Where To Buy King Koil Mattress? 3 Best Options

If you’re interested in knowing where to buy King Koil mattress, you can check their website to find the nearest retailer. The mattress brand is also available in other stores such as US-Mattress, and Sit ‘n Sleep. We’ll discuss the collections you can find in each retailer below. 

But before we proceed, perhaps you’re interested in the questions to ask when buying a mattress. Give that a quick read to help you land the best bed. 

Where To Buy King Koil Mattress


Where Can You Buy A King Koil Mattress?


Nearest US retailers

The most convenient way to find a place to buy a King Koil mattress is by going to King Koil’s website. You only need to input your zip code in their search bar to find the nearest US retailer for your location. However, you won’t see a price list on their website because of the brand’s hundreds of mattress models available. 

King Koil recommends that you check your local retailer for the pricing if you want a product. Nonetheless, you’ll feel at ease knowing that you can easily register your King Koil mattress online for warranty claims in the future. You’ll also find multiple ways to contact the brand’s customer service on their website. 



You can buy King Koil mattresses in US-Mattress with 72 models to choose from. Shopping should be comfortable online because you can also refine your search according to your desired size, firmness, mattress type, height, and price range. You can even select your comfort scale number, sleep position, sub-brand, and delivery type on the US-Mattress website. 

For the delivery, US-Mattress offers Express, In-Home Setup, and UPS or FedEx. In addition, you’ll find that some King Koil beds have free delivery options. 


Sit ‘n Sleep 

The mattress superstore Sit ‘n Sleep has a King Koil mattress collection. Their website offers an extensive list of King Koil beds, and the store also has holiday sales to watch out for. You can modify your product search online according to your preferred mattress size, comfort level, price, and mattress type as well. 

On Sit ‘n Sleep’s website, the King Koil mattress collections include the Intimate and Xtended Life. The former uses comfort-enhancing technologies and high-quality support, while the latter use foam layers and encased steel coil systems. In addition, King Koil also has a so-called MHybrid collection with memory foam and a coil system for pressure relief and a cool sleeping experience. 


What Is King Koil Mattress?

King Koil mattresses come in different collections to meet the needs of various users. There are a total of 9 collections that you can quickly check on their website. Of course, the availability of a particular model will also depend on the retailer you’ll choose. 


Intimate LS

The Intimate LS collection uses horse hair, hand assembled coil system. According to King Koil, it provides the best comfort and support according to the European Luxury standards



King Koil also has a SmartLife collection that provides unique comfort and support thanks to their patented body sensing technology. 


Intimate Midnight and Intimate Catalina

Intimate Midnight and Intimate Catalina are other handcrafted collections from King Koil. They use 4k Micro Coils and temperature regulating foams. 



If you’re interested in natural mattresses, King Koil has a Natural collection with Tailormade Tufting and Certi-Pur US-Certified foams. 


Xtended Life

King Koil’s Xtended Life collection comes with a 25-year warranty. It uses graphite Talalay latex for a long lifespan. 



The iBed collection from King Koil uses over 1,000 steel coils with cooling foam and fabric. The brand also includes Express Comfort delivery. 



King Koil’s Luxury collection uses cooling foam and a pocketed coil system with Super Stretch Tencel Fabric. 



The iMattress collection from King Koil offers pressure relief and cool sleep. They are also available through the brand’s Express Comfort delivery. 


Who Makes King Koil Mattress?

King Koil mattresses were founded by Samuel Bronstein, who started with a factory called United States Bedding. It began with six employees in Minnesota and began growing in the early 1900s. By the 1930s, US Bedding created King Koil as they wanted a new name for their improved bedspring. 


Where Is King Koil Mattress Made?

The worldwide headquarters of King Koil mattresses are located in Avondale, Arizona. They also manufacture products in more than 90 countries. 


How Much Does A King Koil Mattress Cost?

According to King Koil’s website, the price range for mattresses can range from $299 up to $10,000. Remember that models vary in materials and features, so it’s expected that they will vary in price. You can know how much to spend on a mattress in our buying guide here.


How Long Can A King Koil Mattress Last?

The expected lifespan of a mattress is around 7 to 10 years, as mentioned by King Koil. To help you get the maximum usability of your bed, King Koil recommends that you rotate your bed every two weeks in the first three months and then monthly afterward. If you want to learn more about how often to rotate a mattress, please check our comprehensive tutorial.



You’re probably interested in getting a bed from a brand that’s been around since 1898. And in this article, we learned where to buy King Koil mattress. It’s revealed that you can find the nearest retailer using the website’s search bar or in online mattress stores like US-Mattress and Sit ‘n Sleep. 

We hope this information helps with your buying experience. Let us know in the comments if you have more questions. 


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