couples who can’t pay the entire price of vintage jewelry on a single purchase. 


Why Are Vintage Rings Cheaper?

The most significant reason vintage rings are cheaper is that they don’t carry markup than new ones. A vintage diamond ring, for example, is preowned, which also means that the vintage settings will be cheaper than the new setting. 

Finally, vintage engagement rings are usually cheaper since new diamonds are pricier than the old ones used on vintage rings. But this doesn’t mean you’ll automatically save more if you purchase a vintage engagement ring. 

Some antiques and vintage pieces have historical significance and are rare to find. Therefore, an alternative is to check the jeweler if they make rings inspired by vintage bands. 


How Can You Tell If A Vintage Ring Is Real?

Here are some hallmarks of an authentic vintage or genuine antique wedding ring:

  • Most rings made in the 19th century or earlier are handmade
  • Educate yourself with the decorative elements usually seen during the Art Deco, Edwardian, or Victorian ages; for example, wedding rings during the Edwardian era have scalloped borders around gemstones, while Victorian age rings usually have engraved shoulders 
  • Antique engagement rings have hand-cut diamonds
  • Always buy from a reputable jeweler

Since you want to buy authentic vintage wedding bands for potential value, you may want to know where to sell wedding rings


Are Vintage Rings More Expensive?

Vintage rings can be more expensive than buying a new one, especially rare styles. As with any rare antique piece, such rings will be pricier to purchase than new ones. 

However, there are comparisons where you might save more on a vintage engagement ring since its stone is likely less costly than new diamond rings. Furthermore, secondhand pieces may come at good bargains compared to modern rings. 


What makes a ring vintage?

Most people define vintage rings as pieces between 50 to 100 years old. However, some styles from eras are also considered vintage, despite being younger than 50 years. 

Nowadays, vintage is the term for the ring’s style rather than the age of the jewelry. Therefore, there are plenty of definitions for vintage wedding rings. 



Was this list helpful? To recap where to buy vintage wedding rings, try Erica Weiner, Estate Diamond Jewelry, Lang Antiques, Etsy, and Trumpet&Horn. 

You should also know if you’re buying an authentic vintage piece or if it’s a vintage-inspired handmade ring. If you want an actual vintage piece, check the details of the jewelry.

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