Where To Buy Stove Knobs? We Got 2 Options For You!

Where to buy stove knobs? There are instances where our kitchen wares such as stoves will get ruined in cases we are unsure about. Usually, this happens to the stove knobs, and it gets either broken or lost.  It is not easy to deal with stoves when they have broken or missing stove knobs. We suggest that you get yours fixed or replaced in an instant. You cannot use your old one if it is damaged, so you need to buy a new one. 

Stove knobs aren’t hard to find, depending on the availability and design of your stoves. But then there are universal stove knobs that could fit in. All you have to do is to do some research and know more about it. 


Options On Where You Can Buy Stove Knobs

Your stoves could not function rightly when it lacks a part that’s very important to it. And, of course, your stove knob is one of them. You will need it to turn your stoves on and off and, of course, control the amount of fire. Where to buy stove knobs?

When we want to repair something in our house and lack some materials, we all run into a place where we could find a perfect match. But then, there are instances where there is no more left.

No worries because we got you covered, and we will be providing you options on where we could find and buy your stove knobs. In that way, you will no longer suffer upon turning on your stoves. 


Option #1. Hard wares

One of the most common places to go when you find pieces of things that you will need to fix inside your household is the hardware. They have different tools and parts of any appliances that you will be needing. 

Perhaps, you can find your stove knobs in there too. But of course, as mentioned, you would need to make sure that you know the model type of your stove and know what stove knobs match it. 

You can seek help over the counter or ask assistance from store personnel available in the said hardware. They have a lot more knowledge of these things, and they can help you a lot. 

Finding hardware near your household is a lot better only if you live in cities and you have these over in a few meters. But then, if you are far from civilization and are so tired of traveling, here’s another option for you. 


Option #2. Online shopping 

When online shopping, you should research more and have enough ideas on what you should be purchasing. Check out parts of a gas stove & their functions. This can help you understand more about your stove knobs. 

There are many options for where to buy and the types of stove knobs available online. But then, not all are affordable and safe to order because we aren’t sure of its whereabouts. 

To avoid sudden difficulties in online shopping, you might want to checkout understanding online product ratings. This will help you big time on understanding if a product or a page is legit and trusted. 

Look for something with high reviews and a closer to 5 rating on the star ratings provided. It is also better if you try to find online selling platforms to avoid being scammed. 

Consider the shop’s location and the number of days that you should wait before it arrives at you. Now, this isn’t practical if you need it too soon because it might take a lot of time. 


How much are stove knobs?

Knowing the price of a stove knob might help you prepare and have great expectations on how much you would be spending. It depends on the style and model of your stove, but we have here an estimation. 

Usually, a standard stove knob would cost you $3 minimum, and it can go higher depending on the quality. Let us say the most you can spend on one stove knob is $50. That isn’t too bad for a good quality product. 


Are there universal knobs?

Yes, there are universal knobs available or what we call ordinary knobs, and we wish to make sure that they can be safe for you to settle with. Universal knobs usually work best with any other brands available. 

It is best when you read about how to replace knobs on a gas stove. It will give you guides on replacing your stove knobs and the best options for what knobs to purchase. 

There are reasons why universal knobs are also accepted for any stove model you have at home. Check it out and add more ideas on what you currently have to decide easily upon purchasing online. 



Now, do you have an idea of where to buy stove knobs? We are hoping that you will be able to find an excellent knob replacement for yours. You might also want to read about where to buy a burner for the stove? In addition to that, another great read is how to clean the rust off a cast iron stove? 

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