Where To Buy Handheld Sewing Machine: 2 Best Options

We learned where to buy handheld sewing machine and discovered two considerations. They are Amazon and Walmart. 

We will talk about each option and recommend the best handheld sewing machines. And of course, there are factors to help you decide and this article also discusses them. 

where to buy handheld sewing machine

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Where Can I A Buy Handheld Sewing Machine?



It’s not surprising that Amazon carries an array of handheld sewing machine choices. You can even get the Singer Stitch Sew handheld sewing machine from the platform since visiting Singer’s website does not have it in their store. 

The Singer Stitch Sew quick portable mending machine is the most popular handheld sewing machine, and over 5,000 customers have bought it on Amazon. It costs under $15 as of this writing, and you can get the bundle edition with bobbins and regular point sewing machine needles for under $25. 

Amazon also has other handheld sewing machines such as the SiddenGold cordless portable electric sewing machine with 907 ratings and Stywvoe portable mini electric sewing machine with 738 ratings as of this writing. Both have good reviews from buyers and are easy to operate for mending fabrics and various sewing projects. 



Besides Amazon, you can buy handheld sewing machines in Walmart. The store also has the Singer Stitch Sew handheld sewing machine for under $20 as of this writing. 

For other options, you can get the Stoneway mini handheld sewing machine kit in Walmart. It is praised for being beginner-friendly, and it’s relatively cheap at under $14 as of this writing. 

Another popular handheld sewing machine bought in Walmart is the Novashion stitch handheld tailor sewing machine with 105 reviews as of this writing. You have two packages to choose from, where one includes extra bobbins, needles, extension spindle, measuring tape, line coils, safety pins, and scissors. 


Which Hand Sewing Machine Is Best?


Singer Stitch Sew Quick Portable Mending Machine

The best handheld sewing machine to get is the Stitch Sew from Singer. First, Singer is a reputable brand, so that you can feel confident about the quality and craftsmanship of this model.

Second, the Stitch Sew is marketed to handle various household projects, and you can even use it for temporary basting since it’s a single thread feed. Finally, for safety when traveling, this battery-operated device has a built-in power switch to put you at ease. 

We found that this mending machine is suitable for silk, wool, and even denim and leather. However, always refer to your unit’s manual and follow the instructions to ensure that it will perform to your expectations


Sunbeam Handheld Sewing Machine

Despite not being so popular on stores like Amazon and Walmart, various reviews and users praise the Sunbeam handheld sewing machine. It is beginner-friendly to use for quick mending and stitching with its single-stitch operation. 

You can also benefit from the device’s automatic needle threader for your convenience. And as for the material it can handle, it is advertised for cotton, silk, polyester, nylon, and denim.  

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How Do I Choose A Handheld Sewing Machine?



The main reason why most people get a handheld sewing machine is for portability. You can easily carry it with you when traveling for quick mends and repairs. 

However, handheld sewing machines differ in size and weight, so make sure to check them when buying a unit. Furthermore, the machine is either battery-operated or corded. 

Battery-operated handheld sewing machines are wireless, but corded ones offer the advantage of not needing to replace their power source. Choosing between these power options depends on what the user finds more convenient. 



Handheld sewing machines are relatively cheap compared to traditional models. However, you might save more if you get bundles. 

Some handheld machines come with various accessories such as bobbins, threads, needle threaders, and others. You can save the hassle of buying them separately if you get models that include them already. 

If the difference from the price is about $10 for a bundle, why not consider getting it than the standalone handheld sewing machine only? It is especially advantageous for beginners who don’t have a sewing kit yet. 



While you can expect that handheld sewing machines are not packed with features, some are more capable and versatile than others. For example, the models might have an automatic threader or be capable of sewing faster.

You must also check how to set up the unit and if it’s easy to use with a lower risk of misalignment with the stitches. And finally, get the handheld sewing machine that can handle the materials you expect to work with. 

Please read how to buy a sewing machine because it discusses the factors you can also apply when purchasing a handheld unit. 



Was this article helpful? We just discussed where to buy handheld sewing machines and revealed Amazon and Walmart.

Both carry multiple models, including the best and most raved brands such as Singer and Sunbeam. Overall, it should be easy to find the best ones for your needs by considering their portability and features.


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