Where Can I Sell My Mini Fridge? 6 Amazing Stores To Check Out!

Do you want to sell your used fridge, and you asked yourself, “where can I sell my mini fridge?” So, we have gathered about six stores online and local to sell your appliance. However, there are times that we want to gain profit from our pre-loved home equipment and use it to buy something new.

Or we found a better product that could offer us more convenience and efficient living. As a result, we sell these appliances, such as our mini-fridge, to not waste our money. If you don’t know how to start selling your product, this article will help you out. And we can also provide you tips on how to attract customers and make you a better seller.

where can I sell my mini fridge


Online And Local Stores; Where You Sell Your Mini Fridge

Online stores are popular these days because of the accessible communication between sellers and buyers. In addition, there are shops and pages online where you can find and post trending and widely used products.

You can also find the information about these products in the same post. But some prices are not included since some sellers only reveal them in a private conversation.

However, unlike online stores, you can examine the exact quality of a product in person. So, local stores are somehow the safest, but you need to exert time and effort.

But here are the stores or places that could satisfy your question, “where can I sell my mini fridge?”


Store #1. Facebook marketplace

Facebook marketplace is one of the unique features of your Facebook app. You can post your products through an online listing. There are times when the price remains confidential until a buyer shows interest in your product.

Facebook comments and messages allow you and the buyer to have clear communication about the posted product. All you need to do is post pictures of your fridge and include different angles. Also, introduce the price, dimensions, flaws, and other necessary information.


Store #2. Retail websites

These websites include the well-known online stores eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and many more. These online establishments allow people to start a particular business and ship the products both nationwide and worldwide.

You can find almost all products here, namely clothes, home supplies and decors, furniture, and many more. However, if you are a new user of this app, you’ll have fewer followers and reviews. As a result, buyers might find your product not reliable enough.


Store #3. Your garage sale or garage sale

A garage sale happens when you have many unused equipment or appliances from your house, and you need to clear them out. So, you hold a garage sale in the front of your home or through virtual aspects.

On the other hand, garage sale is a virtual garage sale, as indicated by its name. It’s a buy-and-sell website where you can sell your miscellaneous home appliances and supplies. But don’t expect that you can get loads of cash since you will need to sell your products for a lower price for people to buy them.


Store #4. Used appliance dealer

Research for used appliance dealers near you and contact them for an appointment. In your communication, you can indicate your set price and other information about your mini-fridge. It’s easier for your transactions to happens because of their existence.

For example, if you’re unsure about the price, you can advertise your appliance to them, and they can help you set the perfect price that suits its looks and efficiency. Then they’ll locate a buyer for you, and you won’t have to worry about anything else.


Store #5. Local and thrift stores

Some local stores sell used appliances, but you still have to speak with the owner to set a price that suits both of your preferences. These stores include Target and Home Depot. And they sell various of stuff such as clothes, furniture, and appliances.

However, most thrift stores only sell furniture. But you can still try to offer them your used refrigerator at a reasonable price. Therefore, you should determine where you can gain the most among these stores by negotiating from one to another.


Store #6. Scrap metal recycler

If you cannot salvage almost all parts of your fridge, you can sell the working parts separately. And you can still gain something from other damaged and non-operating components. Check if there are any scrap metal recyclers near you. They collect unused and broken appliances. And they still give you a small amount of money because of the scrap.


Tips How To Become A Reliable Seller

Note the following tips so that you can gain the trust of your buyers. And they would familiarize themselves with the exact product they’re going to receive:


Tip #1. Don’t hide the flaws

Be honest with the product you’re selling. Present all the information to the person interested, including the flaws and weak components. Being honest will also prevent the buyers from labeling you as a scammer.


Tip #2. Avoid overpricing

Base your price on the product’s efficiency and quality. If it’s already old and damaged, don’t overprice. The cost of used products is usually much lower than its original price. But some buyers tend to offer you a lower price, so try considering it.


Tip #3. Include the reasons why you’re selling it

Your buyer will want to know the reason behind this. Inform them to avoid misconceptions that it’s probably not working efficiently or it has severe damage. You want to be honest and let the buyer know if there are any damages to decide.


Closing Thoughts

And that concludes the topic about “where can I sell my mini fridge?” Before selling your product, ensure that you cleaned and maintained your product to present it with the best quality. Change the parts that are weak for better profit. We hope that this article provided you with all the information. Best of luck!

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