2 Tips on Where to Buy Burlap Curtains

If you are looking for where to buy burlap curtains, then you have come to the right place. This blog post will cover where to buy and how much they cost.


Where to buy Burlap Curtains

Ideas on Where to buy Burlap Curtains?

Buying online:  If you are looking to buy online, then the best place is Amazon. They offer a wide variety of where to buy burlap curtains and other things as well. Prices range from $36-$60, depending on how many panels you want.

Local store: If you like in-person shopping, your best bet is to go through some local stores for where to buy burlap curtains. The stores will measure and provide you with an accurate price for where to purchase burlap curtains that are perfect for your home or business.

Sewing: If you feel like sewing, then this could be a good option as well! You may not find all of the exact colors in the store, but you can find where to buy burlap curtains for a fraction of the price.


What is Burlap curtain?

Burlap is a durable fabric made of jute plant fibers that are woven in thick, coarse strands. Burlap curtains are also known as “rustic” or country-style curtains, and they add warmth to the home for those who enjoy natural textures and colors.


How much does a burlap curtain cost?

The cost of burlap curtains varies based on the style and where you purchase them. You can order from a company online, in a catalog, or at your local store for as little as $15 to around $100 per panel depending on your need’s height and width. It is also essential to consider how much material will be needed for your window.


Advantages of using Burlap curtain?

Burlap curtains have many advantages, and you can take a look at the list below.

  • They’re sturdy, durable, and eco-friendly, making them great for any environment in your home
  • They provide privacy but still let some sunlight into the room to keep it bright
  • Their texture adds warmth without adding clutter to your room.


Disadvantages of using a burlap curtain?

There are also some disadvantages you should know about when considering which curtains to purchase for your windows.

  • They’re expensive, it’s difficult or impossible to find them in certain colors, and they can be heavy if not hung properly, so be sure where the weight load is correctly distributed
  • They’re susceptible to damage if sat on, and it’s difficult or impossible to clean them without destroying the design
  • You may have difficulty finding long enough ones for more oversized windows, which means that you’ll need a professional to install them.


Can I wash my Burlap curtains?

Burlap curtains can be washed using the following methods:

  • A gentle cold water hand wash with mild detergent
  • Dry cleaning if necessary or desired. They should not be bleached, ironed, or tumble dried.


Note that you may need to purchase special products for washing your burlap curtains, and they will likely shrink if they are washed too many times.


What to Look out for When Buying Burlap Curtains

  • Try to find a store that offers free shipping and returns
  • Be sure where the weight load is correctly distributed so as not to make your curtain rod sag, which can cause them to fall on people below. This will also help to prevent your curtain rod from snapping.
  • Be sure the curtains you buy are a good fit for your window.
  • Consider whether or not you want to have a liner on your curtain’s backside where they touch the wall and floor, as some people feel that this is more aesthetically pleasing than others.
  • Consider what type of rod system will be best for where you live.
  • Do not buy burlap curtains if you are in a high traffic area, as they may wear out quicker than other types of curtains.
  • Consider where to hang your curtain rod before buying the items needed for that project. It is always best to know where something will go and what size it will be so that you can find the right rod and hooks.
  • Be sure that your rods are sturdy enough to hold up any curtain, especially if they have a liner or anything else hanging in them, like decorative drapes.
  • If you’re going for more of a minimalist look with your curtains where all of the show is on the fabric and not on the rod, you can get away with a thinner rod than if your curtains are heavier.
  • If you’re looking for where to buy burlap curtains, be sure that they are rated fire resistant or flame retardant.


Can I Iron my Burlap Curtains?

You can iron them, but you must keep in mind that the material is made from natural fibers.

This means that it will shrink when exposed to too much heat for an extended period, so be sure not to disclose your curtains to direct sunlight or leave an iron lying on top of them at any point. Use low temperatures and test out on a small section of the material before ironing all over.

You should also keep in mind that traditional irons are not designed to work well with natural fibers like burlap and will often damage the fabric because they’re too hot.