Where To Buy Stamps For Wedding Invitations

Those unsure where to buy stamps for wedding invitations can consider three stores. They are USPS, Amazon, and Etsy. 

We will compare each store to help you save on wedding stamps, and we’ve included everything you need to know when buying postage stamps. You can also read how much is postage for wedding invitations to help you plan your invitation budget for the wedding accordingly. 

where to buy stamps for wedding invitations


Where To Buy Stamps For Wedding Invitations: Complete Buying Guide



Did you know you can get your stamp for the wedding invites in USPS? You can conveniently browse the postage stamps available for purchase from USPS via The Postal Store and select the theme as wedding under the stamps. 

As of this writing, you have six stamps to choose from for your wedding invitations. A relatively affordable stamp set from USPS is the Love 2022 stamps, where a sheet of 20 only costs $12.

When buying, you can select between default shipping or Priority Mail Express, depending on how early you need the stamps. Alternatively, USPS also offers a selection of stamped envelopes if you haven’t bought them yet for your invites. 



If you already own an Amazon account, you can also shop your stamps for your wedding invitation envelopes from Amazon. They have a wide range of designs, especially if you want a more creative guest postage experience. 

A particular set of postage stamps that is also Amazon’s choice is from Infinite Market, and it is the Contemporary Boutonniere Sheet for $18.68 as of this writing. These gorgeous 20-piece stamps have over 1,700 buyers, so you know it’s good quality. 

There are also interesting postage stamps to showcase your personality to your guests. For example, why not use coffee-themed stamps if you and your partner are coffee lovers? 



Etsy is quite popular for couples who need to buy various wedding needs. However, it’s also a fantastic shop for postage stamps before you start mailing your wedding invitations. 

For your postage stamps, you can choose classic wedding icons like flowers and hearts. Couples with a vintage-themed wedding can even find a vintage wedding invitation stamp set for $75.

The seller, FlourishFineWriting requires you to tell them how many invites and how much postage per invite you’ll need, envelope color and size, themes you want for the set, and when you need the postage in hand. It’s a good value for money for big-themed weddings to save on costs. 


Where Else Can You Buy Wedding Stamps From?

If you mean to buy stamps that you’ll use to seal or customize your cards and invites, not the postage stamps for wedding invitations for mailing, you can also order them from Etsy. It’s trendy nowadays for couples to get custom wedding invitation stamps when they have DIY wedding invitations. 

For $18.29 as of this writing, you’ll get a round wood stamp with a handle that you can personalize with your name and wedding date. Choose from different sizes and expect the stamp to be sent within a few days. 

Stamps are a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding thank you cards, favors, or even wedding stationery around the venue. You can save on costs more than getting items printed as well. 


Are There Wedding Postage Stamps?

According to the Wedding Stamps website, USPS offers three 1oz wedding-themed forever stamps for 2022. The value of these stamps is $0.60, while 2oz stamps for heavier wedding invitations are priced at $0.84 and only available in one design. 

This is why it’s essential to consider the size of your invitations for the wedding to save on postage. Remember that you must have enough postage on each invitation envelope to prevent them from getting invalid and returned. 


What are forever wedding stamps?

You’re likely to buy forever wedding stamps for your invites if they are standard and weigh under an ounce. They’re so-called because their value is forever, regardless of the increase in postage costs. 


How much are stamps for wedding invites?

The cost of the stamps you’ll need for invitations depends on the size, shape, and weight of your mail. Of course, unique invitations will require pricer postage. 

Stamps are also more expensive if you want fast delivery for your invites. And, of course, postage is higher if you’re mailing outside the US. 


How to save on wedding invitations

  • Opt for standard envelopes and avoid odd shapes, sizes, and materials for the invitations
  • Details like wax seals, clasps, or strings can mean pricier postage
  • Buy your stamps in bulk
  • Save on shipping fees by visiting the post office in person
  • Buy forever stamps early


How Many Stamps For Wedding Invitations

The number of stamps for the wedding invites would be one stamp per standard wedding invitation. You might need more stamps to cover the postage cost if the invitation has an odd size, shape, or weight. 

But if you don’t want to overcrowd your envelopes with multiple stamps, there are stamps from USPS suitable for 2 to 3-oz stationery. Remember that you’ll also provide the stamps for your RSVP cards for the guests.

Alternatively, here’s how to do online RSVP if you want to cut costs.



Was this buying guide useful? To recap where to buy stamps for wedding invitations, consider USPS, Amazon, and Etsy. 

Stamps are required when mailing wedding invites. So to save on expenses, use standard invitation size, shape, and weight. 

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