Where To Buy A Mattress In NYC: 3 Best Stores

Those who need to know where to buy a mattress in NYC can consider three stores. We’ll discuss where to find them, how they deliver, and if the beds they offer will suit you. You will also learn about the benefits and advantages of choosing a specific store for your new mattress. 

But if you have an old bed that you need to get rid of, here is an in-depth guide on NYC mattress disposal. That separate article will teach you the dos and don’ts according to the policies in New York City. 

where to buy a mattress in nyc


Best Places Where To Buy A Mattress In NYC


Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm is among the best stores to buy a mattress, and they have several locations in New York. You can try the Mattress Firm branches in 7th Avenue, Union Square, Lexington 32nd, 9th Avenue, 3rd and 57th, Verdi Square, Upper West Side, Lexington Avenue, Upper East Side, Columbus Avenue, Harlem, and Washington Heights. You should easily find their exact directions on Mattress Firm’s website. 

What can you expect when buying from Mattress Firm New York? Mattress Firm boasts a wide variety of mattresses to suit every individual in New York. In addition, you can expect to find big brands such as Serta and Beautyrest as well. 


Advantages with buying from Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm promises the best prices for its products. According to them, they will match the advertised price of their mattress if you find the same one within 120 days of purchase. This is the store’s so-called 120 Night Low Price Guarantee where you only need to bring the advertisement to their store. 

You will also get 120 nights of sleep trial, and Mattress Firm offers different delivery and shipping services to choose from. They are the silver, gold, platinum, and diamond service, and each of them includes other convenient options with the delivery. For example, you can choose the delivery window, carrying items to the flight of stairs, setting the mattress and base, removing the old mattress, or contactless delivery. 


NY Mattress

If you want to know where to buy a mattress in NYC, the clue is in the name itself. Try NY Mattress, whose main headquarters is even located in New York. It is a family-owned and operated company that has been selling mattresses and furniture online since 2004. 

Since NY Mattress is an online company, you can shop right in the comfort of your own home and set everything according to what’s convenient for you. You can also contact the business’s customer service for their recommendations or if you have other queries. And since you’re buying online and can’t test the mattress firsthand, NY Mattress offers a 100-night home trial. 


Advantages with buying from NY Mattress 

The most significant benefit of buying from NY Mattress is that same-day delivery is available on mattresses, including platform beds. If you live anywhere in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, NY Mattress will even deliver the product for free. You only need to wait between two to three hours as long as the item is in stock and it’s not Saturday. 

Do you not have anyone on the weekdays to receive the mattress? NY Mattress even offers evening and Sunday delivery for your convenience. And if you’re not satisfied within 100 days after delivery, you can exchange the mattress for a lower processing fee because you’re from New York. 


Craigs Beds

According to The New Yorker, Yelp, Time Out New York, and CBS New York, Craigs Beds is among the top-rated mattress stores in New York. They are located close to Times Square at West 38th Street, Suite 605, New York. In Craigs Beds, the mattress brands you’ll find are Beautyrest, Summerfield, Serta iComfort, and Next Day Mattresses. 

You can also utilize the company’s shopping tools on their website. They include the Comfort Guide, Shop by Sleeping Position, Which Type of Mattress is Right For Me, and Sleep Advice to help you get the perfect model for your needs and preferences. You can also schedule an appointment if you want to view the beds in their mattress store. 


Advantages with buying from Craigs Beds

Next-day delivery is possible with Craigs Beds if they have the model in their warehouses. However, it would be best to get the delivery time scheduled after 24 hours of purchase and a window of 3 to 4 hours on the delivery day. Craigs Beds also offer free White Glove delivery on all their mattresses. 

And if you are in the five boroughs of New York City, the company will remove and dispose of your old mattress for you. What about the trial period? The company has a 90-day comfort guarantee, and you can also exchange the bed for the same size. 


Are There Same Day Mattress Delivery In NYC?

Mattress stores such as NY Mattress offer same-day delivery. Sleepare will also deliver your mattress the same day you ordered it if you made it before their cutoff time. Otherwise, you can get it the next day before 8 pm. 



And that’s it! To recap where to buy a mattress in NYC, you can try Mattress Firm, NY Mattress, and Craigs Beds. Some stores even offer same-day delivery, and you might get other perks since you live in New York.

We hope this list gives you an idea of where to get a new bed. If you have other questions, consider contacting each company’s customer service.  


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