Where To Buy Paper For Wedding Invitations

If you’re unsure where to buy paper for wedding invitations, consider five places that offer a selection of paper types you can use for printable invites. We’ll also help you determine what specific paper to choose when you make wedding invitations. 

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where to buy paper for wedding invitations


Exactly Where To Buy Paper For Wedding Invitations



Amazon is undoubtedly one of the most popular places to shop for different wedding needs. And for your invitations, you can also browse their papers if you opt to print them at home. 

The price is an advantage of buying paper for your wedding invitations on Amazon. For example, you can buy 200 pieces of the standard 5 by 7-inch cardstock wedding invitation paper for only under $20.


Paper Culture

Do you want an environmentally conscious approach for your DIY wedding invitations? Then, consider Paper Culture as a store to buy your invitation paper.

What’s fantastic with Paper Culture is they plant a tree for every invitation order. You can even upload your design on their flat cards with free designer assistance and address printing. 



Instead of buying printable papers for your wedding invitation that you’ll design separately at home, why not get pre-designed wedding invitation papers that you can order and customize? A place to consider for gorgeous but classy wedding invitation papers is Paperlust.  

You can even order a sample pack if you want to compare their papers before ordering. And since Paperlust is an Australian company, do not worry; they offer free express worldwide shipping to the USA if your order costs $300. 



Etsy might be famous for buying wedding invitations you can print at home. However, you can also buy papers for wedding invites on Etsy, and there are even different kinds to choose from if you don’t want the regular cardstock.

For example, why not wow your wedding guests with handmade recycled deckle edge wedding stationery paper? It’s still the standard size, so it won’t be too pricey to mail, and the comments from buyers even commended how this paper type is comfortable for printing invitations at home. 



If you don’t want blank invitations because you don’t have the time to design them yourself, why not shop wedding invitations on Papier? 

Papier is a sustainable company that also supports artists. They ship to the USA, so it wouldn’t be an issue, and the collection of invitation designs they offer won’t make you feel that you’re missing out on the DIY wedding invitation trend. 


What Kind Of Paper Do I Need To Make Wedding Invitations?

There are different types of paper you can consider when making wedding invitations. But remember that since you’re doing the invites at home, you need to shop for printable paper or a type compatible with your personal printer. 


Matte paper

The most common type of paper used for wedding invitations is matte. It’s usually white but also available in bridal pastel colors. 


Glossy paper

Why not opt for a glossy finish if you don’t want classic matte wedding invitations? Colorful wedding invites will look best glossy to make their colors stand out.


Parchment paper

Vintage or boho weddings should also have their invites follow such themes. And if you want something with a distinguished look and feel similar to scrolls and old-fashioned stationery, opt for parchment paper. 


Mylar paper

An alternative to glossy papers for invitations is mylar paper. It looks somewhat metallic, so it’s perfect for silver-themed weddings. 



The lightness of vellum paper makes classy wedding invitations. The only gist with this paper is it can be tricky to print at home. 


Eco-friendly papers

For the eco-conscious couple, they can consider recycled or handmade papers. The former is made from recycled paper products, while the latter is usually made from plant fibers like cotton. 

And if you opted for cardstock invitations, here’s a helpful guide on what weight cardstock for wedding invitations


What Type Of Paper Is Used For Invitations?

Cardstock is the paper most commonly used for invitations, and even DIY invites at home. This is because it’s printable, relatively affordable, and has a premium feel. 

If you print at home, understand what cardstock to buy according to your printer type. Textured cardstock with #80 weight should be ideal for hiding potential imperfections and avoiding jamming. 

You might be tempted to consider other papers, especially unique ones, for your invites. This is also acceptable, but know that your invitations should be aesthetically pleasing, reasonably priced, and functional. 


What Cardstock Is Used For Invitations?

Before you order cardstock paper for your wedding invitations, consider 80lb to 100lb cardstock. They will still feel professional, but they can still be printed at home. 

Furthermore, remember to consider the cardstock size since anything smaller or larger than the standard can increase your postage cost. Read what size are wedding invitations to know more. 



And that’s it! You just learned where to buy paper for wedding invitations: Amazon, Paper Culture, Paperlust, Etsy, and Papier.

Ultimately, consider your postage budget when choosing what paper to buy. Cardstock in a matte finish is the most popular, but you can always try eco-friendly papers or something unique like vellum. 

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