Where To Buy Glider Rocking Chair Bearings: 5 Best Options

Now that you can practically buy anything online, we still see questions like “where to buy glider rocking chair bearings” when you can find them right in your very vicinity. There have been a lot of new and unfamiliar products all around all sorts of markets. Some already popular products even get their original names stamped with something more catchy and remarkable.

Now, some household furniture and fixtures are so common that most of us don’t have any idea how they were made to work the way they do. Another thing that we tend to overlook is the part that allows a very specific movement on the furniture. More often than not, this very movement is what gives the furniture its name like reclining, rocking and gliding chairs.

We are going to focus on a single piece of furniture in this article that got its name directly from its moving part. It’s a bit of a combination of two different movements popular on sofa chairs for all ages. We’ll tackle the glider rocking chair and where you can get the part that allows it to move.


Stores In Your Area That Offer Glider Rocking Chair Bearings

Glider rocking chairs are one of those products that came from some ambitious but successful fusion of two different but well-loved furniture. They allow the rocking up-and-down motion to occur simultaneously with the gliding forward and backwards in a single chair. The leg support and extension has also been carried over by this product to assist in your sleep.

Now, glider rocking chairs are commonly used by parents when they’re trying to lull their babies to sleep. The repeating back and forth motion on this chair highly assists in that activity so you want the part that allows that motion to be as reliable as possible.

Here are some shops you can check for glider rocking chair bearings if you’re trying to make a chair or repair one:


Ace Hardware

This is an American hardware store that is one of the largest corporations, spread all over the world. Its headquarters is found in Illinois, US with annual revenue reaching billions of dollars. You’re not going to have trouble looking for one of their shops since they have more than 5,000 retail stores worldwide.


True Value

True value is another American store boasting 4,500 stores around the globe. Their hardware supply covers hardware, electrical and lighting, home decor, cleaning supplies and others. You need only look for the category and shelf of the bearing you’re looking for and you’re good.


Do It Best

A shop that specializes in wholesale, bulk is the way to go when you visit Do-It-Best stores. It is a member-owned cooperative that also reaches sales of $4 billion per year. You’ll definitely find your most needed bearing through their selection of building and crafting materials.


Home Depot

On to a wider-variety store, we also checked if you’ll find bearings on a Home Depot store, and it turns out that you will. Home Depot shops have a hardware section for a variety of construction needs. You might as well check some assembled chairs along your way of finding your perfect part.


Mitre 10

Mitre 10 is a trade and retail hardware company based in Australia. It also works under a cooperative system and offers building, DIY, and home improvement supply. While they’re starting to venture out of the continent, you’re likely to find that bearing in one of their rich shelves.

Smaller and local hardware stores not listed here are also likely to be selling the glider rocking chair bearings that you’re looking for. Since most of these shops also pull their resources from bigger providers, you’re more likely to find your part in the larger stores.


Glider chair vs rocking chair

Since they propose a very similar movement, aren’t you curious if it’s better to get a rocking chair or a glider chair? Rocking chairs are extremely popular with the aged citizens in our community. It has been a long-time company in their peaceful and silent days.

Toddlers and infants are also quite fond of rocking chairs not only for their sleep but also for their active hours. After all, kids just have tons of energy to spend on playing around and getting sweaty. These chairs are characterized by their arced bow-like bands on their feet, which allows the chair to swing back and forth.

Glider chairs, on the other hand, use a different mechanism to create this movement. While glider chairs also move in the typical forward and backward movement as the rocking chairs, there is no swaying movement involved. You just go forward and backwards on a glider chair as opposed to a rocking chair.

There are, of course, some advantages and disadvantages connected to each of these chairs, and a lot of people have a preference for one over the other. Glider rocking chairs exploit these differences and preferences by making a single item out of their good qualities.

Glider rocking chairs are most remarkable for being able to maximize the comfort of the owner. Not only are the leg-support engineered to lessen cramps, the back and arm supports are also adjusted to a well-fitted height. Most of them also feature locks for when you no longer wish to sway, as well as safely covered moving parts to avoid accidents.



There are so many stores you can visit if you’re wondering where to buy glider rocking chair bearings for a project you’re trying to complete at home. If you’re not up for visiting and personally scanning physical stores, you can always browse online. It is a rarely used part, so patience should be your way to success.