Where To Buy Heating Element For Dryer? 2 Amazing Places You Should Checkout!

Where to buy heating element for dryer? If you find a heating element for your dryer, we can help you find places to buy these. But then, do you have an idea about a heating element for a dryer?  Of course, you might not know since you are not that familiar with it.

Inside the dryer drum, the air must be heated, that is why a heating element is an essential component. The location of the element depends on what dryer model you have.

where to buy heating element for dryer

Manufacturers place it inside the housing and the air travels through the blower and is heated. Or a circular heating element is installed behind the drum and heats the air inside.

We will be sharing some information and some more research and resources we have gathered with you.  These might help you answer where to buy that element for your dryer, including the price you will be preparing to pay for. Watch out and be with us as we go along with this article.


Options On Where To Buy Heating Element For Your Dryer

Where to buy heating element for dryer? Before we figure out where to buy a heating element for your dryer, let us first know what heating element is: If we are about electric dryers, indeed, a heating element is needed for it to run. Usually, this is found inside a dryer’s drum. It is responsible for heating the air inside.

The use of it depends on your dryer’s model and type. It is usually installed inside the housing. And that’s where the air is heated before it starts to pass through the blower.

Option #1. Stores online

This option is necessary for people with a lot of work to do and those who could not afford to spend time in physical stores finding such an item. One of the most practical things for other people is shopping online. 

Some things are more accessible in this way, and this mode of buying and selling items became popular. Since there is an ongoing pandemic, people are also mindful of their whereabouts. 

There are also some benefits upon purchasing online. You will have a broader scope for different stores and companies to look from and, of course, the more the options for the product you are looking for.


Option #2. Check out hard wares near you

It isn’t new that we would go to the mall or the supermarket to find the hardware every time we need to fix something or a part of our tool or appliance is missing. 

They have almost everything you would want to have on hard wares or something to fix your things inside the house. Then again, like the other option, this one also has a lot of benefits. 

Unlike buying online, buying on hard wares or physical stores could guarantee the quality of the item that you are looking for. You can get a quality check and even test the things if you insist. A warranty is also included. 

But then there are fewer sales and discounts on physical stores, especially their types of product, and the stocks they have sometimes are limited. If you are unsure of what to buy, people can help you out. 

Either of the two options can be a great place or platform for buying your heating element for your dryer. You to do some additional research about dryers and this heating element you will need. On the other hand, here is another article on “Where to buy diffuser for hairdryer?


How Much Is A Heating Element For A Dryer?

There are several brands, types, and sizes of a heating element for your dryer, but then again, a dryer won’t work if you do not have a heating element on it. A piece of advice, make sure that you find one great in terms of quality and price.

Usually, you can buy these heating elements for about $40 if you are on a tight budget and cannot spend more than that. But then we cannot guarantee you the best quality for this item about the price we have mentioned. Again, this might be just for traditional use or a “universal” heating element for the dryer. 

As for ones that have big brands on them, you can expect it to be expensive that might range up to $100. Well, that’s not bad for a heating element that can last longer than the cheaper ones. Again, if you are for a significant investment, we suggest that you settle for one that’s pricey but has the quality. 

If you want to know more about washer parts and their prices other than just your heating element, you may read more here, how much does dryer repair cost? This can be a great help if you are on the canvass for your expenses. If you aim for all the parts to get fixed, it will range up to $400. 



Where to buy heating element for dryer? We got you if you are thinking of a place or a platform to buy such a heating element for your dryer. You have nothing to worry about. We are here to help. If you are interested in some other topics, you may read, why is my Maytag dryer squeaking?

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