Where To Buy Greenery For Wedding: 4 Best Places

If you want to know where to buy greenery for wedding, please consider four places. They offer various types of greenery, and some offer wholesale to help you find the best value wedding greenery for your budget. 

We will also differentiate each shop so that you can select the most convenient one for your foliage needs. And for the blooms, you can read how to pick wedding flowers so that you can plan the kinds you’ll order. 

where to buy greenery for wedding


Here Are Where To Buy Greenery For Wedding


Shop at Costco

You can find various needs for weddings at Costco. And as of this writing, you can order 25 feet of assorted wedding greenery for only $109.99. You can also buy a 6-foot wedding runner for your bridal decorations at the same price in Costco. 

What’s the advantage when you purchase greenery at Costco? Buying at Costco will guarantee that you can get your order quickly as long as you order at least two days before you need it. 

For their fresh wedding garland with huckleberry, Western bear grass, and salal that suits tables, pews, and wedding arches, Costco recommends choosing delivery for Friday if you’ll have the wedding on Monday, for example. You will then mist the greenery with water before using it and ensure that it’s kept in a cool place since these are fresh perishable goods. 


Buy at Sam’s Club

If the greenery for weddings you’ll need will be used for your bridal bouquets and other floral arrangements, consider Sam’s Club. For example, there is assorted greenery for under $53, which is reasonable for most weddings because you’ll get eight bunches with ten stems per bunch. 

Depending on the season, it’s possible to get up to four types of greenery for the wedding. You can also order foliage for weddings at Sam’s Club for under $100, and you’ll get 175 stems. 

But what about wedding greenery for wrapping and draping around the venue? You can also get foliage garlands at Sam’s Club, where some come at 10, 25, and 75 feet, ideal for table runners and columns in the wedding. 


Check the selection at Blooms By The Box

Buying bulk greenery is more practical, especially at big weddings, and you’re mostly going DIY with the decors. That being said, consider purchasing foliage at Blooms By The Box. 

The advantage of this shop is you can use their filters to buy the specific greenery you need. Sort your options by their variety, color, style, usage, and availability. 

Some attractive options for bulk wedding greenery in Blooms By The Box include their Vintage Greens & Fillers Bulk Pack, Sleek Greens & Fillers Bulk Pack, and Classic Greens & Fillers Bulk Pack. With the latter, which costs $252 as of this writing, you’ll get 4 bunches each of gypsophila, hypericum green, leather leaf fern, and 2 bunches of bear grass. 


Order at Amazon

It’s common for couples to shop at Amazon for their wedding needs. And for your foliage and wedding greenery, you can also use Amazon, especially if you don’t want to make an account with other stores.

As of this writing, you’ll find options like faux filler stems and garlands. The advantage of using fake greenery is you don’t need to worry about keeping them fresh, especially when decorating the bridal tables and other areas in the venue. 

An Amazon’s Choice greenery you can order costs under $11, and it’s a bunch of mixed artificial eucalyptus stems. You can also buy fake greenery garlands for weddings on Amazon for under $19. 


What Kind Of Greenery Do You Use For A Wedding?

When buying greenery for the wedding, you should be familiar with the best ones. This way, you’ll also purchase reasonably for your budget rather than getting all kinds of foliage because you don’t know which ones suit your wedding needs and theme. 


Filler foliage for wedding bouquets and floral arrangements

  • Eucalyptus
  • Fern
  • Monstera leaves
  • Palm fronds
  • Anthurium
  • Blue thistle
  • Clematis vine
  • Trailing Amaranth
  • rosemary


Greenery garlands for table runners and wrapping around pews, columns, arches, and other decors

  • Eucalyptus
  • Fern
  • French Ruscus
  • Olive leaves

Note that you don’t need only to use fresh foliage. Faux greenery is also acceptable at weddings, especially if you’re on a budget. 


How Many Bunches Of Greenery Do You Need For A Wedding?

The amount of greenery you’ll purchase depends on the size of the arrangements and where you’ll use the foliage. For example, greenery garlands come in different lengths and thicknesses.

Consider the table size or the structure like the arch or pillar you’re covering with the greenery garland. The filler foliage in bouquets and centerpieces will depend on the size of the leaves. 

Half a bunch of greenery typically suffice for a medium-sized bouquet. As for a large centerpiece, you may need one to two bunch, depending on the flower stems you’ll use in the arrangement. 

Please refer to how to calculate how many flowers for a wedding to know the number of blooms you’ll order. 



And that’s it! You just learned where to buy greenery for wedding: try Costco, Sam’s Club, Blooms By The Box, and Amazon. 

These shops offer filler foliage for wedding centerpieces and bridal bouquets, but you can also buy greenery garland and bunches for wrapping and decorating around the venue. We hope you find what you need in these stores; feel free to browse our blog for wedding decor tutorials.

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