Where To Buy Darkening Curtains? 3 Best Options!

Do you know where to buy darkening curtains?

Curtains are tools that help you out with your decorations, but the most important use is to add shades to your room.

Sunlight coming through the room is lovely, but too much of it, especially when it’s summer, is just too bad.

But then you can solve your problem by putting up darkening curtains all over your windows.

Do not worry too much because we got you! We will help you out in finding answers to your problems.

Putting these kinds of curtains is just so amazing that it will neutralize everything in your household.

Upon thinking about where to get there, we got a lot of options for you to choose.

Stay with us and learn more information. That is for your good, so better bear with us.


where to buy darkening curtains

Options Where You Should Buy Darkening Curtains

So, where to buy darkening curtains?

Putting up curtains in your home is multi–purpose.

It is for protection in too much sunlight, divider, and for privacy purposes.

You have to buy and choose one base.

Darkening curtains are curtains that add shades and make sure that your house will be darker than ever.

It is evident from the name itself these curtains are widely available nationwide.

You should know where to find them, especially when you are a night person and you are into these curtains.

There are many places where you can buy these curtains, so chill out and rest your mind because we will guide you.

Here are options as to where you can buy your darkening curtains.


Option #1. Have it custom made

Then you want a darkening curtain. Having it custom-made is a great option.

Purchasing a custom-made curtain is better. It will help you out on the shade you want.

You can then pick the color you prefer and the style and type of fabric you choose.

But then, upon doing this, you must have a consultation first to estimate the price.

Having your curtains custom-made would be expensive.

The same is true especially when you have a lot of requests, although this can give you a lot of edges when it comes to having your preference being applied.

It is up to you, but the people behind every customizing company can help you out in deciding.

You can seek advice from professional people they have, and they can help you in installing your curtains.

They will do every job, and nothing will be left for you to do, which is just good and unique in a way.

All you have to worry about is the amount of money you are going to spend on this.

It will be pricy since the curtains are already pricy, you then have to pay extra for the services and labor.


Option #2. Online shopping

The next option that we have for you is where all you need is to tap and add to the cart on your phone.

At this time of the pandemic, people find this way of purchasing their needs most practical.

It is hard to go out and risk every member of the family getting exposed to other people.

That is why buying online is an excellent model to purchase things you need. It also has a lot of options to go along.

You can use the reviews and the star ratings as the basis for the darkening curtains you will choose to buy.

Darkening curtains sold online also have descriptions along the side of its picture.

Use this information as your basis in figuring out if these curtains suit your standards or want.

The only downfall is that you have to wait for it to arrive and then it can also have an extra charge.

Some companies added extra charges when you did not reach the amount target for free shipment.


Option #3. Visit physical stores

This last option might be odd for this situation, but it is still one of the easiest ways to purchase your darkening curtains.

You can opt to visit physical stores in your locals—supermarkets, malls, and all other stores that have curtains.

The people working there can be your helping hand and that they can give you advice and instructions.

Picking curtains are not easy. A lot of things are needed to be considered, so you better seek help.

Another thing is that you can quality check the items if it is in good condition.

Seeing the items can guarantee you a great curtain to have inside your houses that can pair with almost everything.

But then the most important thing about these is that you know the size of your windows to fit the curtain.

Nevertheless, if you want to learn tips on how to wash blackout curtains. Click here.



Now we have answered, where to buy darkening curtains, you now have an idea and a lot of options.

I hope you apply the tips we shared in this article.

Any of the three options can apply to you, but you can choose which one is the best for you.

How to make car window curtains

How To Make Car Window Curtains? 3 Easy Steps!

How to make car window curtains?

It’s just like making regular curtains but in a car instead of a window in your house.

Are you going on a trip? Needs privacy more than what car tints may cover?

You may want to install some curtains in your car if that’s the case.

There are numerous ways in hanging curtains in your car.

Making them is no different. Upon reading this article you’ll be putting up curtains like a pro.

Well, I had a hard time too when I first started installing curtains in my dad’s campervan.

Nevertheless, they worked well. And now, I am glad to share that with you.


Car Window Curtains

Car window curtains have been a trend when it comes to covering the car windows from the inside.

They offer the same features as a tint but are more decorative compared to the lather.

If you want to learn how to make one, you’ve landed on the right page.

We’ve laid out these simple steps for you to follow through.


Steps To Make Car Window Curtains

So, how to make car window curtains?

Well, simple things must be done and decided first before you proceed to the actual work.


Step #1. Prepare and decide

Make a decision and prepare the following things.


#1. Hanging method

You will have to decide which type of curtain you should make.

Whether you’ll be using a rod or a curtain track.

You may also use a magnet on the edges of the curtain or some hooks to go along with it.

The hanging method plays a very important role.


#2. Fabric choice

You have to choose a fabric that will fit your curtain needs.

Price and quality should never be compromised.

If you want a blackout curtain, it may be hard to find one that sells per yard but blackout liners may be available.

Consider the weight also.

If you prefer to use Velcro, it may not sustain the weight of the Velcro strips.


#3. Hardware

This will depend on your method of hanging.

You’ll need rods if you want to use rods, Velcro, hooks, or curtain tracks.

You might have to use a sewing machine, a sewing kit, some power tools like hand drills if deemed necessary.

The hardware that you’ll need will deeply depend on the hanging method that you will choose.


Step #2. Measure

Measure your window’s dimensions.

That includes the length and width of the window.

After you have the measurements, you will have to calculate them and apply them to the fabric.

If you chose curtain rods, you will have to add an extra 4 inches on top and 2 inches at the bottom.

Multiply the curtain’s width by two or three times depending on your fullness preference.

Although I love how full it looks if you multiply the width by 3 times.

You can choose other methods of hanging too.


Step #3. Make

In making the curtain, all you need is to place the fabric on a clean flat surface.

Mark the areas where you will fold the fabric for the hems.

An inch allowance for each side will do for the hems.

A double folded hem is advised to make.

The top portion should have at least 2 inches allowance for the rod to slip in.

This DIY rod curtain can be a lot of variation.

You can hang them straight or keep them in place using a drawstring at the end.

You can partially open rod curtains to let some light in and you will have no trouble in taking them down either.

Hanging a rod curtain in campervans is much easier compared to the other methods.

You will also save as much as you can since you can find the materials in your home only.

The only drawback of this type of curtain hanging method is it doesn’t work well with tilting windows.

You might need to sew as well. Although you can use iron-on tape instead of sewing.

Some makeshift rods will not allow some curtains to open smoothly.

You may want to add some Velcro strips for the sides.

The Velcro strips will keep the sides of the curtain in place.

This idea will also work well for tilted windows.

If you go with a rod pocket option, you can make use of the rod and use curtain hooks or clips.

Using these hooks and clips can lengthen the use of your curtains.

These will prevent friction from opening and closing the curtain.

Window curtains are a better option than curtain rods.

I use these methods while adding some Velcro straps at the sides.

For the bottom part, I added some Velcro straps too and attach the other to the end.

I also had some strings that could help me keep the curtains down while the car is moving.



Knowing how to make car window curtains could help you save up the hassle of budgeting your money just to purchase one.

You add some of your favorite characters, alter them to your style and make these curtains personalized in a way that they are unique.

You making them yourself makes it unique already.

Although having a simple yet compliment-colored curtain with your van is highly recommendable.

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