Where Can I Find A Rattan Sofa Bed? 4 Best Reasons!

If you are decorating your new home, you might think about, “where can I find a rattan sofa bed?”

Rattan sofa beds are usually found in Asian countries Malaysia, China, and the Philippines.

where can I find a rattan sofa bed

However, these types of furniture made out of Rattan are produced worldwide.

The versatility and the unique touch of Rattan to furniture make people opt for one.

You can buy from any furniture store, or you can buy online.

To know where to buy the best, you should keep on reading.


All About Rattan

Before we discuss where you can buy rattan sofa beds, you should know first what Rattan is.

Rattan is found in tropical forests of Asia, specifically in China and Malaysia.

But one of the largest producers of Rattan products in the Philippines.

It is vine-like or a climbing palm that grows up to 200-500 feet.

And as we mentioned earlier, the Philippines use Rattan in almost anything, from drink coasters to a bed.

Rattan is considered to be the oldest natural material used for furniture up until this day.

On the other hand, you might ask yourself, “why not use bamboo?” since the Philippines is also wich with such material.

Well, Rattan is better because it is solid and is flexible.


Why Rattan Goes Well With Furniture?

Furniture that is made of Rattan materials is trendy, whether it is for indoors or outdoors.

It gives out an aesthetic look anywhere you place it.

It goes well with any color of your wall, provides a nature-like feel, especially if you put the furniture in your garden.

Not only that, Rattan can be a sustainable and excellent alternative for plastics.

It is very light, insect resistant, and can withstand harsh temperatures and high humidity.

That is why Rattan is one of the best materials for furniture.

On the other hand, growing up in the Philippines, rattan sofa beds are a staple piece of furniture in most households.

That is placed on what they call their “sala” where visitors can sit, and in the afternoon, they could remove the bamboo stick at the back of the sofa to make it a bed.


Why Get A Rattan Sofa Bed?

Out of many pieces of furniture that the Rattan is made use of, why sofa bed?

Sofa beds are one of the best pieces of furniture you can own because of their versatility.

To learn more, here is a list of reasons why you should buy Rattan sofa beds.


Reason #1. It is a space-saving furniture

If you don’t have enough space for both sofa and bed, this product will be the best option!

You can let your friends enjoy watching TV and chitchat.

Ad when it’s time for bed, you can just put it back on a bed and place some pillows for a comfortable sleep.


Reason #2. You can save money for other things

Now, why spend your savings on two pieces of furniture when you can enjoy the benefits of two in a single product!

Both products alone are costly, but buying a sofa bed would be the best move as you can spare some amount because it’s cheaper.


Reason #3. It is easy to move

The beds are cumbersome.

No matter what material it’s made from, a bed must be sturdy.

That is why it’s a bit heavy.

But a sofa bed is lighter, and you might be able to move it yourself!

Especially if it’s made with Rattan, everything will be more accessible because this material is very light.


Reason #4. It is easy to assemble

If you want to use your bed, you can take out all the cushions, throw pillows, and pull up its spring mattress.

And when you wake up from a great rest, you can leave your blanket on the mattress and put it back as a coach again.


Where Can You Find A Rattan Sofa Bed?

Now, for the question, “where can I find a rattan sofa bed?”

They are easy to find if you live in countries producing such products, mainly in Asia.

But don’t worry because you can buy online and choose out of various options available.

For those who reside in Southeast Asia, specifically in the Philippines, Rattan furniture is mostly near public markets or streets.

Many furniture makers use Rattan, and some street vendors sell Rattan “Banig” and baskets.

To most places with such access, you can check your local furniture stores for a Rattan sofa bed.

Try going to IKEA if your place has one.

The store might have one since Rattan is popular nowadays.

But if you don’t have time for that, you can check out online stores such as Amazon for one.

Sofa beds are amazing, and together with Rattan as its material, it’s even better!

The nature vibe and aesthetic it brings out almost complement any home interior design.

But most people prefer the furniture to use for their garden.

It is more comfortable to rest if you feel the breeze on your skin, plus it makes it look better as it is out with nature.



And that is all for “where can I find a rattan sofa bed?”

Rattan is a material produced primarily in Malaysia, China, and the Philippines.

But the Rattan sofa bed is trendy in the Philippines and even in other countries as well.

You can buy one from your local furniture stores or online.

That is all.

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