Where Is My Air Conditioner Filter? 6 Common Locations That You Can Them!

I know you are asking yourself, “where is my air conditioner filter?” Well, you can find them at either intake side, above the unit, below the unit, behind the air grill, each grill, or in front of your window and split air conditioner.  I know you will not wait anymore. So, without any babbling, I will now allow you to scroll down and enjoy reading the article.


The Quest In Hunting The Air Conditioner Filter

Are you wondering, “where is my air conditioner filter?” I recently discovered their locations that can significantly help you in finding them. All HVACs or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units have air filters.

These filters play a crucial role in maintaining the life of your cooling units. Although, some units have locations that some people cannot easily find with their air filters. But here are the typical locations that you can the air filters:


Location #1. The intake side of your HVAC

For horizontal heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units, the air filter is located in a slot on the intake side of the unit.  Specifically, cooling units with return or intake duct fastened on the side of the air handler there will be an air filter located there. It would help if you were careful in looking for those filters; you might be hurting yourself. So, be safe.


Location #2. Above the HVAC unit

The air filter can be found in a slot situated above the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning units or HVACs in your home for vertical air handler units.  In consideration, units with air handlers having intake ducts entering the top of the air handler unit on your air conditioner, this location might be for you.


Location #3. Below and under your unit

This location is also applicable for vertical air handling units. The air filter s found on a slot located below the HVAC unit. It is the same for vertical handler units with their return air ducts coming below the air handler itself. Better find them.


Location #4. Behind the air grills

For other heating, ventilating, and air conditioning units, you can find the air filters on the back of the return air grills of the unit. Precisely, models that are installed on the walls of your home have air filters attached behind them.


Location #5. Each of the air grills

In other HVAC systems found in your humble abode, the air filter is located behind each air grill. Just be careful in removing them.


Location #6. In front of the air conditioning unit

For other homes with installed units in split or window type, you can find the filter in front of the unit itself. You can detach it carefully and clean it as much as possible. There will be a compartment for it, and you can see the filter in front of it. Air filters are essential for air conditioning units; they take care of the air coming into your room.


What Are The Indications That My Air Filter Needs Replacement?

I know you already found the air filter from your air conditioner. So, you should be aware if you need it for replacement. Here are two signs that you can observe if your air conditioner needs a new filter.


Sign #1. The AC is too hot to handle

If you observed your air conditioner is beginning to warm compared to before, it might need a new filter.  In assessing it, you need to check the back of the air conditioner if it is getting hotter. A clogged or worn-out air filter can cause it. If the case is not solved, the air conditioner might generate more problems than you can avoid.

Also, you can feel the air coming out from the air conditioner is not cold enough. That is because the air filter itself blocks the cold air that is for your room. It would help if you remembered that when your electric bills also increased, the air filter might be the one to be blamed. In encountering these cases, you should fix the air conditioner immediately. So, better call an expert.


Sign #2. Allergies, allergies everywhere

I relate to this problem. The air filter should be taking all the allergens in the air. So, if your allergies already attack you, the air filter might not be working correctly. That is because all the dust and other allergens already clogged up the filter. This allergen can also cause your air conditioner to freeze itself up. You should be maintaining your air conditioner filters regularly to avoid these problems.



Good job! You already know the answer to, “where is my air conditioner filter?” I have shared six common locations that you can the filters on your home.  Air filters are located at either intake side: above the unit, below the unit, behind the air grill, each grill, or in front of your window and split air conditioner. If you are eager to read more informative articles, go here. Thank you very much for reading! You may share this article with your friends! In the next time!

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