Where Do Bed Bugs Usually Hide? 5 Surprising Possibilities!

Do you see bed bugs all over your house? There may be surprising reasons explaining this occurrence.

Also, you want to know “where do bed bugs usually hide?”

where do bed bugs usually hide

Bed bugs are very small insects that one can see if they focus on it or see many of them.

Well, it is not that impossible that you can see a bed bug hiding in a place in your house.

They can be easily seen since they usually infest by the colony—one with all the other bed bugs.

These bed bugs are inseparable because they know that they are helpful to one another and stronger as one.

So, that can help you find them, but it is better to know where you can casually see them.

Yes, they are called bed bugs, but that does not necessarily mean that they are just present on beds.

Sometimes they also stay in different places.

It depends on their needs and comfort.


Where Can Bed Bugs Usually Hide?

Where do bed bugs usually hide?

Bed bugs can hide almost everywhere as long as they could survive.

But then again, there are so many places where they are usually seen and where they can usually hide from us.

We will be giving you some of them and maybe explain why bed bugs often choose to stay there.

Maybe you can use that as an edge against them in terminating their whole colony as well.

When they have enough food supply and are not feeding.

There are so many places where they could stay.


Hideout #1. Under loose wallpapers

Loose wallpapers create a good space for bedbugs to stay in.

Since they are small, they would fit in perfectly.

In that way, they are not visible in the said area.

We can commend them for being so wise.

Humans rarely change wallpapers, allowing them to stay there further.

Enjoy hiding on them without the risk of getting terminated.

That’s one out of the places you have to check eventually.

If and only if you do not have wallpapers at home, that’s better.


Hideout #2. Couches

The second place that we have is the couches.

Again, couches are similar to beds that have surfaced, but couches are a lot better.

In a couch’s bed, bugs can hide under it where human beings could not have access unless they flip it over.

You might be familiar with where bed bugs could hide.

Of course in between the springs and the foam of your couches has.

Then again, you cannot see them there.

So, they opt for it because it is dark and the temperature under must be cooler.

If someone is sleeping on the couch.

Of course, it will be safe for you to assume that they might be bed bugs infesting in.


Hideout #3. Under the carpets

The third-place where they could hide is under your carpets.

You can see that it is so daring to be their home.

Carpets aren’t usually used all over the house, but we are sure that it is sometimes used in the rooms.

Well, that is also where our beds are located.

So maybe that’s one thing where they could hide because it is where they would usually fall.

Carpets are used as decorations in your room, where half of it is mostly placed under the bed.

This can be a new home if bed bugs fall from the bed because of overpopulation.

They can survive there knowing that it is still hidden and there are enough ventilation and a good temperature.


Hideout #4. Ceiling and wall joints

For the fourth option, they might meet on the joints of the ceiling and wall joints.

Usually, they enjoy staying in a place with something to hide, especially for the ceiling joints.

You might get confused, but some houses do have adhesives on the areas where the ceiling and wall meet.

But some would have it on different colors, and mostly this applies to those houses whose interior is wood.

Bed bugs can have the opportunity to pass through the gaps of the joints.

And that can be a way for them to stay there while they do not need any food.


Hideout #5. Beds

It is the last and probably the most usual place where bed bugs can be seen right from their names.

They usually stay on beds when they are hungry or do not have fed for the long run.

Bed bugs are blood-feeding pests.

They suck on your blood, and they store that for six months.

And then they can now survive with that amount of food in their bodies.

Usually, they leave marks for their bites.

Or sometimes, they do make our skins swell, and that could probably be the worst we could encounter.



We now know “where do bed bugs usually hide?” we can now see that they could not invest in any of these places.

You have now known about it, so maybe you can check and have the actions you need.

Regardless, you’d want to learn when they come out so you can get rid of bed bugs effectively.

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