Where To Buy Galia Lahav Wedding Dresses And Prices

The answer to where to buy Galia Lahav wedding dresses is at their official stores and partner boutiques around the US. We’ll discuss their flagship bridal shop and authorized retailers to help you find authentic Galia Lahav wedding dresses.

We will also discuss the price of their wedding dresses and if it’s reasonable to wear a Galia Lahav bridal gown on your big day. And for those interested in other designers of gowns, feel free to browse our blog for the famous bride’s picks. 

where to buy galia lahav wedding dresses

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Exactly Where To Buy Galia Lahav Wedding Dresses

Those interested in wearing a Galia Lahav wedding gown on their big day can use their boutique locator online. However, it’s essential to browse wedding gowns from Galia Lahav’s official list to ensure that you get authentic pieces. 

Galia Lahav has multiple flagship stores around the US. You can go to their stores in:

  • Soho, NYC
  • Los Angelas, California
  • Miami, Florida 

There are also different bridal stores around the US if you don’t know where to buy Galia Lahav bridal:

  • Alta Moda Bridal Store in Utah
  • Anjolique Bridal in North Carolina
  • Annika Bridal Boutique in Minnesota
  • Bella Bianca Bridal Couture in Illinois
  • Bergdorf Goodman and Bridal Reflections in New York
  • Boca Raton Bridal and Isabel O’Neil Bridal in Florida
  • Destiny’s Bride in Arizona
  • Everthine Bride in Connecticut
  • Francesca’s Bridal Salon in Maryland
  • Ivory Bridal Atelier and Stanley Korshak Bridal Salon in Texas
  • JJ Kelly Bridal Salon in Oklahoma
  • Kinsley James Couture Bridal and The White Dress Inc. in California
  • Little White Dress in Colorado
  • Maiden White and Swoon Bridal in Nevada
  • Marie Gabriel Couture in Indiana
  • Nyanza Bridal and The Dress Theory Seattle in Washington
  • Roma Sposa in Michigan
  • The Dress Theory in Nashville
  • The One Bridal in Kansas
  • Unbridaled in Louisiana
  • Vows Bridal in Massachusetts
  • White of Dublin in Ohio

Please buy your Galia Lahav gowns in these stores as they are recognized and authorized. Also, don’t forget to set an appointment in the bridal shop near you if you want to try Galia Lahav bridal. 


Can you order a Galia Lahav wedding dress online?

You can contact [email protected] for online advice, and they’ll also guide you in taking measurements. Then, you can order through Galia Lahav’s online team. 


What if the Galia Lahav wedding gown you want is unavailable in the store near you?

If you have a specific bridal dress you want and the closest boutique near you does not have it among their wedding gowns, consider checking their trunk shows and where it will happen. 

You can also ask them to request the dress to try at your appointment. However, the best way to get your dream Galia Lahav bride’s gown is to visit their NYC or LA flagship stores. 

We also recommend browsing our blog for guides in choosing the most flattering wedding dress silhouette for your body type, so you’ll know what to pick. For example, what is the best wedding dress style for plus size?


When to buy Galia Lahav wedding dresses?

If you order a Galia Lahav dress online, expect it will take around 90 days to be delivered. Galia Lahav typically makes a wedding dress for six months, but it’s possible to submit a rush order by contacting them with your request.


Is Galia Lahav Expensive?

According to Galia Lahav, their GALA by Galia Lahav, a luxury made-to-order collection, starts from $5,000 to $8,500. On the other hand, their custom-made couture collections will range from $7,000 to $20,000. 


Does Galia Lahav offer a sale with their wedding dresses?

Galia Lahav does not offer markdowns on older collections. They don’t have sales and discounts because their dresses are sold at a fixed price everywhere.  

That being said, is it worth purchasing a Galia Lahav wedding dress? The custom-made bridal gown that is meant to flatter the bride specifically and the glamorous appeal of their designs is worth it, especially if you have the budget. 

But of course, remember that there are other wedding expenses as well. So if you can’t spend $6,000 and up, try other boutiques and designers as it’s not about the price but how you feel when you’re wearing the wedding dress. 


What Is Galia Lahav Known For?

Galia Lahav wedding dresses are among the world-renowned bridal couture pieces that brides typically dream of having. Galia Lahav Bridal is known for Bridal Couture and Bridal GALA. 

Bridal Couture by Galia Lahav is their flagship line with pieces known for their romantic appeal and flattering fits because they are custom-made. On the other hand, Bridal GALA is their contemporary bridal line where the pieces are made-to-order and distinguishable because of the fairytale aesthetic. 


Is Galia Lahav Russian?

Galia Lahav was born to a Russian family. However, the Galia Lahav dresses are made in their Israel couture atelier specific to the bride’s measurements. 



And that’s it! You just discovered where to buy Galia Lahav wedding dresses, which can be in their flagship stores in NYC or LA. 

Multiple boutiques around the US also have Galia Lahav bridal, so make sure to set an appointment with the nearest one to your location. And as for the prices, prepare to spend anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000, depending on the collection. 

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