Where Can I Rent A Dress For A Wedding: 4 Best Places

Consider four places if you’re unsure where can I rent a dress for a wedding. We will also compare the costs of renting a wedding dress or gown to help you decide between buying or renting one. 

Most brides rent dresses significantly if the benefits outweigh the limitations. And for the specific prices to expect, here’s how much does it cost to rent a wedding dress

where can i rent a dress for a wedding


Exactly Where Can I Rent A Dress For A Wedding


Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway is among the most popular places to rent fashionable dresses. However, it’s also perfect for bridal designer dresses, especially if you’re eyeing specific styles. 

And besides wedding dress rental, guests can also consider renting from Rent the Runway since they offer a collection for guests of different weddings. Back to brides who want to try designer wedding dresses, navigating Rent the Runway’s website is convenient to help you filter out your options. 

You can even compare buying and renting a wedding dress since the prices are readily shown for each piece. For example, a gorgeous off-shoulder gown from Mac Duggal costs $41 to $66, while buying it will cost $322. 



Another fantastic place to rent wedding dresses and other kinds of bridal attire is Poshare. Like Rent the Runway, you can readily view the price of renting a wedding dress or purchasing one. 

You might also like that there are various wedding gown silhouettes available compared to Rent the Runway, where most options are more suitable for the wedding reception and not the wedding ceremony. And depending on timing, Poshare even sometimes offers discounts as high as over 60% off. 

A couture dress from Badgley Mischka with a retail price of $950 can only be rented for $199 on Poshare. Another one with a rental fee of $149 would initially cost $2,860 when bought. 


Style Lend

Did you know that dress rental from other stylish women is possible? This is made achievable by Style Lend, where you can browse designer items and have the item delivered to you within two to three days.

Then, you can have the rented dress for seven days, starting when it arrives. Once done, ship the dress on the 7th day to avoid a late fee of $25. 

The only limitation with Style Lend is the type of dress and size. As of this writing, a dress you can rent that would suit a wedding and not just the post-wedding cocktail party is an Adrianna Papell sequined mesh gown for size 10 and can be rented for $50. 


Something Borrowed

A common reason wedding dress rental is popular among brides nowadays is that it’s possible to rent a decent gown for a lower cost than buying one. Weddings can be incredibly pricey, so the wedding attire can always be modified to help save on expenses. 

And for the bride who wants to rent a wedding dress but finds designer rentals too pricey, you can check out Something Borrowed. The price range they offer for renting their bridal gowns starts at $300 plus an $80 dry cleaning fee. 

Another advantage of renting from Something Borrowed is their availability of sizing from 0 to 32. Their collection is also up-to-date since the designs were purchased within the past five years.  


Is It Cheaper To Rent Or Buy A Dress?

It’s hard to decide which will be cheaper between wedding dress rentals and purchasing your bridal gown. Renting a wedding dress can be under $100, while buying one can start at $500. 

However, there are also designer wedding dresses for rent that can still cost as high as a new wedding dress. Therefore, the best decision is to compare the costs of renting wedding dresses versus buying a similar design. 

You can also read how much is too much for a wedding dress to plan your budget for the wedding attire accordingly. 


How Does Renting A Dress Work?

Rental companies and bridal salons vary in the policies they have for renting their wedding dresses and gowns. For example, some allow the bride to set an appointment to visit the shop, try dresses, and then reserve the one she chooses for her wedding day. 

There are also online places where you can rent dresses and have a design you want to be delivered. You typically have 5 to 7 days for the dress; then you will ship it back in a pre-paid box or bag. 

To avoid additional fees, understand when the shop requires you to return it. You may also need to allocate a budget for the shop’s cost for dry cleaning the rented wedding dress. 


What Can I Wear Instead Of A Dress To A Wedding?

If wedding dress rental is too costly, why not wear something that’s not a wedding gown or bridal dress? Nowadays, it’s trendy for brides to wear bridal jumpsuits or two-piece outfits. 

They might even cost lower to buy or rent, and it’s possible to change their style after the wedding, so you can still wear the bought outfit on other occasions. 



And that’s it! You just learned where can i rent a dress for a wedding: Rent the Runway, Poshare, Style Lend, and Something Borrowed. 

Some offer designer pieces that cost significantly lower to rent than purchase. Compare buying and renting to identify which option will help you save more. 

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