Where To Buy Petite Maternity Clothes? Check This Out

A lot of pregnant women seems to have one common question which is where to buy petite maternity clothes? Reading this post will provide you with answers.

If you have a petite frame, finding maternity clothes that fit your size is extremely important. While it may seem like the easiest decision in the world to just order a small or extra-small top off of a website and call it good; but this can be incredibly frustrating when you find out that not only does everything still look too big on you.

where to buy petite maternity clothes

But now they don’t even offer an exchange for another size! With such limited selection available at local retailers – especially if you live in smaller towns where there isn’t much diversity within stores – buying online will probably end up being your best option anyway.

So whether we’re talking about wearing one of our high-quality tops (which were designed with real women’s bodies and curves in mind) or ordering one off of an online retailer – you’re going to want to keep your options open in terms of size!

Sometimes they tend to still be a little too big, even though we make our tops pretty true-to-size. You can always order a small top and call it good, but this can be incredibly frustrating when you find out that not only does everything still look too big on you.


Can my employer refuse to reduce my hours after maternity leave?

The answer to this is no. If an employer wants you to reduce your hours after maternity leave, they need a good business reason for doing so because otherwise, it would be against the law.

Employers cannot force their employees to cut down on working time during normal periods of notice – unless there’s been some agreement previously made between them about reducing or changing work patterns following parental leave.

The same should apply if you want to go back part-time after pregnancy and have already negotiated with your employer what days/hours you will work in advance before going on maternity leave.

This could include both parents returning part-time after paternity or shared parental leave too (where eligible). Otherwise, you should still be able to negotiate the matter directly with your employer.


Can I delay my return to work after maternity leave?

Yes, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires that employees who take maternity leave return to work after taking 12 weeks of unpaid leave.

However, under FMLA you can delay your return for up to twelve weeks if you are unable to perform some or all job duties due to a serious health condition.

For example, an employee might be able to recover from childbirth in time for her employer’s formal training sessions but still, need another eight weeks before she is ready for full performance on the job. The decision of whether it is feasible at this point should rest with the individual worker, not management.

If you request additional periods of medical leave beyond these twelve-week extensions you must provide sufficient medical certification each time describing why you are still unable to perform your job.


What benefits am I entitled to if I don’t return to work after maternity leave?

If you do not return to work after maternity leave, your employer may reduce or withdraw your benefits. You may also be asked to reimburse part of the cost of those benefits if you don’t return as agreed.

In addition, as a result, you may lose promotional opportunities and find yourself on less favourable terms at work when returning from maternity leave.

However, there are situations where an employee’s rights cannot be reduced or withdrawn by their employer after they have been absent due to pregnancy-related illness which qualifies under Maternity Leave Regulations (2003). Some examples include:

  • If a worker does not give notice that she is pregnant before going on Maternity Leave but her contract states that notice must be given in advance * If a worker is transferred to another job or has their hours reduced 
  • If a woman decides not to return after her Maternity Leave.


Can you come back from maternity leave early?

Working parents face the difficult choice of whether to return from maternity leave early. One option is for you and your employer to reach an agreement where you can come back before your full entitlement time has finished.

The agreement must be in writing and meet certain requirements under employment law, or you could lose out on some of your entitlements when returning too early (e.g., permanent employees with at least 12 months of service who are not entitled to paid annual leave).

However, if you can come up with a sound reason why it would make sense for both parties then this may work well especially if there is flexibility surrounding start dates.

You should also check what type of notice period applies during which either party may terminate the contract without penalty while being able to care for a sick or injured family member.


Do babies suffer when mothers return to work?

This is a concern many parents and mothers have when they return to work after maternity leave.

The decision to return to work can be difficult because it means leaving your baby in the care of other people while you go out into the world and earn an income that will help support both yourself and your family.

You may ask, “do babies suffer when their mothers go back to work?” As we discussed earlier on this blog, there are benefits for moms who choose not to stay at home with their children during these first few months before entering school.

These include increased self-esteem, higher level of education attainment (especially women), and delayed motherhood which has been shown by some studies as having term positive effects such as higher earnings and better mental health.

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