Where Is The Block Heater On A 6.7 Cummins? 4 Awesome Facts To Read!

Do you have any idea where is the block heater on a 6.7 Cummins? The block heater on a Cummins diesel engine is connected to the heater element located on the passenger side, left side from the oil filter, and under the exhaust manifold.

Every Dodge truck having a Cummins diesel engine has a built-in block heater. You may want to replace it; that is why you are researching its location. Whatever your reason, you may get some thoughts from this page, so keep scrolling!

where is the block heater on a 6.7 Cummins

You will feel that your body is aching after working out after weeks of missing it, especially if you did not do a proper warm-up. You may even get your muscles damaged by this. It works the same with your car. It is imperative that before you drive, you have given your car engine a warm-up, primarily if you are located in cold areas. This is the task of a block heater. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


All About Block Heater

The freezing temperature can break your car’s engine; that is why there is a block heater. It ensures to prolong a car’s life and that it will start even during a freezing day. Now that we have answered our central inquiry, which is, “where is the block heater on a 6.7 Cummins?” it is time for us to dig a little deeper to discover some facts about a block heater. Knowing the location without knowing what a block heater is exactly is useless. 


#1. The vital role of a block heater

A block heater is responsible for keeping your car’s engine warm while it is stationary. In other words, without you driving the vehicle, it ensures that the car’s engine will not freeze along with the temperature. Upon plugging it into an outlet, the block heater will heat the car’s engine, the coolant, and the vehicle’s oil. The cold weather makes the coolant and oil dense and sticky, making it hard for a car to start. In comparison, areas with freezing temperatures may suffer from vehicles that cannot begin. If you don’t want to tear out your vehicle, you must see that the block heater is always in good condition.


#2. Types of block heaters

Block heaters can be internal or external. They also vary in what they heat, either the block or fluid. You have to assess what specifications of a block heater you need before deciding to buy one. The best way to determine this is by checking what type of block heater your car has. Also, it is essential that you know how they work in general, which we already tackled in the previous section. Nevertheless, you will need to have an idea of how some common types work, so let’s proceed.

The first type that we will look at is what is known as the core plug heater. This directly warms the engine’s coolant through an element sitting on the coolant. Its location can usually be determined by the help of your vehicle’s manual.

Next, we have the dipstick heater, which takes the place of the dipstick and replaces it with a heating element that is typically long that directly warms the oil. There is also one type described as an automotive-grade warming pad that is often positioned on the oil pan but can also be placed in different locations. It must be noted that you will need bolts or magnets to attach one. 


#3. Block heaters for generator set

What we have discussed above is about block heaters for cars. However, they also have an essential role to play in generator sets. The generator you have at home or in your store may wear because of the freezing temperature. This is where a block heater rescues you from further cost and unnecessary accumulation of your time.

Let’s say you will start the generator set in cold weather without plugging in a block heater. What will happen is that the fuel will burn up faster, thus causing carbon dioxide emission and condensation. With a block heater, you are ensured that the generator set will have a constant heating solution. It may also be a good idea to read about the importance of engine block heater on generator.


#4. Trusted block heater manufacturers

After the discussion, I hope that it has been made clear to you the importance of having a heating system for your engine – whether it be of a car, generator, or even a boat. Of course, having known this reality must lead you to take action to protect your engine. This includes your search for the best block heater brands. Based on the consumers’ reviews, the best brands include WARMDA, Kat’s heaters, Zerostart, Ford, and Hotstart. 


It’s A Wrap!

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned where is the block heater on a 6.7 Cummins. May the writings above give you significant ideas as you ponder block heaters and which is best for your engine. Thank you for reading up to this point of the article. It may be helpful to read about car overheats when the heater is on and how much it cost to fix a car heater. Your time and effort are very much appreciated!

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