Where Is The Reset Button On A Water Heater? 2 Helpful Facts You Should Know!

Where is the reset button on a water heater? There are times where we need to get familiar with our tools and appliances at home. Water heater is one of the things that we must get to know especially its reset button. You have to know where exactly it is just in case you will need it in a situation.

Other than knowing where the reset button of a water heater is located, we will be giving you some ideas on why a reset button is important in your water heater and what is its uses. In order to make sure that you are knowledgeable enough of how it is going to work and what would happen upon pressing the reset button. Furthermore, there are benefits about knowing where it is located and even how to handle it properly.

where is the reset button on a water heater


Facts About Where The Reset Button Of A Water Heater Is

Where is the reset button on a water heater? Now, before we actually answer the question of where to find the reset button of a water heater, let us give you a glimpse of why there is a reset button on a water heater and what or how does it works. And that’s exactly what we will be doing. We will give you all the necessary information needed. 


What Is A Reset Button On A Water Heater?

Upon hearing the word “reset” what comes to mind is a reset button on a computer or a phone. Of course, those are appliances that we usually use and get familiar with. Although, resetting means, boosting the phone by closing all apps running and refreshing all the records to maintain the things inside the phone or the computer without damaging it.

That also exists in a water heater.

Reset button is a must in a water heater because it serves as a safety exit once things didn’t go well according to plan. Your reset button in a water heater is often identified to be the emergency cut off or (ECO). It can shut off your water heater if it is needed. This happens inside if the water’s temperature exceeds 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, it can also be considered as a safety thermostat switch that has high limit. It simply shows that when things gets out of control, you will be able to manage it and get out of danger in instance. 


Fact #1. When it is red in color

The first fact about a reset button that might help you locate it even faster is the color it has. Usually reset buttons are made easy to be recognized by giving conspicuous colors and recognitions. And that exactly is the reason why reset buttons in water heaters are red.

Usually red signifies danger and at this point it is used to signify help in danger.

It might not be in general for all the other water heaters but almost every water heater being produced in the market has this standard. It is easy for you to locate this one since water heaters are not too vibrant or colorful that it can make you get lost. It is now up to you to find that red button. Learn more here, why is the reset button of my water heater tripping?


Fact #2. It is usually located above the thermostat

Another indicator on how to easily locate your reset button is by finding your thermostat. It is usually placed near this tool, specifically on top of it every time. This has actually a purpose why, and we will get into that in a little while. Just in case a thermostat isn’t that familiar for you, you do not need to worry about it because we have here some ideas about it.

A thermostat is a tool that can help you know when you will need to use the reset button. It shows the temperature of a certain thing that is usually for things that are enclosed such as your water heater. Now, a thermostat is a tool for temperature, of course it is visible enough because it is something that’s very important among water heaters. One can also be recognized by the digits it has displayed along with the temperature on degrees Fahrenheit. Upon checking on the thermostat, you can see the reset button above it.

This one is very functional because you can use the reset button in case of emergencies.

And having a thermostat below it will make your job in monitoring the water temperature easier. When you see that the water temperature is already exceeding 180 degrees Fahrenheit, then you should press your reset button quickly so the power would shut down and the temperature will go down. Just in case, you want to buy a heater here’s which type of heater is cheapest to run?



Where is the reset button on a water heater? We have identified the location of the reset button on your water heater. Also that, we have discussed its importance and how it should be used properly. If you are into water heaters and you want to know more about it, we have a lot of recommendations for you to read. You might encounter a noisy water heater problem, you can read this, why does my water heater make noise?

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