Where Is Puffy Mattress Made?

The answer to where is Puffy mattress made is right here in the US and Canada. We’ll discuss how this brand makes its beds in more detail below. Furthermore, you will see why this company is one of the best ones in the market, especially being online-exclusive. 


where is puffy mattress made

Where Are Puffy Mattresses Made And What Are They Made From


Where is the Puffy mattress made?

Puffy makes their mattresses in the US and Canada, and the company is proud that the Puffy mattress is the product of foam formulations, sleep trials, research, research, and development for four years. Puffy is also different from other mattress manufacturers because they make their beds in small batches and only compress them between one to two weeks from the delivery date. 

Another desirable fact on how Puffy makes their mattresses is that they practice sustainable and eco-friendly ways in their manufacturing plant. They are even CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100-certified, which means you can feel confident with the safety of their mattresses against harmful substances. This is beneficial not just for the user but also for the environment. 


What is the Puffy mattress made from?

Puffy mattresses use several components for their beds. To help you learn more about their features and quality, check them below:

  • Patented stain-resistant Cloud cover: a hypoallergenic and washable zippered cover that is Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified
  • Cooling Cloud foam: a gel-infused CertiPUR-US-certified polyurethane foam that helps with temperature regulation but is manufactured with the environment in mind
  • Dual Cloud foam: an adaptive eco-friendly polyurethane foam for pressure relief
  • Climate Comfort foam: a breathable, eco-friendly polyurethane foam for comfort and heat-wicking
  • Firm Core support foam and Contour-Adapt Coils: the support coil system for stability in hybrid Puffy mattresses
  • Grip base cover: Puffy’s bottom cover to keep the Puffy mattress from sliding on any bed frame


Who Owns Puffy Mattress?

The CEO of the online mattress company Puffy is Arthur Andreasyan. Puffy started with their famous cooling Cloud Comfort memory foam mattress called the original Puffy mattress, and nowadays, they have the premium model, Puffy Royal, and the most popular, the Puffy Lux. And according to CEO Arthur, what makes Puffy stand out is getting expert opinions and doing their own research when developing Puffy mattresses.

To further prove the quality and success of Puffy, you can find Puffy mattress awards on their website. Various sources like Forbes, CNET, Sleep Matters, Sleepopolis, Health, Best Mattresses Guide, Mattress Clarity, The Mattress Nerd, Healthline, Mattress Advisor, and Best Mattress Picks call Puffy the best mattress in various categories while also ranking on their lists. 


Where Is The Puffy Mattress Company Located?

According to Puffy’s LinkedIn profile, their headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. However, please note that they have no showrooms because they’re a direct-to-consumer mattress and bedroom company. Therefore, you can only order online, and Puffy operates within the US and Canada. 


What is the Puffy Donation Program?

Another worthy characteristic of the Puffy company is donating to charities similar to some brands like Layla. You can also read our Puffy vs Layla mattress comparison if you’re interested in these fantastic brands. Back to Puffy, they have the Puffy Donation Program, where the company will donate a mattress to their donation partners for every ten posts tagged with Puffy on social media.

Puffy’s non-profit partners are the Penny Lane Center, Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter, St. Vincent de Paul, The Mission of Hope, Nashville Rescue Mission, and Teen Challenge. You might also appreciate another mattress brand often compared to Puffy, Leesa, that even delivered 3,000 bed kits in Virginia and North Carolina for the pandemic. See how these charitable brands compare with each other in our article about Puffy mattress vs Leesa.


Where Are Puffy Mattresses Shipped From?

There are no physical stores for Puffy mattresses because you’ll order directly from the brand’s website. They will then ship the Puffy mattress via FedEx for free. It will come in a box similar to other online mattress brands like Casper, and you can expect your Puffy mattress to be shipped between 7 to 10 business days. 

Do you want to see Puffy side by side with another bed in a box brand? We got you covered because here is a review of Puffy mattress vs Casper mattresses.


Is Puffy Lux Worth The Money?

The most popular Puffy mattress is the hybrid model called the Puffy Lux. It starts at $1,449 for a twin-size up to $1,999 for a king-size mattress. However, Puffy often has holiday sales, like during Labor Day where you can get a king-size Puffy Lux mattress for $1,699 only plus $455 worth of free accessories. 

So is it worth it? Those looking for a high-quality hybrid bed can get the Puffy Lux because it combines conforming but cool memory foam and a stabilizing coil system. It is even hypoallergenic, stain-resistant, and non-slip, plus Puffy offers it with a lifetime warranty, so you know it will last for a very long time. 



And that’s it! To recap where is Puffy mattress made, it is in the US and Canada, and its headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. However, note that Puffy is an online brand, and you can only order from their website. 

Overall, Puffy is a good mattress manufacturer because they value the experience of their buyers. They also partner with non-profit organizations, so you’re also helping those in need. 

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