Where To Buy iComfort Mattress: Best Buying Guide

If you want to know where to buy iComfort mattress, we have five stores that you can check out. We’ll also talk about some common FAQS regarding this award-winning Serta product. You should know everything you’ll need when buying this mattress type by the end of this article. 

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where to buy icomfort mattress


Where To Buy iComfort Mattress In US

The best way to get an iComfort mattress is by using the Serta mattress store locator and then find an authorized retailer closest to your area. This way, you can view and test the mattress in person and feel secure that you’re getting a genuine product. Other than that, you can shop directly at Serta’s website and then have the iComfort mattress delivered. 

If you want specific stores, here are some places where you can buy iComfort mattresses as well:


Mattress Firm

If you have a Mattress Firm near you, this store offers Serta iComfort mattresses. The company has numerous locations all over the US, so it should be easy to select the closest store for your convenience. You can also check their website, where they have the iComfort collection. 

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Raymour and Flanigan

Raymour and Flanigan have multiple stores across the US, and iComfort mattresses are included in their Serta catalog. You can also get the bed delivered or pick it up from the showroom closest to you. However, no refunds and returns are accepted, especially if you received the mattress in good condition. 



You can visit a Lowes showroom or browse the available iComfort mattresses on their website. In there, you can conveniently compare various iComfort models to help you find the best one for your needs. Lowes even offers a next-day delivery as long as you bought the product in-store or with a customer service representative before 4 pm and you are around 30 miles away from the branch.


Unauthorized retailers of Serta products

Please check the complete list of unauthorized retailers of Serta mattresses because you might find iComfort mattresses in these stores. You risk getting a fake product, and of course, Serta warranty won’t cover the bed. Serta also advises to only get Serta models in Amazon listed as shipped from and sold by Amazon or any authorized Amazon resellers that Serta recognizes, such as Mattress Firm or US Mattress. 


How Much Does A Serta iComfort Cost?

The iComfort mattress starts at $999, while the iComfort hybrid mattress starts at $1,399. Serta also offers several upgrades where the priciest one is at $2,599 for Max Cooling and Pressure Relief upgrade. What about financing?

Like other mattress stores, financing is also available with Serta. You can get the iComfort mattress starting at $91 per month or $127 per month for the iComfort hybrid with affirm. A helpful tip to save more with your purchase is to know the best time to buy a mattress, be it during sales from Serta or an authorized distributor. 


What Company Makes iComfort Mattresses?

The iComfort mattress is made by Serta, which is a company based in Illinois. The brand is also behind other award-winning mattress collections, such as the Serta Perfect Sleeper. It’s worth noting that Serta’s parent organization is Serta Simmons Bedding, LLC that also manages the National Bedding Company, Simmons Bedding Company, and Tuft and Needle. 


Where Are Serta iComfort Mattresses Made?

The Serta iComfort mattresses are all made in the US, which is true for all the Serta mattresses. This means that the beds have met the product requirements and standards in the US, such as the federal flammability standard, Consumer Product Safety Commission standards, and even the foam in Serta mattresses are all CertiPUR-US-certified. In addition, Serta also follows environmental regulations and labor practices. 


How Long Does An iComfort Mattress Last?

The iComfort mattress can last for eight years or even a decade, depending on your use and maintenance. However, you always need to check your bed regardless of the expected lifespan. You don’t need to wait for eight years before replacing your mattress, primarily when it no longer provides the ideal support.

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Do You Have To Flip An iComfort Mattress?

Since iComfort mattresses are one-sided, it’s better to avoid flipping them. Remember that one-sided or unilateral beds must maintain their comfort and support sides on specific orientations. Otherwise, you risk deforming the mattress because the structures are not meant to be switched.

If you want to distribute the wear on your iComfort bed, rotate it instead. You can do this every few months, depending on your usage. 



And that’s it! To recap where to buy iComfort mattress, you can check Serta’s authorized retailers or buy directly from Serta. These beds are also available in Mattress Firm, Raymour and Flanigan, and Lowes. 

However, the emphasis is necessary on knowing the unauthorized stores for Serta products. Otherwise, you might not get a genuine iComfort mattress. If you’re unsure about the store, buy directly from Serta instead. 

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