Where To Buy Smeg Fridge? 4 Best Tips!

Dear home buddy, are you asking yourself where to buy Smeg fridge? Do not fret; this article will be all about that. Usually, Smeg fridges are sold at the nearest appliance shop you can find.

To be specific, Smeg had provided you a dealer locator on its website, Smeg.com. I know your pocket is ready to buy the most excellent Smeg fridge out there.

where to buy Smeg fridge

Typically, every home buddy should be careful in buying appliances like fridges. Smeg fridges are classic and can suit every kitchen in the world. With their retro-style fridges, your kitchen is a time portal to the 1950s.

There are many more things that you should know about this kind of fridges. So, without further talking, let’s get into it.


The Place Where You Can Buy Smeg Fridge

This section will be answering your question, “where to buy Smeg fridge?” So, be ready. Smeg fridges are exceptionally known for their stylish and simple mid-20th century fridge designs.

It originated from an Italian appliance maker in Guastalla, in the northern part of Italy. They are proud of their certified and world-class laboratories that aim to make products suitable for everyone’s home in the world.

Smeg is concentrated on the product’s durability, safety, flexibility, and appearance that bear the company’s pride. They also ensure that every product from their brand is easy to use and smart in energy saving.

Smeg has more than 100 stores all out of the United States of America. On their website, you need to put your location, and the nearest store will appear. Also, you can find some sellers on trusted online platforms like Amazon and West Elm.

Smeg started in 1948, with Vittorio Bertazzoni Sr. as its founder. Throughout the years, they have developed brand cookers, washing machines, and dishwashers for their customers.

The breathtaking year of 1997 was the best for Smeg. Their FAB range of refrigerators that are now status symbols and icons of each home style is made this year.

They also collaborated with fashion designer brand, Dolce&Gabbana to produce luxurious and contemporary appliances that are nice to the eyes. Indeed, the company had strived over 50 years to produce retro-styled and classic appliances to the taste and fashion of everyone.


What Are Some Tips To Remember When Buying A Smeg Appliance?

If you are pleased with the designs of the Smeg fridge, this section will be for you. Luckily, I have some tips that you can remember before buying the perfect Smeg appliance for your home.


Tip #1. Know its origin

Smeg refrigerators are not made until the early 90s. However, the company was established in 1948 in Italy, making cooking appliances. The great fridge that you can find now is made after 40 years after the company was founded.

Then, the rest was history as the fridge became a status symbol and a fashion icon for contemporary homes worldwide.

Knowing the history of the product will help you appreciate it more and know how the brand reputation and quality improved.


Tip #2. Variety of colors for you

The company produces a lineup of refrigerators that can match and style up with kitchens. Smeg fridges come in 16 colors and styles. They offer the USA, Italy, and British insignia in the fridge’s doors. Talk about nationality!

Also, they have fridges in calm colors like black, silver, white, and off-white to suit the minimalistic taste of your home. Otherwise, if you love vivid colors, Smeg has fridges in red, orange, green, and pastel colors.

So, if you are having trouble designing and coming up with an arrangement for your kitchen, Smeg has all the choices just for you. But make sure that the color you will choose fits the theme and design of the room.


Tip #3. Unique sizes

Smeg has varying fridge sizes that can match the atmosphere of your kitchen. For example, they can offer you the single door, top-freezer fridge in 9.2 cubic feet size.

The appliance maker also has standardized sizes of refrigerators at 10 and 13 cubic feet. Also, they have fridges that come in two doors, with a freezer in the base that is 11.7 cubic feet big. Most of their fridges are 23 inches wide. With this, Smeg fridges are smaller compared to conventional ones found in the market.

The single-door Smeg fridge is almost 60 inches tall, which is smaller compared to a typical fridge. On the other hand, the dual door fridge is more elevated than other standard fridges at 75 inches.


Tip #4. Appliance galore

Smeg not only makes fridges for your home, but they also have complimentary appliances like bar fridges, toasters, and mixers. Also, they offer coffee makers, kettles, blenders, dishwashers, and stovetops that can brighten up the kitchen of your humble abode.

With their recent collaboration with Dolce&Gabanna, Smeg fridges can also be stylish and contemporary for your home.

On a lighter note, these fridges can cost more compared to other brands as they are willing to live up to their styles and durability with their products.


Finishing Things Up!

Wow! You already learned where to buy Smeg fridge! The fridge is stylish and iconic with its design. You can buy smeg fridges at appliance stores in the United States. Their website will direct you to the nearest dealership. If you want to read more articles for your home, go here. Thank you very much for reading!

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