Where Can I Get Service For My Comfortaire Adjustable Bed Frame?

This article is going to talk, where can I get service for my Comfortaire adjustable bed frame?”

Do not go anywhere, dear friend; luckily, you can contact them through the number 1-800-759-0594.

Also, you can try their email at [email protected].

But I know you want to learn where you can get help with your adjustable bed.

I cannot keep you waiting any further.

You can now scroll and enjoy reading the article.


Where Can You Get Service For Your Comfortair Adjustable Bed Frame?

“Where can I get service for my comfortaire adjustable bed frame?”

You might ask. I know you are worried regarding your newly purchased bed frame.

You might also be having some inquiries with their company.

Fortunately, Comfortaire has you covered.

They have live chat support with the help of a professional 24/7 for your problems.

Also, they have offered a contact number with 1-8000-759-0594 and 1-888-411-2188.

Just remember that they have rotating time schedules in their hotline.

Weekdays from Monday to Friday, they are only available for 12 hours straight, 8 AM to 8 PM CST.

They are also available on Saturday from 8:30 AM – 5 PM CST.

Sadly, their customer service hotlines are unavailable on Sunday.

Do not worry; Comfortaire also has a customer service website located here.

Comfortaire will not disappoint its customers.

They also have tracking services if you have ordered your mattresses through the internet.

Comfortaire also allows you to order replacement parts through their website.

Again, this strategy will work if you have experience in fixing things.

Most importantly, do not forget that Comfortaire is under the company of Sleep Number.

It has 621 stores all over the United States of America.

Do not hesitate to go to their stores asking for any help for your Comfortaire Adjustable Bed Frame.

Undeniably, Comfortaire never leaves you behind in having their products with their adjustable bed frames.

I know you are very excited to call them!


What Are Comfortaire Adjustable Beds?

Now, you are enlightened about where to get some help with your newly bought bed frame.

This section will all be about Comfortaire adjustable beds.

The company, Comfortaire, is well known for its adjustable bed frame products.

They are competing with their three best products from brand lines of Original Comfort, Clear Comfort, and the luxury line Elite.

The company is now under the leadership of Sleep Number.

Which also sells a wide range of options of beds for you.

The headquarters of Comfortaire is located at 6801 Augusta Road, Greenville, SC 29605.

You can also reach them with the contact number, 800-759-0594.

Comfortaire introduced their signature product, the basic air bed, almost three decades ago.

They remain as a top brand for their reputation.

Their products are made with latex-cotton air chambers.

This innovation makes the sleeper more comfortable and healthier by using their mattresses.

They also marketed their invention of having urethane allow air chambers.

That offered their independence towards materials from latex cotton.

Their mattresses also have great support for their sleepers.

In addition, they have conducted experimental tests called bowling ball and density tests.

Also, the mattresses can help sleepers that have a difficult time getting up with their edge support.

These supportive features make the Comfortaire mattress and its other products attractive to consumers.

Indeed, Comfortaire never fails to satisfy its customers in using its product.


Where Is Comfortaire As A Company Today?

The company, Comfortaire, made its untarnished reputation in the bed-selling market.

They have pioneered the original mattress that featured novel adjustable support.

Nowadays, Comfortaire is now distributed all over the United States of America.

Another bed-making company, Sleep Number, now acquires Comfortaire.

They took the company in 2013.

On the other hand, Sleep Number acquired Comfortaire and innovated new things in its brand.

They now offer mattresses that can help sleepers who snore and ache.

Sleep Number is well known for its innovation in bed firmness.

Most importantly, they developed technology in their mattresses.

They have sleep controllers and adjustment features in the products.

However, some customers are worried about their products as it does not last long.

This reason is attributed to these products have moving parts.

Overall, Sleep Number maintained the reputation of Comfortaire by mutually developing its products just for you.


Finishing Things Up!

Great! You already know the answer to, “where can I get service for my comfortaire adjustable bed frame?”

You need to dial the contact details, 1-8000-759-0594 and 1-888-411-2188.

These numbers are generally available only on weekdays from 8 AM to 8 PM CST.

You can also email them through [email protected]

If these options do not work, you can freely go to their website and find their support section.

You can chat with their customer service representative about your concerns.

Comfortaire also has a tracking service for your online orders, so do not hesitate to use it.

I also provided you some information regarding Comfortaire as a company.

They were recently acquired by Sleep Number in 2013.

I hope this article was beneficial in answering your question.

I am sharing with you some articles that might answer your other problems.

Thank you very much for reading!

See you!

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