Where Should I Go For My 25th Wedding Anniversary

Consider four places if you don’t know the answer to where should I go for my 25th wedding anniversary. In this list, you can travel to Florida, Hawaii, Bahamas, and Barbados to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary. 

We will also help you plan what to do and how to make your anniversary even more special. And to make your wedding milestone sentimental, here are the 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas

where should i go for my 25th wedding anniversary


Where Should I Go For My 25th Wedding Anniversary?


Florida romantic weekend getaways

Florida is a perfect state to visit for couples celebrating their marriage anniversaries. For the silver wedding anniversary, you can visit places in Florida like Naples, Key West, and Amelia Island to give some examples. 

Why should you consider traveling to Florida for your 25th wedding anniversary? For one, it’s less hassle since you don’t have to travel outside the US. 

Second, exploring beaches and natural sights with your spouse is always romantic. You can use your Florida getaway as a time to unwind and reminisce the best moments of your 25 years of marriage. 


Hawaii anniversary trip ideas

The second option for your anniversary travel to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary is to Hawaii. Hawaii is known for romantic getaways because of its beautiful sunsets and array of activities to try, whether you want to party or sit by the beach. 

Your anniversary to celebrate 25 years of marriage is a significant milestone, so a flight to Hawaii is worth it. You can also plan activities to try with your spouse as this anniversary is perfect for exploring new hobbies. 

Perhaps you want to try snorkeling, do a helicopter tour, watch whales, or explore art. Plan the trip with your partner and devise an itinerary that both of you will enjoy. 


Bahamas anniversary vacation ideas

Do you want to splurge a little on your 25th wedding anniversary? Then, you should consider visiting the Bahamas. 

You could visit romantic hotels and resorts or try local foods together. The best months to go to the Bahamas are from January to April, and getting good deals is possible if you plan and book early, so you don’t need to struggle with your travel budget. 

Some specific places to try in the Bahamas are the Grand Bahama, Paradise Island, and the Downtown and Bay Street. You’ve spent a quarter of a century together, so it’s worth exploring new places to celebrate a significant marriage milestone. 


Travel to Barbados

The final place that would be fantastic to travel to for your 25th wedding anniversary is Barbados. Being married for 25 years shows that you have endured many ups and downs together, and going to a romantic destination can be your way to mark this milestone. 

You can even consider renewing your vows in Barbados. Vow renewals do not require many legalities and paperwork expected at weddings. 

There are some places in Barbados that include vow renewal in their packages. Imagine reaffirming your love for each other in front of bright turquoise water. 


What Do You Do For Your 25th Wedding Anniversary?

Besides going to romantic destinations and trips to celebrate 25 years of marriage, you can celebrate your anniversary by doing activities like these: 

  • Vow renewal or recreate your wedding day
  • Have a party that takes you on a trip down memory lane with your favorite moments with each other
  • Have a silver-themed wedding anniversary celebration
  • Upgrade your wedding rings
  • Visit the place where you had your first date
  • Retry the dishes you had at your wedding reception
  • Return to where you had your honeymoon
  • Go on a weekend getaway
  • Have a staycation 
  • Cook each other’s favorite foods


What Gift Represents 25 Years Of Marriage?

Anniversary travel is not the only way to celebrate your 25 years of marriage. For the 25th wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is silver, so silver jewelry and other silver items are often exchanged among married couples. 

You can also give your spouse a silver-colored item or upgrade to silver wedding bands to commemorate this milestone. However, it would be best if you always chose a thoughtful gift or something you know will feel special for your partner. 

For wives, you can read what to say to my husband on our 25th wedding anniversary. Your partner will surely appreciate a letter or a card with genuine emotions. 


Is A 25th Wedding Anniversary Important?

The 25th wedding anniversary is crucial as it is a major marriage milestone. Moreover, you have been with your spouse for a quarter of a century, which is impressive and even rare nowadays. 

Most marriages nowadays only last for under eight years, so a couple who can reach 25 years is undoubtedly looked up to by younger couples. This is why the silver wedding anniversary should be special and unique, as it’s an opportunity to appreciate each other and your growth together. 



And that’s it! To recap where should I go for my 25th wedding anniversary, consider Florida, Hawaii, Bahamas, and Barbados. 

These are romantic locations to celebrate your silver wedding anniversary, which deserves something special and unique. You can also try our list of what to do to celebrate this marriage milestone besides going on a trip. 

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