Where Is The Block Heater On A 7.3 Diesel? Read These Awesome Facts!

Is it already time for the cold, and you want to know where is the block heater on a 7.3 diesel? To locate the block heater of your 7.3L Powerstroke diesel engine, you have to go under the car’s front wheels and look for a cable that is zip-tied or clipped.

If you follow the cord, it will lead you to the engine and is attached to the heating element of the block heater. The cable can also lead you to its pluggable end, which you will be putting in the socket to power the block heater. For more information about block heaters and the well-known 7.3L diesel engine, continue reading this article until the end. Have fun!


What Is The 7.3L Diesel Engine?

The 7.3L diesel engine, also called the “7.3L Powerstroke Diesel Engine”, was used by Ford Motor Company for the first time in 1994 in their robust and heavy-duty trucks. Even though these Ford trucks are old, many people will still pay a lot to buy one today. This diesel engine became a game-changer back then because of how reliable it is. It provides more than enough power for heavy hauling of goods and can be depended upon in agricultural uses.

A second-hand Ford truck with this engine is still a great option in the present for a person looking for a great value to price ratio. It is a choice worth taking into consideration. The 7.3L Powerstroke engine features direct fuel injection, high-pressure oil pumps, hydraulic electric unit injectors, power control modules, injector drive modules, fuel lift pumps, and turbochargers. What we will be focusing on, however, is the engine’s block heater. To find out where is the block heater on a 7.3 diesel, scroll down.


When To Use An Engine Block Heater?

First, let us go through what an engine block heater is and its use. Engine block heaters are commonly used in vehicles with cold weather or climate. It is not uncommon to see cars and trucks with cords that you can plug just hanging by their grilles. Like those using the 7.3L diesel, some vehicles have a built-in block heater within the engine. These heaters are used if the motor gets too cold. It can cause problems and complications if it is started. 

The engine of a vehicle is damaged from “cold starts,” causing the engine to have a higher idling speed. The oils and fluids inside the machine should be warm enough before starting. This area is where engine block heaters come in. Note, however, that not all engine heaters are of the “block type.” Other engine heater types include frost plug heaters, engine blankets, oil pan heaters, dipstick heaters, and in-line heaters.

Like the 7.3L Powerstroke diesel engines benefit significantly from block heaters during cold times. The reason is that diesel engines need to be operated at a higher temperature than gasoline ones. A great way to tell that you have to plug in the block heater to warm your engine is when your antifreeze becomes gel-like. We recommend using the block heater when temperatures go below -15° Celsius, to be sure. You may also want to read about engine overheating causes and action. 


How To Locate The Block Heater On A 7.3 Diesel?

If you are working with a 7.3 diesel engine, you probably have a Ford truck. Depending on the specific model of your vehicle, the location of the block heater will vary by a bit. You don’t have to worry because the process of locating the heater is pretty much the same. The inner end of the block heater’s heating element is inside the engine. The heating element’s other end sticks outside the engine and is connected to a cable leading to the electrical plug.

To locate the block heater, you would first look below the vehicle by the driver’s seat. You will see a cable or cord clipped at the sides underneath the car. If you don’t find it, you can also try it on the side of the front passenger seat. Follow this cable and see its end. Finding the right one will lead to the electrical power plug or the heating element. If you are using a second-hand model of the vehicle and realize that the block heater is not working, you can always install a new heating element and a new cord. Not sure how to install a new block heater? It is pretty easy, and you can read other guides for this.


It’s A Wrap!

Thank you for reaching the end of this article. We appreciate your time and effort in reading this article that answers the question, “where is the block heater on a 7.3 diesel”. Hopefully, you can use what you have learned here in the future for yourself or help someone else. Remember to call a mechanic or someone you know good with cars for advice and consultation. Never forget to put safety above anything else, and always put on safety gear when dealing with automotive repair. Click on these links to read related articles; know how does a block heater work and how many amps does a block heater draw. We are looking forward to being of help to you again in the future. Take care!

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