Where To Buy Black Wedding Dresses: 4 Best Stores

You can consider four places if you don’t know where to buy black wedding dresses. Black wedding dresses can be hard to find as they’re not as conventional as white dresses.

And since it’s a controversial color, we’ll discuss if a black wedding dress would be a good choice for your bridal attire. You can also browse our blog for more wedding dress buying guides, such as where to buy modest wedding dresses

where to buy black wedding dresses


Know Where To Buy Black Wedding Dresses


David’s Bridal

A fantastic shop to get wedding dresses is David’s Bridal. And if you want a black wedding dress, you can check the store’s selection for different styles and silhouettes of black wedding dresses.

For example, they have a modern, gorgeous black bodysuit wedding dress for $1,399. If you prefer to order a black wedding gown, you can also try the satin cummerband black ball gown.

Those who need bridal attire under $1,000 can consider the store’s cap sleeve tulle black wedding dress for only $699. Some black wedding dresses from David’s Bridal are even available in other dark shades like maroon and gray. 



Do you know that you can order bridal needs on Etsy? And if you need a black dress for your wedding ceremony, you’ll find various designs and styles at competitive prices.

What’s fantastic with the bridal gowns available on Etsy is you’re likely to find prints and designs that are not common in a wedding shop. For example, perhaps you’re having a boho wedding and want your black wedding dress to have stars and moons as its pattern. 

Etsy also often has sales where gowns can have their prices at 30% off. But of course, check the reviews of your desired black wedding dress to know if the seller is reputable. 



Brides who want a black wedding gown might also be doing a themed wedding such as a gothic wedding. And for this style, a bridal shop you can check is Cocomelody

This wedding store has an exciting collection of gothic black wedding dresses. For your convenience, you can modify your search using the sidebar of their website to find the specific material and silhouette you want. 

Cocomelody has other black bridal gowns for brides who do not follow a specific wedding theme. Some are available for under $500 to suit brides with a small budget. 


Moonlight Bridal

Another wedding shop you can buy black bridal dresses from is Moonlight Bridal. An incredibly gorgeous colored bridal gown you can get from this store is their lace mermaid couture black dress because of the pattern and color combination between black and cashmere. 

Another eye-catching black bridal gown from Moonlight Bridal is their A-line wedding black dress with detachable long sleeves. It’s not a solid black wedding dress, but the black foliage details contrasting the white gown are tastefully designed. 

Overall, this is a fantastic shop for brides who want a black wedding dress but still want to maintain the classic look of a white wedding dress. However, the stores mentioned earlier have more black wedding dresses. 


Can You Get Black Wedding Dresses?

You can wear any color of bridal attire you want as long as you know it wouldn’t be potentially misinterpreted as disrespectful in the type of wedding ceremony you’re having. Gone are the days when brides are limited to white wedding dresses.

More and more ceremonies feature a bride walking down the aisle wearing a black dress. This bold choice will surely make anyone a stunner as black is always a flattering color for anyone. 


What Does It Mean When A Bride Wears A Black Wedding Dress?

There are many reasons why a bride might prefer to wear a black wedding dress over the classic white wedding gown. It can be because they are a modern couple and would prefer a non-traditional wedding with their customs and color scheme. 

A black wedding gown can also represent the bride’s out-of-the-box thinking, and she wants to stand out at her wedding. For more explanations regarding the symbolism, read what does a black wedding dress mean.  


What Culture Wears Black Wedding Dresses?

Do you know that wearing a black bridal dress to a wedding is practiced by the Spanish? Spanish brides wear this color to represent their loyalty and commitment to their partner until death. 

However, some cultures also relate the color black to grief and bad luck. If you have a very traditional family, you can consider asking for their opinion to avoid potential misunderstandings when you wear a black wedding dress.


Are Black Wedding Dresses More Expensive?

While shopping for black wedding dresses is trickier, these gowns are not pricier than white wedding dresses. Their prices range from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the designer and materials. 

However, if you want a special gown designed and made exclusively for you by the designer because they don’t offer a black dress, then expect it to be expensive.



And that’s it! To recap where to buy black wedding dresses, try David’s Bridal, Etsy, Cocomelody, and Moonlight Bridal.

We hope you find the style and price you want, and don’t forget to know the symbolism behind wearing this color for your wedding dress. Feel free to browse our blog for more shopping tips.

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